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  1. SLIGHT SPOILER: A world of trouble is teased within Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's final moments. Director Colin Trevorrow shows us what happens next in the little-known short film Battle at Big Rock, which gives the thunder lizards new territory to explore. We’ll have to wait until next June to see how this story concludes in Jurassic World: Dominion, but can soon play through another of this story’s chapters within the video game, Jurassic World Evolution 2. Frontier Developments says that this sequel will have more of an authentic story that shows us what is happening within the United
  2. People selling emblem codes online is nothing new but with Bungie Day right around the corner, there is a small warning from the studio to try to save Destiny 2 players a couple of bucks. The long and short of it? Don't buy the Spicy Ramen Coupon emblem. It's not a scam in relation to phishing info, it's just a crappy thing to do with a gift that's meant to be free for the community. The senior community manager for Bungie took to Twitter to do two things: warn players against paying money for something that is going to be free, and to ask dataminers to please — for the millionth time — sto
  3. So many games are getting movie and television adaptations, and one more just got added to that growing list. Final Fantasy 9 is the latest gaming adventure to get its own animated series. The company in charge of production promises that it will be a kid-friendly adventure that fans will love. The Final Fantasy 9 animated series is being developed by French Cyber Group Studios alongside Square Enix. The goal for the studio is to begin production at the end of 2021, the beginning of 2022 at the latest. “The games have a strong co-viewing potential. For those who do know Final Fantasy IX, th
  4. After a delay on the decision, Activision Shareholders have reached a consensus regarding the company's Say-on-Pay proposal. The Board of Directors has also seen mass re-elections across the company with an average of 96% of votes. The decision regarding Say-on-Pay was delayed initially after a complaint was lodged about "misleading information" surrounding the proposal. According to the company, that information was allegedly a swaying factor in whether or not shareholders would pass the compensation plan. This conversation is ongoing, especially in relation to Bobby Kotick's salary, the c
  5. During Summer Games Fest, Ska Studios pulled the curtain back on Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to the cult favorite, Salt and Sanctuary. The premier trailer provided glimpses of the dark and likely challenging follow-up, but a new gameplay video offers an unnarrated, uninterrupted walkthrough of the game in action. The footage premiered as a part of GameSpot’s Play For All stream. It shows off the protagonist, a custom created paladin which is one of the game’s eight classes. Gameplay retains the 2D hack n’ slash combat with FromSoftware style trappings. It gives a look at a pair of boss fi
  6. The Death Stranding Director’s Cut was first revealed during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. The trailer that was shown gave not-so-subtle nods to Hideo Kojima’s classic Konami franchise, Metal Gear Solid. Death Stranding protagonist, Sam, infiltrates an underground M.U.L.E. base and almost decides to use a Fragile Express cardboard box to sneakily get around the compound; we all remember doing the same thing as Snake back in the day. Moreover, new information about the Director’s Cut rating, console availability, and mechanics (possibly inspired by Kojima’s work on espionage games) have co
  7. Coming off weeks of speculation over whether their new game Abandoned is a stealth Hideo Kojima project, Blue Box Game Studios has revealed some information about another platform this game might be released on. Abandoned is currently slated for an exclusive release on PlayStation 5, but according to a couple of tweets from the studio over the weekend, that may only be a matter of console exclusivity. In response to someone claiming they don’t own a PS5, Blue Box responded with, “The PC community will rejoice,” and when asked straight out if Abandoned was coming to PC, “Eventually” was the a
  8. When DICE shared its first look at Battlefield 2042, the FPS love and hype went through the roof. From weaponized tornados to a rework of how classes operate within the open verticality of some of the largest maps in the franchise's history, it's easy to see why shooter fans are excited to get their hands on the latest adventure. While we still have some time yet to wait, FPS players have been swarming Battlefield 4 to brush up on those aiming skills. So many players, in fact, that the studio has had to increase the server capacity. EA provided a notice to Battlefield 4 players, saying that
  9. Earlier this month, Netflix shared a brief teaser trailer for The Witcher season 2 with Ciri front and center. Now it's Geralt's time to take back the spotlight with a new video showcasing the "White Wolf" as shared by the star himself, Henry Cavill. Cavill took to his Instagram to share a new look at the upcoming season, plus a closer inspection of his new and improved armor. The video is short but, paired with the constant chase for salvation, is incredibly powerful. Following the assumed death of a major character in the first season and the confirmation of their return and a possible Wil
  10. Tekken X Street Fighter, the long in-development crossover game that was first announced in 2010, is officially dead according to Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada. Not to be confused with Street Fighter X Tekken, which was revealed at the same time and launched in 2012, Bandai Namco’s side of the crossover coin spent 11 years in development limbo with minimal updates on its status. For those of you saying “Well, duh,” remember that the game’s cancellation was never publicly confirmed. Harada insisted for years that the game was still happening. However, on a recent episode of Harada’s Bar,
  11. Doors have been an interesting topic of conversation in games over the past year, including how difficult they are to render during the development process. Now I guess they are done being talked about because doors have gone from being difficult to being downright murderous ... at least when it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone. That's right, death by door is now added to the list of things that can kill you in the battle royale adventure. Reddit user Rxelik (as spotted by Kotaku) took to the forums to share a weird glitch where a door just straight-up murders. To be fair, the player did char
  12. Shin Megami Tensei V has been a long time coming, and we finally know it’s releasing this November. If you’re a fan looking to get more bang for some more buck, Atlus has revealed a pair of special editions for the game that you can pre-order now. First up is the physical Standard Edition of the game, which you can pre-order now to receive an exclusive steelbook case. It still costs the standard $59.99, but you can only purchase it from either Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop (disclaimer: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer). If you've got deeper pockets to match your
  13. When Cyberpunk 2077 launched, the game had more troubles beyond simple bugs and glitches. The road leading up to the game's release was rife with reports of studio crunch, rushed visions, and a cacophony of confusing timelines. That much was evident upon its release with Cyberpunk 2077 giving players a very different experience than what was promised. The disconnect between the product and its promise was so vast, in fact, that Sony quickly took down the game from its storefront and offered up refunds for gamers displeased with what CD Projekt Red had to offer. Sony promised it would return if
  14. As part of Mod Vertical, I love highlighting a variety of different experiences. Small tweaks, quality of life changes, and massive overhaul projects that can make our favorite games feel brand new; there are so many amazing passion projects out there to uncover. I've shared numerous overhaul mods for Bethesda's Fallout universe in the past, but we've got a new experience to look forward to with Fallout: London. Fallout: London expands Fallout 4 beyond the Commonwealth, bringing it into the land of tea, crumpets, and giant mechs that want to kill you where you stand. Like any overhaul mod,
  15. Netflix's The Witcher season 2 has been done filming for quite some time now and is gearing up for a full trailer first look after a small teaser earlier this month. While we await another peek at what season 2 will have in store, director Stephen Surjik opened up a little bit about his time working on set. Surjik directed two episodes while in England and as he reflected on how many days of shooting those two episodes entailed, he looks back on his year and a half in England fondly. With The Witcher and in the role of director, he has more time to prepare for the vision he has in mind. Tha
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