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  1. It is important to keep in mind what is going on within Activision Blizzard at this time regarding ongoing allegations about the work culture. The ongoing lawsuit from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) against the company is over reported toxic workplace culture. The bulk of the suit focuses on "violations of the state's civil rights and equal pay laws," specifically regarding the treatment of women and other marginalized groups. To learn more about the proceedings thus far, including details listed in the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, please check out our
  2. Click here to watch embedded media Jack Garland and his conquest to destroy Chaos has had us talking since we learned of it last June. We're less than two months from release, and after two betas and multiple trailers, I still don't know what is going on in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. There's plenty of action shown off in the latest and apparently last trailer for the game, with Jack and Co. using various classes in battle to destroy hordes of enemies, including the multi-headed Tiamat, which apparently gets crystallized and shattered in the footage. We're also introduced to
  3. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is out later this week, and in honor of its release, we've collected this list of Pokemon confirmed to be roaming the wilds in the Hisui region. This list does not include any leaked information and is based on Pokémon shown in official art, screenshots, or footage for Pokémon Legends: Arceus. However, there are quite a few Pokémon we can assume are in the game if their final evolution has been revealed or there is enough evidence for us to say we strongly think they will be included like the Sinnoh Gen 1 evolution cycle (Magmortar, Tangrowth, etc.). While we haven't la
  4. Behaviour Interactive has announced that in collaboration with Lionsgate Films, it is bringing more Saw content to the Dead by Daylight universe, including Jigsaw. This news comes by way of IGN, which revealed that Jigsaw will be featured in Dead by Daylight’s new Archives Tome 10: Saw event. This Tome will go live on all platforms where you can play Dead by Daylight on January 26. According to IGN, players will explore the memories of Amanda Young and Detective Tapp from Lionsgate’s Saw movies to unlock the “Book of Saw Collection.” Plus, players will be able to unlock new rewards in th
  5. Respawn Entertainment released another Apex Legends: Stories from the Outlands short today called Judgement, and it’s all about Mad Maggie, who also happens to be the new Legend joining the battle royale. The story begins with what appears to be a court case for Mad Maggie. Of course, she wasn’t really doing anything too wrong – she just did some things the Syndicate is not happy about, like getting food to the starving and more. Click here to watch embedded media We then see Maggie outside, cuffed and surrounded by security. Seconds away from death by way of a firing squad, Maggie is
  6. A Memoir Blue seized our attention during last summer’s Annapurna Showcase thanks to its dazzling visuals and emotional storytelling. Today, we found out that March 24 will be the day we can dive into this surreal aquatic adventure. The game stars Miriam, a champion swimmer who embarks on a dream-like journey through her rocky childhood, reflecting on her complicated relationship with her mother. Developer Cloisters Interactive bills A Memoir Blue as an interactive poem that unfolds through a series of vignettes that come to life through a blend of traditional 3D art and 2D animated visuals
  7. Skydance Interactive has announced The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, the sequel to the 2020 VR game. The game’s reveal came via a small teaser video of the logo on Twitter. Skydance states that Retribution is a full-fledged sequel that continues the story of the Tourist from the first game. However, Skydance also bills this as a standalone story that newcomers can jump right into. Unfortunately, no gameplay details, release window, or platforms are known at this time. It wouldn’t be our second anniversary without a surprise. Hold on to your heads, tourists
  8. Watch Dogs: Legion has seen its fair share of content rollouts. From an Aiden Pearce-focused DLC expansion to a zombie-based “Legion of the Dead” game mode, Ubisoft’s experimental player-controls-all adventure romp has seen a steady influx of exciting modes and missions since its Fall 2020 launch. However, a recent blog post on the official Ubisoft website has announced that there will be no more content updates. Additionally, the development team penned a thank you letter to the DedSec operatives around the world that continue to roam London's sleek, futuristic streets. The letter opens wit
  9. Ubisoft’s Rabbids franchise essentially serves as the publisher’s version of Illumination's Minions. The weird bunnies are equal parts cute and zany and have a tendency to screw up everything they touch, despite their best intentions. Now they have a chance to take their antics off-world in a new animated film coming to Netflix next month. Rabbids Invasion: Mission to Mars is a new movie that stars Beardie, a misunderstood Rabbid possessing genius intellect who dreams of traveling to Mars. Thankfully, his smarts land him a seat aboard a mission to Mars. The bad news: his sillier brethren al
  10. Platinum Games, the studio behind Nier Automata and Astral Chain, revealed back in August that it was resurrecting a 30-year-old series with Sol Cresta. It was initially set to release back in December, but in November, Platinum’s chief game designer, Hideki Kamiya, revealed in a “Very Sorry Stream” that Sol Cresta had been delayed. At the time, a new release date was not announced, but now we know when we’ll be able to play this arcade-style shoot-em-up: February 22. Platinum confirmed the new release date in a “Sol Cresta Release Date Forum Live Stream” held over this past weekend, as rep
  11. Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi announced last October that he was departing from Sega, and today, his new NetEase studio, aptly called Nagoshi Studio, has been revealed. Twitter user Nibellion (perhaps more well-known as Nibel) posted a link to the Nagoshi Studio website, where they learned that Nagoshi is its CEO. It’s also where Nibel discovered that eight of the founding Nagoshi Studio members previously worked at Sega or Yakuza developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. This is where Nagoshi previously worked before taking an executive role within Sega. Nibel notes that in an inter
  12. Dark Souls 3 might not have garnered the same popularity totals as its two predecessors or the GOTY spin-off(s) that followed. Nevertheless, it showcases the same level of epic storytelling and mechanical depth and polish that FromSoftware is widely known for. Unfortunately, a dangerous exploit is making the rounds, leading to players losing complete control of their PCs. As of right now, the Dark Souls 3 servers are offline as the dev team works to maintain multiplayer security. PvP servers for Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls: Remastered have been temporarily deactivated to al
  13. After tackling Metroid in Season 1, the second season of Game Informer's Video Gameography podcast moves on to one of the biggest shooter franchises in existence: Halo. This week, we examine 343 Industries' first stab at the series with Halo 4. Halo 4 was released on the Xbox 360 on November 6, 2012, and was a big return for Master Chief, who hadn't been seen since 2007's Halo 3. Development of the game wasn't perfectly smooth as Ryan Payton, of Metal Gear Solid 4 fame, initially pushed the team to experiment with Halo's sandbox. However, the game was still a massive hit. Join us as we talk
  14. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga got an April 5 release date this week after spending years in development limbo. For a while, it seemed like the project was in peril, and, according to a new report by Polygon, those fears appear to have merit. The outlet talked to 30 current and former employees of TT Games (speaking anonymously out of fear of retaliation) who revealed TT’s lifetime history of crunch, a negative workplace atmosphere, and how The Skywalker Saga’s development suffered from it. The report highlights that after TT struck gold with its early Lego titles during the mid-2000s,
  15. Publisher: Dotemu Developer: Dotemu Release: January 20, 2022 Rating: Everyone Reviewed on: PlayStation 4
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