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  1. Mostly updates and maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Change Log: Updated to IPB 4.5.x Updated all themes and plugins Steam Integration plugin removed Changes to the ad zones
  2. We've changed hosting environments which gives us a bunch of new backend improvements. Happy holidays and see you in 2020. Change Log: Migrated to a new cloud hosting environment! We now use a NGNIX + Apache2 hybrid configuration. Redis cache is now enabled. Double CDN configuration with Cloudflare and BunnyCDN. IPB updated to latest (4.4.9) Lazy-loading has been enabled. Theme updated to latest. New backgrounds. Addons and plugins updated to latest. Various security improvements.
  3. Some house keeping and maintenance. Change Log: Updated to IPB 4.4.2 Steam Profile Integration updated to latest 2.1.11 Portal updated to latest 1.7.1 Cleanup of the old Chatbox Size of the Discord chatbox reduced slightly
  4. The Teamspeak voice server will be retired at the end of this year (December 2018). All chat and voice communications will switch to Discord. The website and forums will remain online in their traditional manner. Teamspeak has been our voice platform at CL for over 8 years. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this evolution.
  5. Important Notice: The Teamspeak voice server will be retired at the end of this year, near the end of December 2018. All voice communications will switch to Discord. Thank you.
  6. Change Log: Chatbox width updated to display properly on mobile and smaller screen resolutions.
  7. Change Log: Chatbox now Discord integrated. Members must link their Discord accounts. Major updates to Discord roles and permissions Changes to Discord channels Added all new emoji's to the Discord Old Chatbox updated to 3.1.1 (will remain installed for now just in-case we decide to revert back) Background images updated Favicon updated, now red in color Adjusted sidebars
  8. Happy Halloween! Change Log: IPB updated to 4.3.6 Theme updated to 4.3.6
  9. The following changes have been made: IPB update to 4.3.5 Theme update to 4.3.5 Chatbox update to 3.10 Gameservers have been shutdown for the time being due to lack of funding
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1130920564 849985437,731604991,895711211,1364327869,774762563,730794403,821530042,778345456,793605978,924619115,1267677473 Stacking: 849985437 S+: 731604991 Classic Flyers: 895711211 Better Reusables: 1364327869 Kibble: 774762563 Water Kit: 730794403 Upgrade Station: 821530042 Boosted Fab: 778345456 SuperSpyGlass: 793605978 Editable ServerUI: 924619115 Cross Abberation: 1267677473
  11. Here are the Rules for our ARK servers. First off Please, Please USE COMMON SENSE, If you think something is breaking a rule, THEN DON'T DO IT! ASK first. All of our admins will be happy to help you learn more about our servers and the rules. #1 - NO DISRESPECTING AN ADMIN: We are only enforcing the rules that we have presented to you the players. We follow them too, and we also have a Code of Ethics that we agree to before becoming an Admin. #2 - NO GRIEFING: Griefing is defined as any action that causes another player distress or prevents them from enjoying the game.
  12. Recent changes: - New forums: - 7 Days To Die - ARK: Survival Evolved - Conan Exiles - "Lounge & Everything Else" is now "General Chat" - "Tech and Help" is now "Tech Talk" - "Bans and Reporting" section has been unhidden - Some forums have been re-categorized - New "Server" page which displays our Game Servers: https://www.centriclegends.com/servers/ - Head links updated for server page - New selectable background: ARK (replaced GTA) - New selectable background: Doom (replaced The Division) - New Patreon page that will be used for donations and rewar
  13. Recent changes: IPB updated to 4.3.3 Theme updated for 4.3.3 Steam Integration updated for 4.3.3 Privacy Policy added to satisfy the EU plebs (NOTICE: This website is hosted in Canada and we do not enforce or care to comply with EU's GDPR or any other country's laws other than Canadian Law.)
  14. Recent changes: Forum software updated to 4.3.2 A few changes related to email: Discovered a critical issue with email delivery site-wide. Switched over to Amazon SES. Confirmed email deliverability and reputation is now okay. DMARC, SPF and DKIM values now working as intended. Emails should no longer be going to your spam folder.
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