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  1. Our month of Control coverage is coming to a close, and before we wrap it up we'd like to source questions from the community to ask Remedy in our last video interview of the month. Leave any questions you still have about the game in the comments below, and come back to see the full interview this Friday! You can also click the image below to get caught up on all the exclusive gameplay and details we've been sharing on the game. View the full article
  2. Vicarious Visions wasn't a big name in gaming, but over the course of 25 years, the studio worked on ports for franchises like Skylanders, Guitar Hero, and Destiny. The studio also developed the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for Activision. Back in 2016, Vicarious Visions' founders – brothers Guha and Karthik Bala – spun off a new company called Velan Studios, and the duo just signed a publishing deal with EA. Velan Studios isn't ready to offer details on its current project, but its press release says that the game is a "new and entertaining way to experience team-based action," and EA will be bring this new IP to consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. “In EA Partners, we found a team devoted to bringing breakthrough ideas to players everywhere," says Velan Studios president and co-founder Guha Bala. "They believe in our creative vision and will use their best-in-class resources to support the success of our game. We started Velan Studios to make community-centered play experiences that are daring and distinctive from what’s being played today. We can’t wait to share the details of our first original game in the future.” For more on the history of Guha and Karthik Bala, listen to our interview with the brothers back in 2017. Over the years, EA has gotten a lot of criticism for moving away from indie games and smaller projects, so this could be a change of pace for the company and a move in the right direction. Time will tell. View the full article
  3. This month marks 25 years since the birth of Bethesda's massively popular Elder Scrolls series, which began with The Elder Scrolls: Arena in 1994. To celebrate, the studio is giving away free copies of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind to PC players, but only today. Bethesda recognizes this milestone with several other freebies: The Elder Scrolls Online will be free to play across all platforms from March 28 through April 4, and to tease its Elsweyr expansion, Bethesda is letting players try the DLC's prologue quest for free, beginning March 25. Bethesda recently announced its plans for E3, where we suspect we might learn new information about its mysterious project Starfield. We predict we'll hear more about The Elder Scrolls: Blades, the company's stab at bringing its tentpole series to mobile, which was delayed to sometime this year. View the full article
  4. Since Peter Jackson's blockbuster film adaptations of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy series debuted at the turn of the century, fans have rarely had to wait for more than a few years between interactive experiences set in Middle-earth. That steady clip continues with a new partnership between Daedalic Entertainment and Middle-earth Enterprises. The Lord of the Rings – Gollum follows the story of Sméagol's corruption through the One Ring To Rule Them All. The narrative-driven action-adventure title promises to remain true to the original lore, but also will explore "new events and details related to Gollum's journey." "We tell Gollum's story from a perspective never seen before, in any storytelling medium, all the while staying true to the legendary books of J.R.R. Tolkien," says Daedalic CEO Carsten Fichtelmann. "At a time when the games industry is undergoing structural changes and seeing new business models evolve, we are excited to realize a huge new production based on a story that has stayed fresh and relevant for more than 60 years." The title is being built by Daedalic's in-house studio using the Unreal Engine and will release in 2021 on PC and "all relevant console platforms at that time." This likely refers to both current-gen and next-gen consoles. The press release intimates that Gollum is the first – but not only – title that will come from the partnership between Daedalic and Middle-earth Enterprises. View the full article
  5. For a while now, people have suspected that Nintendo would follow the model of the 3DS and release new versions of the Switch. According to The Wall Street Journal, it sounds like they won't have to wait long. The outlet is reporting that two new models are on the way. One is supposedly a cheaper version of what's already out there with some features (like vibration) removed. The second model is supposedly an enhanced version of the Switch that's targeting "avid videogamers." Whatever those enhancements are it's not exactly clear. The Wall Street Journal says that sources are expecting the device to be announced at E3 and then be released before Christmas. For more on The Switch, check out the best games you can play on the console here. [Source: The Wall Street Journal via Kotaku] View the full article
  6. Click here to watch embedded media Samurai Shodown is back this year! Whether you played SamSho (that's what cool people call the series to save time) when it released over 20 years ago, or have seen some of its characters pop up in other games, the return of the classic sword-fighting franchise should be a welcome sight. That sight happens to pretty nice, too, what with the watercolor look and all. Jeff Cork and Leo Vader join me on the latest episode of New Gameplay Today to show off a few matches of the latest entry, talk about SNK's recent history, and more. View the full article
  7. Nightdive Studios has provided some new gameplay footage of its upcoming remake of System Shock, which shows off the first level of the game. The video lasts around 21 minutes, demonstrating the Citadel station as well as puzzles, enemy encounters, and listening to audio logs. However, Nightdive mentions in the video description that the footage is far from finalized. The System Shock remake had a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and raised $1.3 million. The game is set to release some point next year. Click here to watch embedded media For more on System Shock, read our feature about how the series came back from the dead and a brand-new teaser for System Shock 3 from GDC. View the full article
  8. From Software's newest IP, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, blends both new and old concepts from the famed developer. YouTube show Did You Know Gaming's newest video provides a deep dive on its development. In the video below, you learn about what it was like for From Software to work with Activision, how the team created balanced tutorials, concepts that were cut (i.e. reading other players messages like in Dark Souls), and how the grappling hook inspired vertically complex levels and more dynamic boss battles. Click here to watch embedded media Read our review by heading here. View the full article
  9. Netflix's Dad Of Light is a heartfelt story inspired by real-life events about a son and his father rekindling their friendship by playing the MMO Final Fantasy XIV together. Now, it's getting it's own film. The announcement was revealed at the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo. The movie adaptation is coming to Japanese theaters without any word of distributing it internationally. Other than that, details remain slim. We're pleased to announce a movie version of "Dad of Light" will be coming to theatres in Japan! #FFXIV pic.twitter.com/8GqBhS5YuT — FINAL FANTASY XIV (@FF_XIV_EN) March 24, 2019 The original show is available to stream on American Netflix. You can read our impressions of it by heading here. View the full article
  10. A New Jersey high school went above and beyond for its spring play put on by the drama club, by putting on an impressive adaptation of Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi film Alien. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, North Bergen High School's drama teacher Perfecto Cuervo says he is a "huge fan of the movie," and that it took about two months to script the play. The school's art instructor, Steven Defendini, also provided help with costumes and set design. The play was performed on the March 19 and 22. It follows the plot of the film, and the students even managed to reimagine iconic scenes despite technical restraints, like the famous facehugger scene and when Ridley tricks the xenomorph to get out of the airlock. You can view videos of those scenes below, which were filmed by members of the audience. A parent filmed the facehugger scene. pic.twitter.com/oamxaxikM2 — Paul Owens (@oh_pollo) March 23, 2019 I love that north bergen high school did alien last night as their school play, so I’m gonna keep tweeting about how great it is..everything was made from recycled materials .. so nuts amazing I’m so proud of my hometown pic.twitter.com/EEMEbankDz — Andrew Fernandez (@bhsdrew) March 23, 2019 pic.twitter.com/EKOTAkkT6R — Danijela Belovarac (@Fueledbyjelaa) March 23, 2019 According to one student on Reddit, who goes by emo_kid23, most of the props were made from recycled parts. "School didn’t fund any part of it," he wrote. "Everything is raised by students with most of the sets being made from recyclables." It's admirable just how much effort, skill, and dedication went into building this production. Even the creators of Alien took notice on Twitter. We are impressed! 40 years and still going strong... https://t.co/NJGJIZj2oq — Alien (@AlienAnthology) March 23, 2019 For more on the Alien franchise, read this news piece about how the upcoming Alien: Blackout is in the works. View the full article
  11. With the recent release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, some of us have prepared for it by replaying Dark Souls or Bloodborne. A Twitch streamer that goes by the name The Happy Hob took this to the extreme by playing all five 'Soulsborne' games (Bloodborne, Dark Souls 1,2,3 and Demon's Souls) back-to-back, and impressively never took a single hit. The Happy Hob has attempted a complete no-hit run of the games for months, but this is the first time he managed to actually pull it off. You can watch the entire 18-hour stream in two parts (part one, and part two). Hob created rules for himself, which included that if he was hit by either an enemy or a trap, he would have to start the whole thing over. Back in February, he nearly completed this feat, but was thwarted by Demon's Souls tutorial boss Vanguard. His reaction to finally achieving his no-hit run was expectedly emotional, where he screams, bursts into tears, and hugs his dog. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice released just a couple days ago. For our review on the challenging game, click here. You can also read our spoiler-filled tips. View the full article
  12. Dead Cells, the beloved fast-paced roguelike that came out last year, has sold over one million copies to date. The news comes out of a GDC talk, which was reported on by US Gamer. Motion Twin game designer Sébastien Bénard told the audience that 60 percent of those sales are accounting PC, with Switch being the bestselling platform for consoles. Click here to watch embedded media Dead Cells is available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more, read our review of Dead Cells, as well as our in-depth interview with Bénard about scrapped ideas, the potential for a sequel, and more. [Source: US Gamer] View the full article
  13. One of the many features we were promised around the start of this console generations was one where we'd be able to play games before they were finished installing. We would play early levels while the rest of the game finished installing, or have limited access to certain modes and could play them while we waited. But we want to know: has any game pulled this feature off in a satisfying way? Dead or Alive 6, for all its faults, had a decent version of this feature. You could play versus with a limited roster from the game's full selection. It wasn't great, but it at least let you play the game while you waited, which is more than you can say for lots of games with the feature. Usually, the feature set available in games with a "ready to start" feature are so slim you may as well find something else to do while it downloads. The feature seems so marginal that in a lot of cases, I can't imagine it's worth it to design a good one. But am I wrong? Is there a game that had a great experience available before the game was finished downloading? Is there an open-world game that actually pulled off a way to explore its world before the full install? A multiplayer game you could play early? Let us know in the comments. View the full article
  14. If you've got nostalgia for Power Rangers, and love fighting games in the vein of Marvel Vs. Capcom, next week has a nice little surprise for you. Developer and publisher nWay has announced Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid will launch March 26 for Xbox One and Switch. PC and PS4 players will have to wait a little longer, as the PS4 version hits hits Europe March 28, and America on April 2. The PC is currently slated for "Summer 2019." For those not in the know, Battle For The Grid pits Rangers from across the franchise's many series against each other, and includes a few villains in for good measure. It looks to play similarly to the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, with assist and Tag-in combos similar to Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. You can grab the game for $19.99, or nab the $39.99 digital collector's edition, which includes a handful of extra skins and comes bundles with the season pass. [Source: Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid on Twitter] Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  15. Bungie is letting players widen the power gap between players in Destiny 2's Iron Banner mode in some fun ways, and is also looking to rework some bounties that grant enhancement cores. This season, Iron Banner includes the addition of two new consumables: The Iron Burden and the Wolf's Favor. The Iron Burden lops 100 power from your character when you play the mode, making it easier for your opponents to kill you and harder for you to do the same. However, if you can defeat 500 opponents while under its effects, you'll score a masterworked Wizened Rebuke with a curated roll. You can grab an Iron Burden from Saladin if you're up for the challenge. Conversely, the Wolf's Favor increases your power by 100, which makes it a great option for players who just want to hop into the mode but aren't as hardcore about it. Wolf's Favors drop when you complete PvE challenges throughout the game, including daily heroic missions, strikes, flashpoints, gamit, and Ikora/Hawthorne's weekly milestones. Bungie will also be making changes to how enhancement cores drop next season. Currently, the most common way to get them come from scrapper bounties that drop randomly as you dismantle gear. When the Season of Opulence starts, those will be replaced by new bounties players can directly purchase from the Gunsmith, making acquiring them more reliable. The Season of the Drifter kicked off a few weeks ago, bringing with it a new Gambit mode, Gambit Prime, as well as a PvE mode called The Reckoning. [Source: Bungie] View the full article

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