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  1. I like that too. It brings back a lot of memories from one of my very first FPS experiences. I'll always remember how I can't aim properly in all FPS games until I started playing multiplayer FPS games, and this game was the first one that made my aim better in general
  2. Here's a lava trap that I love, the concept is very simple and you can easily lure other people into it if you make it seem plausible enough. There's also some more sophisticated traps, but I like this one the most
  3. There are these games + Hurtworld also, but it's a more cartoon-ish game. The gameplay is almost exactly the same as Rust and Conan either way, so it shouldn't be that different. But I recommend Rust because it's the best for me http://store.steampowered.com/app/393420/Hurtworld/ <--- Hurtworld link on Steam
  4. Are there any games similar to Minecraft? If so, what are they? I'm trying to find some games that are similar but haven't found any lately. Are there any games on Steam that might have the same kind of gameplay?
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