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  1. Google's game streaming platform has had a bit of a rough start, but the media giant isn't giving up on the service yet. This week, during a Stadia Connect briefing, Google announced a handful of Stadia exclusives and a few other notable details. In addition to the surprise release of Orcs Must Die 3, Google showed off a new game called Outcasters (pictured above). From developers Splash Damage (Gears Tactics), this colorful competitive online multiplayer game​ features a stylized vinyl aesthetic. Up to eight players can duke it out in this top-down shooter and players can put some extra spin on their attacks. Google also announced that it's working with developers like Harmonix (Rock Band, Fuser), Uppercut Games (Epoch, Submerged), and Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures anthology) on a couple of unannounced projects. The company didn't detail any of those projects, but it's nice to see that more studios are working on games that might drive people to the service. Finally, Google announced that the following games would be coming to its service soon: Super Bomberman R Online (First on Stadia; Fall 2020) One Hand Clapping (Early Access; First on Stadia; Playable in Stadia Pro once Stadia Connect is live) Dead by Daylight (Cross-play all platforms; cross-progression with Nintendo Switch and PC) PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Season 8 (July 30) Hitman and Hitman 2 (both September 1) Hitman 3 (January 2021) Serious Sam 4 (Stadia and PC only at launch; August 2020) NBA 2k21 (Fall 2020) Outriders (Holiday 2020) One Hand Clapping (Early Access; First on Stadia; live with Stadia Connect) WWE 2K Battlegrounds (September 18) PGA TOUR 2K21 (August 21) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Fall 2020) Hello Neighbor (September 20; Playable in Stadia Pro at Launch) Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek (Holiday 2020; Playable in Stadia Pro at Launch) View the full article
  2. Last year, Google announced that Orcs Must Die 3 would be exclusive to its Stadia streaming service. Today the company surprise-launched the game, which is also free for anyone who is a member of Google's Stadia Pro service, or you can purchase it for $29.99. As a series, we've always liked Orcs Must Die, but it's been a long time since we've had a numbered sequel. Orcs Must Die! 2 released in 2012, and Orcs Must Die! Unchained experimented with MOBA and free-to-play elements that turned off some fans. Time will tell how the new entry fares. View the full article
  3. Click here to watch embedded media Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Developer: Sucker Punch Productions Release: July 17, 2020 Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 Most great games stand on the shoulders of their predecessors. Ghost of Tsushima unabashedly borrows many of its strongest features from other open-world adventures, and executes on them with skill. The game owes a tremendous debt to the Assassin’s Creed games; in many ways, Ghost of Tsushima feels like an entry in that franchise set in Japan – something that fans have longed for. But it’s unfair to paint Sucker Punch’s immense samurai epic as a copycat. By tapping into Japanese art, history, and culture, as well as the samurai film tradition that followed, Ghost of Tsushima finds a wholly original tone within the gaming landscape. Across an especially vast adventure, players are treated to a tale about the contradictory ideals of honor and revenge, and one in which tense katana duels and quiet moments of reflection claim equal focus. Structurally, Ghost of Tsushima is an adventure told in three acts, each almost wholly dedicated to one geographical section of a massive island. Astride your loyal horse (whose name you select early on), you gallop between Mongol-occupied forts, idyllic Buddhist temples, and remote mountaintop shrines, gradually ticking off completed locations as your honor-sworn warrior grows in power and acquires new weapons and tools. From convenient fast-travel options to smart delineations of mission types, you always know what you’re working toward and how to move forward. Side missions and distractions are plentiful, and full engagement with the bulk of the content is a project of 50+ hours. As the survivor of a doomed samurai charge to hold off a Mongol invasion, Jin Sakai is a conflicted and tortured hero. Trained to be the best of his samurai caste, the tension between his familial duty and the need for justice forms the heart of the story. A small but richly drawn cast of allies surrounds him – each flawed in their own way – who are coming to terms with their warring natures. The interwoven stories that unfold carry very little lightheartedness or humor, instead opting for a somber contemplation on the horrors of war. They portray a mother’s grief for her murdered grandchildren, the weight of survivor’s guilt, and the loss of innocence when we perceive our heroes’ failings. As a player, moments of true victory are rare – try to save a man’s family, only to find his wife and child are already dead. The game is a meditation on suffering, and I was surprised by Sucker Punch’s uncompromising adherence to that vision. Rather than counter that form with levity, Ghost of Tsushima finds relief in nature’s beauty. The island of Tsushima is an exaggerated and painterly vision of feudal Japan, where gently curving cherry trees blow endless blossoms across windswept fields of pampas grass. Set a new objective marker, and the breeze shifts direction to take you to your destination. Birds and foxes emerge to guide you to hidden hot springs and shrines. Especially impressive weather effects set the mood, from ghostly fog-shrouded forests to thunderstorms that presage moments of conflict. Scattered mats invite you to sit and craft poetry with a dedicated haiku mechanic. The artistic presentation, alongside one of the best scores in recent memory, make for a world well worth fighting to save, which makes its desecration feel especially perverse. The invading Mongol army and its stoic commander, Khotun Khan, emerge as fearsome antagonists, ably subverting Japanese defenses by taking advantage of the samurai’s guiding code. The Khan’s tactics and brutality are especially heinous, and you’ll be almost as eager as the protagonist to bring him down. His minions may not have the same narrative depth, but their varied weapons, attack patterns, and appearances keep the moment-to-moment encounters exciting and challenging, even late into the game. Click here to watch embedded media In encountering the enemy, players balance two competing playstyles. The first is a particularly smooth and gratifying melee combat system, focused on wielding the katana in a variety of stances. Battles are deadly and precise, and the focus on defensive parrying is a fun challenge. With a dedicated stance for each primary enemy type, combat demands observation of your enemy and quick reaction time. Sophisticated animation work lends a cinematic quality to the fast-paced battles. The second approach to combat takes Jin down the questionable path of infiltration and assassination. Over time, several tools enhance the options here, letting players mess with the enemy or terrorize them into flight. Both approaches are deeply satisfying; you don’t face consequences for being sneaky instead of straightforward, so it’s not about picking one or the other. You choose your tactics based on what is most appealing to you in a given encounter. Both styles of play are supported by a robust set of upgrades, many of which provide meaningful new options. I love how the progression front-loads the things you really want for your character into the first half of the game, like parrying blows and deflecting arrows. However, this also means you spend points on things you don’t especially care about later on. On the bright side, the game reserves a couple of its coolest new powers, ability-infused armor sets, and cosmetic options for the late-game, so I remained engaged with progression even after my core tree of upgrades had been mostly filled. The “tales” that take you between one encounter to the next are mostly enjoyable, and certainly plentiful. Every one of the main narrative missions feels distinct, often presenting rousing large-scale battles and honorable one-on-one duels. The dedicated and multi-part tales for each of your allies are equally worthwhile, telling personal and pathos-laden stories of loss. A third variety of minor tales about the citizens of Tsushima pale in comparison; they grow repetitive, but they’re mostly there for players who simply desire more time in this gorgeous world. My only notable frustration was with occasionally unclear objectives or targets focused on tracking or investigation, leading to moments of fruitless circling of an area until I happened upon the next marker. Beyond these structured missions, thorough map exploration leads to many enjoyable discoveries, from health-boosting hot springs to hard-to-reach shrines that provide new charms to enhance your abilities. I appreciated the many hidden caves and hideaways the map had in store, and I liked the opportunity to do some relatively simple platforming. However, traversal and climbing challenges often trace very static paths, with little freedom to chart one’s own course, and I sometimes found those sequences a bit simplistic. Ghost of Tsushima captures the mystique, fierce violence, and barely contained emotional angst of the great samurai films. The line of inspiration is clearly purposeful; Sucker Punch included a gorgeous “Kurosawa Mode,” which sets a black-and-white, film-grain, audio-treated effect that doubles down on the classic cinematic vibe. It’s well worth turning on, if only for a few missions. But even beyond that cool feature, this is a game that nails the aesthetic it’s shooting for, firmly establishing itself as the medium’s defining samurai saga. Click image thumbnails to view larger version Score: 9.5 Summary: Sucker Punch borrows from other open world games, but ultimately charts an original and creative course to craft a samurai epic of tremendous breadth and beauty. Concept: Face the competing demands of honor and vengeance in a free-roaming samurai legend Graphics: Sensuous and stunning environments suggest a painter’s vision of feudal Japan, juxtaposed against the brutal imagery of warfare Sound: An award-worthy score thrums with emotional resonance, summoning cultural instrumentation to bring the world to life. The English voice cast handles the narrative with delicacy; Japanese audio options are supported if you wish for additional authenticityc Playability: The many interlocking systems and controls are gradually introduced with care, and the learning curve is spot-on Entertainment: At turns both melancholy and thrilling, Ghost of Tsushima is the open-world action formula at its most mature and immersive. Deep, rewarding, and hard to put down Replay: Moderate Click to Purchase View the full article
  4. VJGamer Now that its Super Mario line is completely revealed and ready to launch, Lego is teasing another Nintendo collaboration. Posted today on its Twitter page, the silhouette appears to be an NES console with a retro television ripped straight from the '80s. Are you ready to play like never before? pic.twitter.com/XuNFD7rP0B — LEGO (@LEGO_Group) July 13, 2020 Fortunately, we don't have to wait to see what the final product looks like, as VJGamer has posted images alleging to be a leaked unit of the construction kit. The set appears to allow you to build not only a to-scale NES, but also the controller and television set. The TV also appears to have some interactive elements thanks to the crank on the side. To see the full gallery of images, head to VJGamer's story. VJGamer According to Promo Bricks, the set will launch alongside the rest of the Super Mario Bros. Lego collection on August 1 for $250. For more on Lego and Nintendo's new collaboration, check out the full line of Super Mario building kits. [Source: Lego on Twitter, VJGamer, Promo Bricks via NintendoLife] View the full article
  5. EA's explosive shooter Rocket Arena arrives tomorrow, July 14, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Rockets, abilities, and items combine to form a volatile environment in a multitude of game modes, with 3v3 action being the standard style of play. In Knockout, you blow your opponents out of the arena in the form of a rocket-fueled "ring out". Rocketball is similar to a capture the flag experience with sporty goals that you have to blast the "flag" ball through. Mega Rocket tasks you with zone domination and capture mechanics, and treasure hunt makes the cash-carrier a big target as they rack up the score. While rockets are the name of the game, each character also has a selection of signature abilities to help win the day. Grappling hooks, snow globes, artillery strikes, bouncing bombs, and even a bola snare are just some of the many skills you can use to help your rocket barrages win the day. Watch the launch trailer below! Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  6. While Death Stranding may be a divisive experience, it's coming to PC tomorrow, where players can tinker with settings and get Norman Reedus looking really spiffy in a strange, broken world. Ready to pack up and transport cargo? Death Stranding gets a whole new potential audience as it heads to PC, and one can only imagine what absurd mods that people will attempt to cobble together to make the experience wild and whimsical. Stuff like invincibility or unlimited inventory are inevitable, but I personally can't wait to see Thomas the Tank Engine, a giant duck, or Solaire make their way into the game via all that good PC mod meddling. Check out the trailer below! Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  7. In the recently released closing season of The Clone Wars, viewers were introduced to The Bad Batch, a group of clones whose traits and quirks made them quite different – and sometimes more effective – than the average clone trooper. The story will pick up in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, with the squad taking on mercenary work. The project is being executive produced by several veterans of the franchise, including Dave Filoni, which should come as welcome news for fans, who know the central role he took on with both The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars. Star Wars: The Bad Batch is scheduled to hit Disney+ in 2021. View the full article
  8. Ready for the weekend? PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima lands this Friday on July 17th. Jin Sakai is ready to go full samurai - and full ninja - on the encroaching forces of the enemy. While there have been a multitude of trailers, gameplay snippets, and other previews leading up to release, reviews are expected to start hitting tomorrow. As for right now? There's a new launch trailer highlighting some of the sights, sounds, and battles that are to come. You can check it out below! Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  9. Ready to take to the skies? The latest and greatest iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives on PC August 18. If you're just looking for the standard version of the game, that will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC on launch day. However, Microsoft Flight Simulator comes with three different price points, with the bigger and better editions having more airports and more plane choices. Click here to watch embedded media Standard edition gets you 20 different planes and 30 airports for $59.99 (Or an active game pass subscription). From there, the Deluxe Edition comes with five more planes and five more airports for $30 more at $89.99. The Premium Deluxe edition will run you $119.99, but is the only way to get some of the elite airports, like Denver International Airport, SFO, Heathrow, and more. Several awesome plane choices are also locked behind the premium edition, such as the SR22, Shock Ultra, and the 787-10 Dreamliner. See the handy charts below for details. You can read more about the upcoming release over on the official site. View the full article
  10. Every big video game conference needs a "and you can play it right now" moment. Today's Ubisoft Forward event announced that Ubisoft's battle royale, Hyper Scape, is moving into open beta today - meaning anyone on PC can play. During the technical alpha, players had to hope for a Twitch drop to get access, but the game is now available to all. A battle pass for cosmetics is in effect for the duration of the open beta, and anything unlocked will carry over to other phases and final launch. During this phase, a new game mode where it's every person for themselves (solo mode) is available. Previously, only 3-person squads were available for play. If you're on PC, playing is as easy as logging into Uplay, downloading the game, and playing. It's a free-to-play title, so there's little barrier to entry if you are curious about the battle royale experience. Hyper Scape is expected to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this summer. Check out my previous time with Hyper Scape here. Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  11. Ubisoft usually unveils its upcoming slate of games at a live press conference held annually during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. With E3 being cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ubisoft didn't make any announcements in June, and instead pushed back a month to hold a digital show called Ubisoft Forward, which aired today, and played out just like the company's press conferences, only with far less dancing on stage. We also went beyond Ubisoft Forward to get our hands on many of the games. We spent some time talking to the developers behind the games to find out what players can expect from them, even for Far Cry 6. Below is a roundup of the big announcements from Ubisoft Forward, along with links to our previews and videos: Watch Dogs: Legion Gets A Release Date The third entry in the Watch Dogs series is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 29. Ubisoft will also release it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at a later date. Watch Dogs Legion Supports Xbox Series X Smart Delivery If you purchase the Xbox One version, you will automatically get the Xbox Series X upgrade for free. Click here to watch embedded media Sit Back and Watch Us Play Watch Dogs: Legion in Two Lengthy Videos We played the game and were able to explore the open world, as well as the ability to recruit almost anyone in the game. These videos show off both sides of the game. Click here to watch embedded media Assassin's Creed Valhalla Also Has a Release Date Ubisoft is releasing this highly anticipated sequel on November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Getting A.I. Teammates In a Free Update On July 15, a new form of help arrives in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. If your friends aren't online or you don't trust random players, you'll be able to use A.I. teammates to join you on missions. The highly requested computer-controlled assistance arrives in Title Update 2.1.0, which is free and will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. You Can Play Hyper Scape right Now The stylistic battle royale game received a new trailer during Ubisoft Forward. We also put the game through its paces. The open beta begins today, and you can watch us play a match. Check Out Impressions From Over Five Hours of Time With Assassin's Creed Valhalla We dove deep into the upcoming open-world adventure and were mighty impressed with Ubisoft's take on vikings, as well as the ideas that are moving the Assassin's Creed series forward into new space. Click here to watch embedded media Watch Us Play Through A Raid Battle In Assassin's Creed Valhalla Join Ben, Jeff Cork, and Alex Stadnik as we show off the game's new raid battles and detail how combat feels in comparison to what's come before it. Everything We Know About Far Cry 6 We spent time talking to Far Cry 6's development team to learn about the upcoming game. Far Cry 6 Has a Release Date It's not coming this year, but you don't have long to wait for it. Ubisoft has it locked in as a February 18 release date for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Stadia, and PlayStation 4. View the full article
  12. Click here to watch embedded media On July 15, a new form of help arrives in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. If your friends aren't online or you don't trust random players, you'll be able to use A.I. teammates to join you on missions. The highly requested computer-controlled assistance arrives in Title Update 2.1.0, which is free and will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. The A.I. teammates can be activated and deactivated at any time, allowing you to continue playing solo if you want, and then summon them for a quick burst of firepower. A.I. teammates can perform sync shots, will try to revive you, and can be customized with different weapons, gear, and physical attributes. You can see the A.I. teammates in action in the trailer above. A day later on July 16, Ubisoft is launching a new limited-time event called Resistance. A press release from Ubisoft gives a little context into the mission: "Nomad will support the Outcasts during their counterattack on Sentinel forces and assist them in their efforts to save prisoners, attack Sentinel outposts, and stop convoys looking for survivors." The mission only runs from July 16 to 29, and offers up 15 exclusive rewards, along with players impacting the presence of rebels in Auroa to create faction warfare between rival factions. For a sneak peek at this event, check out the trailer below: Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  13. Click here to watch embedded media After months of anticipation building around Assassin's Creed Valhalla, fans finally got a taste of what they'd be playing later this year during today's Ubisoft Forward digital event. Earlier this week, though, our own Ben Reeves got to go hands-on with the game and has good news for those excited for the next entry in long-running series. Join Ben, Jeff Cork, and me as we show off the game's new raid battles and detail how combat feels in comparison to what's come before it. Fans excited to jump into the Norse-inspired adventure will have to be patient a little while longer as Assassin's Creed Valhalla is set to release later this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and next-gen systems. View the full article
  14. Click here to watch embedded media Ubisoft revealed some more info about Watch Dogs Legion during its Ubisoft Forward event, giving viewers a better sense of what to expect from the open-world game. The big hook this time around is that you're able to recruit just about anyone you spot on the streets of London to the DedSec cause. Once they're part of the team, they'll use their own special abilities to help crash the system that's been oppressing the populace. I was able to spend a few hours playing it recently, and Leo and I go over some of the footage in today's NGT. Leo has been looking forward to this one for a while now, and he has a lot of great questions as well as some observations on what's changed since its E3 2019 reveal. For my part, I hack a bunch of cars, recruit some people, and blow stealth opportunities with some comically telegraphed melee attacks. We had so much to show that we made two whole episodes! Enjoy! View the full article
  15. Today, we got our first look at Far Cry 6, the next entry in Ubisoft’s flagship series. This time around, you lead a guerilla revolution, fighting to free the fictional island nation of Yara from its brutal dictator. Ahead of the reveal, Ubisoft shared a presentation and let us chat with narrative director Navid Khavari. While the studio isn’t ready to talk about gameplay specifics, we were able to dive more into the setting and characters. A Fight For Freedom Welcome to Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time, located in the heart of the Caribbean. The island has seen better days. As Ubisoft puts it: “Decades of economic sanctions have devastated the nation, leaving it impoverished and divided.” As its dictator’s practices get increasingly more disturbing (more on that below), you’ll get swept up in a modern-day guerilla revolution. Your journey to burn down this tyrannical regime takes you through the island’s lush jungles, dense cities, and beautiful beaches. Ubisoft is calling it “the most expansive Far Cry playground to date.” You play Dani Rojos, who you can choose to be male or female. “In terms of Dani, what we wanted to do was explore a character that is fully voiced, fully performance captured and you can play as both male and female," Khavari says. “We also wanted a character that was born and raised on the island of Yara, is a local, and someone who didn't necessarily see themselves as part of a revolution or an uprising, but who gets swept up in the Libertad movement.” Khavari says a small team went down to Cuba to take in everything for inspiration. “We got to meet with the locals and explore the culture and the diversity, but we also got to talk to actual guerrillas who fought in the revolution there,” he says. “There are all sorts of reasons people will join up and fight in a guerilla revolution. Some want to shoot guns and feel that adrenaline kick, while others are looking to do it for the country and for the flag. I think that dynamic was really interesting narratively, and then also from the gameplay perspective, the idea of this David versus Goliath dynamic. Also, because the island has been under a blockade for about 50 years, having to make do with what you have was really interesting. In terms of gameplay and also in terms of how you approach Far Cry 6.” Ubisoft says to expect some unconventional weapons due to trying to make do with what’s available on the island in addition to having vehicles and animal companions. The Antagonist Is Ruthless Dictator Antón Castillo Far Cry is known for its cunning villains. From radical cult leader Joseph Seed to maniacal king Pagan Min, the series is full of intense personalities. Antón Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul), certainly fits that bill and has his own complexities. As El Presidente of Yara, he’s kept the country under his tight control, often resorting to brutal methods to achieve what he thinks is the “greater good.” He was elected to return the struggling island to its former glory and will stop at nothing to achieve his vision. Antón believes the island was at its best 50 years ago before the first revolution. When we sat down with Khavari, he revealed that Antón’s own father was in charge of the country during that time. “The revolution actually took over and ended up executing Antón 's father right before his eyes,” he explains. “So right from the beginning, Antón has grown up with this perspective and mindset and worldview that the island was stolen from his family. And because Yara over the years experienced this economic decline, I think Antón saw that as proof that only the Castillo family can really save Yara. So when he's elected to power, he does so on the promise to rebuild paradise, to bring Yara back to the money it had 50 years ago. But what he doesn't say is that that paradise isn't for everyone, that those who dare speak out against his methods will be rounded up into essentially a forced labor state, one that is forced to work at gunpoint to see his vision of the country.” Antón And His Son Diego’s Relationship Takes Center Stage The trailer made clear that Antón’s relationship with his son would be an important aspect of Far Cry 6; he’s essentially grooming this young man to succeed him. But will Diego follow his lead? That’s for us to discover when we play. It’s also what makes Antón one of our most interesting villains to date. One minute he’s a cunning leader, the next a caring father. “The touchstone for us was having this character who was born amidst revolution and developed a very twisted worldview after the execution of his father, but also someone who is a father himself," Khavari says. "I think there's just something interesting about what it’s like to be in the room with the dictator and see how they try to justify what they're doing and see things from their perspective. On top of that, seeing Antón as a character who not only is running a country but is also as a father, trying to pass down these lessons to his son that are twisted and basically brutal and offensive. At the same time, the layer on top of that is he loves Diego. He wants him to grow up safe and secure, and he actually believes he's doing the right thing. I think that's something that Giancarlo, who is playing Antón, really keyed in on right from the beginning.” So where does playable protagonist Dani fit with these two characters and what types of relationships will he have with them? Ubisoft isn’t ready to talk specifics yet, but we did get Khavari to tease more about this aspect of the game. “That triangle of characters between Antón, Diego, and Dani is absolutely crucial,” he says. “What I can say is that with Diego what we found really interesting was this idea of this is a 13-year-old teenager. I think a lot of folks can remember what it was like being 13, at least I do. It’s hard enough to figure out who you are and what you're gonna do in this world and what does it all mean? But try doing that while also being the son of a dictator who is running a country. We really wanted to create a character in Diego that is riding a razor's edge – that you don't know exactly where he's going to land. Is he going to follow in his father's footsteps? Is he going to be a brutal dictator himself? Or is he going to forge his own journey, his own path? So I'm excited to see what players think of that.” The World Has More Verticality Than Past Games For a first in the series, Yara houses a sprawling capital city, Esperanza. You can navigate the area more stealthily or go guns blazing in firefights through the streets. “Right from the beginning, we knew that we would want to do a capital city,” Khavari says. “We are going to be talking about a lot of the gameplay elements at a later date, but it definitely changes the way you play and approach things. When you have a city, there's definitely verticality involved… and you really get the sense of a revolution. Because a guerrilla revolution usually starts in the jungles and in the farmlands, but you sort of circle and approach Antón. And when you attack a city, you just feel the weight of oppression, just in the scale of the buildings, being able to navigate rooftops and alleys. It not only changes the way you play, but it changes how the narrative feels.” “Guns For Hire” Returns One of the most popular and successful elements from Far Cry 5 is back. This time around, it’s called Amigos For Hire, where you can pair up with A.I. companions to help you. From a jaded ex-KGB spy to an adorable wiener dog, you can call in some backup to your missions. Ubisoft wouldn’t get into specifics, except to confirm this feature is back. According to Khavari, wiener dog Chorizo is the favorite among the dev team. “I can say maybe as a little tease, he kills with kindness, so I’m excited for people to experience that.” It Already Has A Release Date Far Cry 6 is set to release on February 18 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. Ubisoft confirmed if you purchase the game for PS4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade to a next-gen platform at no additional cost after the launch. View the full article
  16. The King is dead … but for the Vikings, that’s merely a chance to build something new. When the Norse warriors first entered England in 873 CE, they discovered a land at war with itself. Several warring groups of Anglo-Saxons vie for power in a wild and untamed country. The Viking people may be fierce, but in England, they are also outnumbered. In order to survive, this band of Scandinavia settlers must make new alliances and friendships. To them, war isn’t a hardship, it’s an opportunity. Leading The Charge The tip of the Viking spear is a young warrior named Eivor. Players guide this capable hero throughout England to help them establish a new settlement for their kinsmen. As with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, players choose Eivor’s gender at the beginning of the game and then guide him or her as they learn new abilities and acquire a nigh unending supply of weapons and armor. Eivor’s journey eventually takes them to the territory of East Anglia where they make a pollical alliance with a would-be king named Oswald of Ellmenhind. Unfortunately, before Oswald is crowned, a rival clan of Danes led by a man named Rued invade and reportedly kill Oswald, leaving Eivor’s clan in the middle of hostile territory. Naturally, Eivor can’t let this stand. If Rued’s clan wanted a war with the Vikings, they got one. Still, before Eivor leads an assault against Rued, they must rally more troops to their cause. To win the support of a local township, Eivor leads a raid against a group of bandits. These raids function a bit like the Fortress assaults in Odyssey, and Eivor can tackle them head-on with a bloody ax or skulk through the shadows, cleaning house with a hidden blade. During my first playthrough, I took the stealthy route. In the last couple Assassin’s Creed titles, your success as an assassin was based on your skill level and the quality of your gear, so you could easily run into situations where you performed a stealth takedown only to watch your victim stand back up. In Valhalla, stealth attacks are more likely to take down enemies in one hit. I still encountered a few stronger opponents who shrugged off my hidden blade, but this was rare. Even so, when you initiate a stealth attack against a strong enemy, you have the chance to complete a timed button press that does extra damage, meaning you can still assassinate these hardy enemies without raising the alarm. “We brought back a couple of stealth mechanics,” says assistant level-design director Laurence Letalien. “You can disguise yourself in certain areas where there are civilians. Guards are less likely to notice you when you have your hood up, and won’t notice you at all in crowds. Even if you’re in an area you shouldn’t be, you can disguise yourself so it’s harder to get detected. We also brought back some social stealth elements, like the monks from old Assassin’s Creed games, so you can navigate the world a bit while being stealthy.” During my stealth raid, I cleared out an entire encampment without alerting anyone, but the end-boss encounter almost did me in. On my second playthrough, I led my fellow warriors into battle, and we completed the raid in about half the time. My soldiers did an exceptional job distracting the boss, which made that encounter much easier. You can complete most missions with a mix of stealth and aggressive combat. During one botched stealth encounter, I blew my war horn and called my men into battle, and they helped me clear out the rest of the encampment and finish the mission. Valhalla's mission design is flexible enough to let you complete each conflict as stealthy or aggressive as you like. Raiding Gear After completing my first Raid, I discover a Book of Knowledge, which unlocks a new ability called Dive of the Valkyrie. Most abilities are learned by finding these tomes hidden around the world. However, these texts are often heavily guarded or at the center of a military camp. Valhalla’s world contains multiple copies of each ability book, but if you find two of the same volume their associated ability grows stronger. I immediately put Dive of the Valkyrie to the test, and it soon becomes my go-to move in combat, allowing Eivor to launch into the air before landing ferociously atop a single foe, crushing them underfoot. Another useful ability has Eivor grabbing an enemy and then kicking them to the ground, which stuns them and opens them up for a finishing blow. Meanwhile, Throwing Axe Fury allows Eivor to throw a series of axes that hit any opponent within a set range, which comes in handy for managing large crowds. Many of Eivor’s abilities are great in combat, but some have other uses. One bow ability called Thorn of Slumber puts enemies to sleep, and I find it instrumental for completing encounters without causing a ruckus. A handful of other bow-based abilities have Eivor dipping arrows in poison, calling down a raven to distract foes, or marking multiple enemies before releasing a volley of arrows. In addition to abilities, Eivor has a massive skill tree. Using points earned after each level, you’ll empower Eivor with an assortment of passive skills. “The progression system is pretty new,” Letalien says. “We have three main character routes that you can take. They are called the bear, the wolf, and the raven, and those correspond to the warrior, the hunter, and the assassin ways of playing.” Valhalla’s skill tree is big and its edges are obscured by fog, so you won’t be able to see all your options until you begin unlocking nodes leading down each path. Naturally, these skills run the gamut and allow you to buff your various attacks, increase your resistances to things like fire, and otherwise improve your stealth capabilities. The final element of Valhalla’s progression system is the collection of random loot Eivor amasses during their journey. As with the past couple entries in the series, players gather resources, such as leather and iron, which can be used to upgrade this gear, so if you find something you really love, you won’t necessarily need to swap it out when something better comes along. During my session, I played around with an assortment of various weapons, from two-handed spears, long-range bows, and a spinning flail that delivered a series of small rapid-fire attacks. Eivor can dual-wield one-handed weapons – in fact, you can dual-wield shields if you’re so inclined. However, my favorite combo was an ax/shield combo, which allowed me to parry most enemy attacks and set my opponents up for instant takedowns. Making New Alliances After completing a couple of raids and leveling up Eivor, I’m ready to attack Rued’s stronghold and end his tyranny. I march my army up to the front gates of his castle and begin the assault. As with my previous raids, this assault is an all-out bloodbath, but once Eivor finally confronts Rued, I'm faced with a moral choice: Do I take Rued as a prisoner so he can be tried properly for his crimes, or do I take justice into my own hands and execute him on the spot? Choices like this impact your experience. If Eivor kills Rued, some of our friends might be unhappy, but if we let Rued live there is a good chance he could escape and seek revenge down the road. “In every major story arc, we want there to be at least one major choice,” McDevitt says. “Those choices actually have ramifications down the road because you have these alliances that you've made. Those relationships need to be good for something, so at certain points in the story, you might have to call on those alliances. You'll see those friendly faces again, or some of them anyway.” When it comes to Rued and his clan, you’ll have to wait until Assassin’s Creed Valhalla launches on November 17 to experiences the full fruits of Eivor’s alliances, but our time with Ubisoft’s latest open-world RPG left us excited for the full journey. Fans of Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey likely already know what to expect from Valhalla, but Ubisoft has refined its formula and crafted another massive sandbox that looks to deliver on the Viking fantasy. “You don't have to say much more than Viking to get people dreaming,” McDevitt says. “But it's our job to disabuse you of some of those dreams. Like, Viking’s didn't wear horned helmets, and even though they have a reputation for ferociousness, they were also settlers and explorers. They came to England, not to colonize England, but to settle down because they needed land … We want to go to the source and drag up all of the historical details and give you a complete Viking experience. It’s not just the big axes and the longship. Although that stuff is fun, too.” For more on Valhalla watch our New Gameplay Today. View the full article
  17. Click to watch embedded media After a recent PSN leak, Ubisoft officially confirmed Far Cry 6 with a cinematic trailer that introduced us to the antagonist and new setting. Get ready to lead a guerilla revolution, fighting to free an island nation from its brutal dictator: Antón Castillo, who is portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame. The trailer, which you can watch above, opens with Antón handing his teenage son, Diego, a grenade and taking the pin out. Fearful and surprised, the son asks, “What are you doing?” “The pin simply holds the handle in place. It is only when you let go that the grenade goes boom,” he responds. The pair walks outside, with the son uneasily clutching the grenade, knowing one false move could be deadly. As they do, Antón tells his son that one day he will be president like him. “Our people, they do not know how to be happy. They are torn apart by opinions, noise, indecision, strangled by their own freedoms. And even if you have love in your heart, even if you want what’s best for them, even if you only want to save them from themselves, they will hate you, Diego. Everything you say. Everything you do. Everything you believe.” As Antón issues those strong words, chaos is erupting outside. People are fighting for their freedom, fighting Antón and what he stands for as their leader. His statue is being pulled down. Smoke is filling the air. Protest signs are everywhere. Violence is ensuing. A revolution is beginning. The trailer ends with Antón asking his son if he understands what’s ahead and to prove it. Then a release date of February 18, 2021 flashes across the screen. Fay Cry 6 is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. View the full article
  18. During Ubisoft's recent Forward event, the publisher announced that Assassin's Creed Valhalla is set for release on November 17. This places Ubisoft's massive open-world title out the same week as CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, and gives some credence to the theory that one or more of the new consoles could release around that time. Valhalla is set in 873 and places you into the role of a young Viking raider named Eivor who leads a Viking party looking to settle in Anglo-Saxon England. You can get a look at the gameplay below. Click here to watch embedded media For more on Valhalla, read our hands-on impressions of the game or watch our New Gameplay Today. View the full article
  19. The third entry in the Watch Dogs series caught our eye when it was revealed at E3 last year, but it was unfortunately part of Ubisoft's sweeping delays that happened several months ago. Originally scheduled for release this past March, Ubisoft has announced players will be able to step into the shoes of a DedSec operative this fall. The current-gen version of Watch Dogs: Legion launches October 29, with next-gen versions "coming soon." You can get a look at Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion gameplay overview trailer below. Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  20. Click to watch embedded media In a summer that's full of publishers and developers announcing games in a scattershot fashion, Ubisoft's time is finally here and we'll be watching the digital event live with the GI Community! What sort of clarity will we get on Far Cry 6? Does the publisher have any surprises in store? Are they going to keep me the world waiting for a new Splinter Cell game? Join Ben Reeves, Dan Tack, and me as we get those answers and watch what the future of Ubisoft has in store. The digital event kicks off at 2 p.m. CT, but we'll be hosting our preshow fifteen minutes early to answer your burning questions and talk about what we want to see from one of the biggest publishers in the industry! And remember to subscribe on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, and Facebook to get notified when we go live. View the full article
  21. Click to watch embedded media If you like the idea of playing as the shape-shifting creature from John Carpenter's The Thing, you'll want to keep your eyes on Carrion, a Metroidvania-like adventure from Phobia Game Studio. Today, during the Devolver Direct livestream, Carrion was shown and given a July 23 release date for Switch, Xbox One, and PC. In Carrion, you control a monster that feeds on humans, grows larger, and uses its many tentacles to navigate an underground facility. Playing as a bad guy is one thing, but playing as a bad guy with a form you can't really wrap your brain around is something entirely different. With Maneater, another game that gives you control of a beast, already hitting this year to much success, I can't wait to see what Carrion has to offer. If you can't wait until July 23 to try it, you can download a "Sneak Peek" demo now on Steam. If you simply want more details, check out our "Four Reasons to Keep an Eye on this Monster Mash" preview. View the full article
  22. If you ask any UFC champion how they compare to their former self, they're likely to bring up the term "evolution." Fighters are constantly in pursuit of knowledge and improvement as they seek to not only become the best in the world, but continue to build their legacy as among the greatest to ever do it. As the only UFC-licensed video game in town, EA Sports UFC 4 doesn't need to worry about outpacing the competition, but rather demonstrating that it still deserves to be the de facto champion. EA Sports UFC 4 looks to evolve the areas that worked with UFC 3, while completely revamping the areas that didn't to create a game worthy of carrying the franchise forward. Making a Career of It As players fire up UFC 4, they have several options of where to go if they want to step into the Octagon. However, analytics showed the team of EA Vancouver that career mode has long been the most popular mode for players, so in order to get players right into the action, the first time you turn on the game, you start by creating your own fighter and working through your amateur career. Once you're into the meat of career mode, your goal is, once again, to become known as the greatest of all time (GOAT). Much like in UFC 3's career mode, to become the GOAT, you must complete a combination of performance and promotional goals before you retire. However, while the ultimate goal is the same as it was in the most recent iteration, the way in which you progress your fighter is completely different. "Our big focus this year this year is really making sure that the players had lots of choices and that those choices matter," creative director Brian Hayes says. "That comes down to the choice of literally every move you make inside training or inside the Octagon" Through a new Fighter Evolution system, your attributes level up based on how much you use those moves in fights and sparring. To get a leg up on your fighter's progression, you can now invite other UFC fighters to your camp to help you train certain things; the higher profile you are, the wider the selection of fighters that will be willing to come train with you is. Fighters you invite not only help you improve your skills, but also help teach you new moves through sparring drills. Unlocked moves are initially appear as one-star moves, but the more you train and use a given move, the more it will develop and level up. When you're not training, you can develop relationships and rivalries with other fighters through improved social media mechanics, contemplate which fight you want to accept (or decline), or even study film of your next opponent. If you develop a negative relationship with a fighter through social media trash talk, they're less likely to join you in your training camps if you invite them. Just like with UFC 3, you can also use your finite time to take part in promotional activities. If you invest a ton of points into scouting your upcoming opponent through watching tape, you can learn information like their overall rating, their fighting styles, or their best moves. All of these systems culminate in giving you more ways to (hopefully) achieve your goal of becoming the UFC GOAT. As someone who played through the UFC 3 career mode four times, I'm excited to see how different the experience truly feels, with particular attention paid to the training camp experience – that became especially stale after repeated playthroughs. Hopefully these new progression methods and camp activities will allow for better interactivity, more dynamic situations, and more replayability. However, while EA anticipates that career mode will continue to serve as the centerpiece of the experience, it's far from the only offering, as players have a ton of different ways to get into the Octagon. Anytime, Anywhere In addition to career, EA Sports UFC 4 continues to deliver a large suite of other modes for players to fight their way through. The mainstays of past games are well represented, with standard Fight Now, Stand & Bang (no grappling), Knockout mode (set health bar), and custom fights available for local play. When you're selecting your fighter, the new selection screen features animated character models, new UI, and combined weight class settings for even more matchups available across different divisions. For a bit more structure, you can create your own custom event, which lets you set up your own fantasy fight card down to choosing the fighters, bout order, and more. UFC 4 also brings back tournaments featuring either 8 or 16 fighters with progressive damage from match to match. Those who want to hone their skills can also jump into the franchise's practice mode. If you want to expand your competition to the online pool, Online World Championships serves as the ranked multiplayer, letting you compete using either licensed or created fighters in skill-based matchmaking. Based on your performance, you experience division progression and regression. This time around, rather than asking you which weight class you want to compete it, the division rotates, giving you a fresh roster of fighters to choose from. EA Sports UFC 4 also introduces Blitz Battles, a new 64-player online tournament mode that operates under special rules to get you through the matches quickly. The matches within these tournaments rotate their rulesets; some operate under traditional MMA rules, while others use the Stand & Bang or Knockout mode. These matches also feature shorter rounds to not only expedite the fights within the tournament, but also encourage the action to be a little higher paced. To come out on top, you need to win six fights in a row, and if you lose, you can quickly join another tournament if you want. If you don't want to play either of those new or revamped modes, you can still jump into Quick Fights, which doesn't use skill-based matchmaking, but does offer standard, Stand & Bang, and Knockout modes, plus online leaderboards for wins and finishes. And, of course, you can always invite your friend to join you in the Octagon over PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. While forging your skills in the flame of online competition is alluring to many, looking good is just as important to others. Thankfully, EA Sports UFC 4 takes the Create-a-Fighter customization to a whole new level. Looking Good, Fighting Good Over the last several years, the UFC fightkits have been largely homogenized due to the apparel deal with Reebok. While the real-life licensed fighters in UFC 4 stick to the strict uniform code of the UFC, EA Sports is having a little fun with the Create-a-Fighter options. In past games, you could create a fighter to add to your roster alongside the officially licensed athletes, but outside of custom tattoos and a limited selection of hairstyles and facial options, you couldn't really get too creative. With UFC 4, EA Vancouver is giving you more ways to customize your fighter than ever before. From additional hairstyles, facial hair, and tattoo options to a ton of over-the-top vanity items that help your created fighter stand out in unprecedented ways, it's safe to say your personalized fighter can be the most unique fighter on the UFC roster. These vanity items let you equip shorts, tops, gloves, accessories, and even animal heads to your fighter to really go wild. These items are purely cosmetic; they offer no effect on gameplay, and are only available to equip on created fighters. You can also equip pre-fight, post-fight, and in-fight emotes for your fighter to perform. Rather than giving you complete control over your created fighters' attributes like in previous years, UFC 4 gives you several archetypes to choose from. "There are 12 Create-a-Fighter fighting archetypes that you get to choose," Hayes says. "Those are meant to be competitively balanced ... fair and balanced against all the other licensed fighters in the game and all other created fighter archetypes so we won't have to worry about players going into Create-a-Fighter and creating what is essentially just a roided-out, 100 overall, level 5 every single move Create-a-Fighter that is totally O.P. in online competitive gameplay." This year's title also allows you to create one Universal Avatar. This created fighter is pretty much set as your main custom fighter and follows you up and down to different weight classes, so you can always choose them when you're setting up a fight regardless of mode or division. Every other fighter you create, however, adheres to traditional weight classes. While you can take your created fighters all over the globe to compete in various arenas that real-world UFC fighters throw down in, players can also venture into four new venues. While the UFC Apex (where Dana White's Contender Series and all pandemic-era UFC cards in Las Vegas take place) and a fictional amateur fight promotion called Action Avenue, where the cage is under a tent, lead the charge, the EA Vancouver team is carrying its "let's have some fun" mentality into the other offerings. To play off cover athlete Jorge Masvidal's well-documented past as a backyard brawler, players can choose to duke it out in a yard full of barbecuing spectators and crude chain fences. Additionally, you can take to the underground arena and compete in a special Kumite venue, complete with torches and a special presentation suite. Of course, all these upgrades would mean little if the gameplay doesn't offer new and exciting upgrades as well. While I thoroughly enjoyed the fighting of UFC 3, EA Vancouver recognized several places for improvement and turned those notes into action by revamping several key areas of the in-the-Octagon gameplay. Improving on the Fundamentals With the studio having a little fun with the customization, you may think the team is taking the series in a more arcade-style direction or not focusing on the style of gameplay players have come to expect from the series. However, EA Vancouver overhauled several aspects of the gameplay to deliver more realistic exchanges between the two combatants. UFC 3 featured solid striking, but the ground and clinch games still felt robotic. By further implementing EA Sports' Real-Player Motion technology, UFC 4 hopes to deliver the changes fans have been wanting from the series. Every round starts on the feet, so while the UFC 3 striking was good, EA Vancouver wasn't satisfied. New dynamic striking introduces a tap/hold system that lets you determine if you want to throw a quick strike or a more powerful one based on how long you hold the button. Hayes says this new system was designed to be less complicated for players and should be more intuitive when trying to throw a variety of strikes. In UFC 3, the clinch game felt more like an extension of the ground game than an extension of the stand-up competition. With UFC 4, that changes; a new fluid clinch system that uses the same Real-Player Motion tech now takes into account locomotion in addition to positioning, attributes, and timing when deciding how a clinch exchange plays out. This also means players can use movement and momentum to not only escape the clinch, but also press their opponent and deepen their clinch. Takedowns also now use Real-Player Motion technology, with locomotion determining the outcome and success of a takedown attempt. Because of this, a fighter can drive a struggling opponent into the cage, while the defending fighter can use their footwork to escape the attempt. In the course of a takedown defense, a fighter can also get the upper hand by using throws or trips. Once on the ground fighters have several new options, including new postured combos for the top fighter and new defensive measures like head movement and counters for the fighter on the bottom. The annoying submission minigame from UFC games past is now gone, replaced by two simpler minigames that activate depending on if you're going for a choke or a joint-manipulation submission. On top of that, fighters can now strike one another during submission struggles to soften up the target, while defending fighters can utilize slams to escape some submission attempts. For those who have always struggled with the grappling game, UFC 4 adds a new Grapple Assist mode, which gives you more approachable controls using the left stick to get up, submit, and perform ground and pound. Players can choose from three styles of grappling controls: Grapple Assist, hybrid, and legacy. The most exciting moments of any fight come when one of the athletes connects with a high-amplitude combination or a big strike that wobbles their opponent. For these moments, UFC 4 delivers new presentation elements to further highlight the moment. In addition to better facial and body ripple effects to better showcase the impact of the strike, a new red border appears around the screen to indicate a hurt fighter and the sound temporarily gives off an echo effect. If you are able to finish the fight, an improved instant replay system shows off your handiwork at the conclusion of the match. While all of these new gameplay elements and improvements give fans plenty to look forward to, EA Vancouver hopes to improve the experience through removing certain elements in the name of adding others. Addition By Subtraction Many of the upgrades present in EA Sports UFC 4 are improvements, evolutions, and iterations over what was in UFC 3, but by stripping out one of the mainstay EA Sports modes, developer EA Vancouver was able to add a new way to reward players for engaging with the game how they want. For UFC 4, EA Sports removed Ultimate Team, the card-collection mode that lets players earn or purchase packs of virtual cards to build your team or, in the case of UFC 3, your fighters. EA Sports noticed lower-than-desired engagement for that mode, so the team reallocated resources to implement a new way to incentivize you to keep playing: Connected Player Profile. "It's just not something that ever really jelled well in a 1v1 fighting game quite as much," Hayes says. "We decided to take the resources that we would have invested in trying to keep building and altering the experience and a lot of those shifted to the Connected Player Profile, earning rewards there and leveling up your global player profile. There's also a challenge system with daily challenges and mode-specific challenges. There's always something I can go in and do like, 'complete a gameplay challenge in career, Blitz Battles, Fight Now' ... and by completing challenges, you earn more XP for your profile and earn more in-game rewards. That's opposed to having Ultimate Team, which is like a walled garden where there's progression there that only applies to Ultimate Team. We tried to create a system where there is a progression system across the entire game that rewards every user no matter what mode they're playing." With Connected Player Profile, UFC 4 enables players to spend time in whatever game mode they want, while the daily challenges nudge them to branch out a little bit to earn some extra experience points. By earning this profile experience, you level up your profile to unlock things like vanity items for your created fighters, profile items like backgrounds, icons, and flair, and premium coins to use for buying in-game items like fighter customization options. Ultimate Team wasn't the only thing removed from the series in order to provide a better experience; longtime UFC commentator and world-famous podcast host Joe Rogan has also been removed for this iteration. Rogan was unable to record new voiceover for UFC 3, so the team had to rely heavily on play-by-play man Jon Anik for that title, while any new Rogan commentary had to be harvested from actual UFC broadcasts. However, for EA Sports UFC 4, Rogan has been removed entirely. Instead, former two-division UFC champion and color commentator Daniel Cormier steps into the role. Not only did this change give UFC 4's commentary a fresh feel, but Cormier's ability and willingness to record alongside Anik in the voiceover booth gives the series more fluid commentary. "This has allowed us for the first time in this entire franchise to do two-man recording sessions," Hayes says. "Without getting into the reasons why that was not possible previously, being able to do it now allows us to get a lot more organic, a lot better chemistry between both commentators. So the reaction to big moments that happen in gameplay is that much more realistic, authentic, and immersive for the gameplay." Challenging For Its Own Belt While EA Sports UFC 3 was arguably the greatest licensed UFC game of all time (I personally think it finally dethroned THQ's UFC Undisputed 3), EA Vancouver looks to one-up itself with UFC 4. While the upgrades in UFC 4 don't seem to be as dramatic as the jump from the second entry to the third, the iteration and overhauls the team has implemented appear to be meaningful ones. However, the true determination of how successful UFC 4 is will lie in the execution of these ideas. Thankfully, we don't have long to wait to see how these changes and improvements affect the overall product, as EA Sports UFC 4 launches on August 14 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. EA Sports UFC 4 Release Date: TBA Purchase More Info View the full article
  23. EA Sports UFC 4 was just announced with Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya as the cover athletes. The promotional cycle may be incredibly short, with just over a month before launch, but EA Sports still wants to entice players to pre-order the fourth iteration in its UFC-licensed series. Those who pre-order EA Sports UFC 4 get a collection of customization items, but the biggest additions come in the form of heavyweight boxing superstars Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. Fury, who most recently won his rematch against the powerful puncher Deontay Wilder by TKO in February, is the holder of the WBC, The Ring, and lineal titles. "I have a lot of respect for the UFC fighters but I'm the greatest fighter in the world," Tyson said in a statement provided by EA Sports. "It's going to be exciting to watch players use my boxing skills to outshine the most talented MMA fighters in UFC 4." Joshua is also a heavyweight champion, holding WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles since winning his rematch against Andy Ruiz in December. "Fighting is what I have dedicated myself to," Joshua said in another statement provided by EA Sports. "No matter the stage or opponent, I'll always back myself. My character in UFC 4 will be no different, I'm ready for any challenge and hope we've made something in UFC 4 that can get fight fans excited this year." Those who pre-order also receive customization packs for created fighters themed around UFC 4's two unique arenas: Backyard and Kumite. The Backyard Customization Pack features jean print shorts, a Backyard camo shirt, Backyard MMA gloves, a skull cap, and a gold chain. The Kumite customization pack gives you Kumite gladiator shorts, a Kumite cobra shirt, rope gloves, a cobra mask, and a Kumite necklace. This isn't the first time the EA Sports UFC team, which features many members of the team behind the Fight Night boxing series at EA, called back to its history in the sport. Recent UFC titles have not only featured Mike Tyson as a DLC character, but UFC 3 even added Fight Night Champion's fictional stars Andre Bishop and Isaac Frost as post-launch characters. Despite the toe-dipping into the sport and nods to the Fight Night franchise, the team says it currently does not have any plans, nor does it have any idea when EA Sports would want to develop a new Fight Night game. That means that, for now, boxing fans will have to settle for seeing Fury and Joshua square off in the Octagon. If you own EA Sports UFC 3 and pre-order through the in-game menu, you receive 10 percent off the standard edition, both fighters and customization packs detailed above, Bruce Lee as a playable character, and 500 UFC points. EA Sports UFC 4 hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14. To learn more about what it brings to the table, check out our in-depth preview. EA Sports UFC 4 Release Date: TBA Purchase More Info View the full article
  24. Announced this morning, we now know a ton about EA Sports UFC 4's various improvements. From gameplay overhauls to upgraded modes, fans have a lot to be optimistic about as we speed toward the release date next month. One thing that isn't making the jump to UFC 4, however, is the divisive Ultimate Team mode. Ultimate Team is a mode that exists across nearly all EA Sports titles, from Madden to FIFA. In the mode, players can earn or purchase packs of cards to improve their teams. In EA Sports UFC 3, the mode let you build a team of fighters with obtained cards granting them new and better moves to use in fights. The mode is widely criticized across all of EA Sports' titles for its reliance on microtransactions and luck-based acquisition mechanics. According to creative director Brian Hayes, the mode just didn't receive the engagement the team hoped for, and therefore the resources were reallocated to things such as the new Connected Player Profile, where every activity you do in UFC 4 nets you experience and rewards like fighter customization items, profile icons, and more. "It's just not something that ever really jelled well in a 1v1 fighting game quite as much," Hayes says. "We decided to take the resources that we would have invested in trying to keep building and altering the experience and a lot of those shifted to the Connected Player Profile, earning rewards there and leveling up your global player profile. There's also a challenge system with daily challenges and mode-specific challenges. There's always something I can go in and do like 'complete a gameplay challenge in career, Blitz Battles, Fight Now... and by completing challenges, you earn more XP for your profile and earn more in-game rewards. That's opposed to having Ultimate Team, which is like a walled garden where there's progression there that only applies to Ultimate Team. We tried to create a system where there is a progression system across the entire game that rewards every user no matter what mode they're playing." EA Sports UFC 4 launches on August 14 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For a more in-depth look at the modes and improvements brought by UFC 4, check out our extensive preview. EA Sports UFC 4 Release Date: TBA Purchase More Info View the full article
  25. As the Ultimate Fighting Championship readies its massive UFC 251 pay-per-view card tonight, EA Sports has officially announced the existence of the fourth iteration of its UFC-licensed franchise. Not only that, but EA Sports has also given us our first look at this year's cover athletes, as well as the welcomed surprise that we only have just over a month to wait for the game's release. Gracing the cover of EA Sports UFC 4 are two of the biggest names in mixed-martial arts coming off enormous years: Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya. Masvidal, who stepped into tonight's UFC 251 main event welterweight title fight on a week's notice, began 2019 with a big knockout win against former title challenger Darren Till before knocking out the previously undefeated Ben Askren with an electrifying flying knee just five seconds into the fight – the fastest knockout in UFC history. In November, Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz for the newly created BMF title, headlining Madison Square Garden. Adesanya also had a tremendous 2019, defeating the legendary Anderson Silva before taking down Kelvin Gastelum for the interim middleweight championship in what many consider one of the greatest fights in UFC history. Subsequently, Adesanya unified the interim belt and the undisputed title with dominant performance over then-champion Robert Whittaker, ending the fight with a second round knockout. "I am the face of a new wave of UFC fighters, so it feels right to represent the sport on this new generation UFC game," Adesanya said in a press release. "I look forward to my fans playing as me as much as I have enjoyed playing as myself." "MMA is more than about the belt," Masvidal said in that same press release. "It's about who you are as a person and the determination that drives a fighter to go from unknown to selling out arenas all over the world. I grew up backyard fighting so it's exciting for me to see that style of fighting come to UFC 4 where players can bring out their Gamebred mentality." EA Sports UFC 4 makes various gameplay improvements to striking, the clinch game, and grappling, while expanding the offerings in career mode, fighter creation, and the online suite. For more on what UFC 4 brings to the table, check out our in-depth preview. EA Sports UFC 4 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14. Those who pre-order can add heavyweight boxing champions Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua to their rosters. EA Sports UFC 4 Release Date: TBA Purchase View the full article

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