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  1. Does anyone play this? I've played this in the early days when it first came out. Too bad it's nearly dead now, but this should have been a timeless classic for everyone to play, especially in 2007. Anyone agree with this?
  2. Does anyone here like World of Tanks? I find the game to be a great game itself, however it is clustered by poor players and very bad developers. The community is almost never listened to, and the current population is falling apart for the game. What is your opinion on this?
  3. Title says it all. What is your favorite Battlefield game? For me it's Battlefield 2: Bad Company because the single player story is extremely enjoyable and in depth for me. I have bias for this for sure. What about you?
  4. People who earn their living off playing games is, of course, their decision. However there are a lot of health and fitness related risks when doing so. Many pro streamers have died, such as Poshybrid, a WoT streamer that I regularly used to watch. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. CRaven Craft Factions! It's a Pocket Edition server that is fairly new, but it's already quite active with a lot of members. There may be trolls and griefers at some time, but with their staff they usually resolve it very quickly.
  6. I personally don't like it. It just lacks the sandbox feel that the regular version allows us to have. Just my opinion though
  7. I have this game and I love it too. The only problem is that because it's a CPU based game, having a good graphics card doesn't help you out a lot if you have low RAM like I do. With 6GB of RAM, even running it on potato quality only gives me 60 FPS at best, and it usually goes down to 30 in populated servers.
  8. This looks amazing. Looking at the beta footages, the graphics are wonderful and the gameplay is still awesome. I'm definitely going to buy this once it gets released.
  9. Minecraft is not enjoyable for me anymore in general, as I don't have time to build anything anymore. I do however enjoy playing on maps with redstone creations made by others because it feels like a real life simulator in some cases.
  10. I'll admit that I had a pirated version of the game when I first played it (probably around 5 years ago), but now I have it, and the game is absolutely awesome. The graphics are nice for a 2010 game, and the gameplay itself is very enjoyable.
  11. Here's my favorite: The mansion he showcased looks like the creator has put in at least a few hundred hours to create it. It looks very, very awesome and has everything like different stories, bridges, security systems and whatnot.

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