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  1. It's very nice when you see a thread has so many replies, because it clearly shows that there is an interaction between members. I don't mind it at all and would enjoy posting my own opinion about whatever is discussed on a thread.
  2. This also used to be one of my first multiplayer games. My parents however never wanted to buy me unlimited access and I never understood why. It's a fun game that becomes easily addicting and you can spend hours and hours per day without being bored of it.
  3. I find Minecraft Pocket Edition to be a great game to kill some time on my phone. Even though I don't like the computer version of the game anymore, I find that the pocket edition version offers a lot of functionalities and features of the original game, even if it is a bit limited in terms of the kinds of items you can have (some items that are present in the original version aren't so in the pocket edition).
  4. Title says it all! What multiplayer servers do you play on? I play on a few ones such as Porkchop Realms 2.0 because they have many kinds of game modes including prison (which was my favorite back in the day).
  5. I find this game very nice and it brings a nice storyline to a game that's supposed to be played in multiplayer. It's also awesome because new players can understand the concept even if they haven't played Minecraft before, which might convince them to buy the sandbox version of the game.
  6. As a Minecraft enthusiast, I always love to play it to recreate real life architecture, and I love the redstone because it enables you to create almost any mechanism you'd like with it. Here's an example of what I love: This along with other houses that are redstone powered is one of my favorite constructions!
  7. I'm looking forward to trying out the server! However, your link does not work and has a 404 error. Just thought you might want to know.
  8. Minecraft has always been enjoyable for me, and I'm 21 years old now. I find the thrill of building whatever you want really perfect when you want to relax and take a break from everyday life as a college student. Never gets boring for me.
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