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  1. Click here to watch embedded media Rare announced seasonal progression was coming to Sea of Thieves during a big December update, and now we’re on the cusp of it kicking off. Season One sets sail on January 28, and for the next three months, players can engage in new activities to earn exclusive rewards, both free and paid. Rare also released a helpful primer video detailing exactly how seasons to give players a (peg) leg up before the festivities begin. Seasons introduce Renown, a new progression currency that is earned by simply engaging in existing activities, such as sailing and comba
  2. A new expansion is on the horizon for Elder Scrolls Online players, taking them back to the world of Oblivion with the return of the Daedric prince Mehrunes Dagon. The upcoming expansion is set 800 years before the events of the single-player Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion experience, setting up an incredible backstory to add to the phenomenal lore surrounding Tamriel. But it's not just a new location and a returning baddie to look forward to. For the first time ever, Elder Scrolls Online will allow for companions that players can spec out to their heart's content. But first, let's look at what el
  3. Halo Infinite was delayed following an overwhelming amount of feedback when gameplay was first shown off last year. Originally meant to be an Xbox Series X launch title, the move to push the latest Halo adventure back to November 2020 was one not made lightly. That being said, communication on the status of the development pivot has been scarce and that's why 343 Industries is committing to doing better. As the launch date of Halo Infinite looms closer, community director Brian Jarrard took to Reddit to offer a promise of more steady updates going forward. When one Redditor took to the Halo
  4. The world had no idea that it needed a Gollum-focused video game until Daedalic announced its Lord of the Rings project in Summer 2019. The game was set to launch at some point this year, but GamesRadar reports that The Lord of the Rings – Gollum will be delayed to 2022. Apparently, a recent email announced a new partnership between Deadelic Entertainment and Nacon who is now set to be a co-publisher on the game. Nacon has been involved with a few sports titles as well as the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong. The email ends with the information about the game's delay. A narrati
  5. Click here to watch embedded media In a world of skill-based matchmaking and unending third-parties from lesser-skilled squads, Fuse emerges from the flames with an ability kit made to devastate enemies as well as create space for his teammates. Respawn Entertainment has given us a new look at Season 8 with a gameplay trailer that you can watch above. Fuse, the latest Apex Legends character, can stun and damage opponents with his pellet launcher or throw grenades from a mechanism on his wrist (just like at the end of the previous cinematic trailer). His ultimate casts projectiles that fall t
  6. Role-playing games have come a long way since we were slaughtering slimes in Dragon Warrior, hunting for the rat tail in Final Fantasy, and being endlessly wiped for wandering into the wrong tile in The Bard's Tale. While the genre umbrella is now wider than ever as more and more games over the last decade have embraced progression systems, character classes/jobs, and choice and consequence, RPG experiences have never been available in so many forms. From modern takes on the classic JRPG to action-infused scaling open worlds, the role-playing genre continues to capture the hearts and minds o
  7. Eli Roth's live-action Borderlands movie under the Lionsgate umbrella is set to begin filming here soon in Budapest and while an official first look has yet to be revealed, we do have one major rumor confirmed to be real. Kevin Hart is confirmed to be playing Roland in the upcoming Borderlands movie alongside Cate Blanchett as Lilith. The confirmation comes by way of The Hollywood Reporter, solidifying earlier rumors of Hart's role in the film. His involvement was previously confirmed but who he was cast as was a mystery until now. For those that may be unfamiliar with the Borderlands franc
  8. Saying "now is the perfect time to play Fortnite" is a bit misleading, since it's almost always a great time to play it. We haven't seen anything like it before, where new jumping-on points are introduced like clockwork through big events, shocking twists, and an onslaught of savory licensed and unlicensed content. These entry points are distinct in that they can attract both retired Fortnite veterans and newcomers alike. Ideas like "We need to team up to defeat Thanos" likely even brought back people who swore they'd never play the game again. From gameplay to cosmetics, the complete pictur
  9. When IO Interactive announced its next game would be about Bond, James Bond, fans were excited to see the IP land into the hands that have perfected what being a hired killer means. While Bond doesn't kill nearly as many as Agent 47, he is an iconic piece of cinema history with a wealthy impact on games as well. Details about the upcoming James Bond game are still scarce, but we do have new insight into IO Interactive's plans of growth and the hopes of the new IP becoming a trilogy. Currently, the studio houses approximately 200 team members as they embark on this new IP following the launc
  10. In case you missed it, Hitman 3 came out last week, and it's really good. If you have the means to do so, we highly recommend checking it out on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X to see the game running in 4K, at 60 frames-per-second, and all that good stuff. But surprisingly, IO Interactive's World of Assassination trilogy was also recently released on the Nintendo Switch. After putting the game through its paces on the handheld, we found that it's a surprisingly good way to play Hitman. First and foremost, Hitman runs on the Switch via cloud streaming, meaning this isn't a port of the game yo
  11. Biomutant is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 25. This year! Finally, we have a date for the third-person mutant masher where you get to play as a gene-splicing martial arts master in this open world action RPG. Over the course of your adventure, you can unlock all kinds of traversal and combat options as you explore, craft new gear, and more. One interesting note about this news is that there is no mention of a current-gen (PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S) version, but that doesn't mean that one won't be available. Biomutant is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on
  12. Acclaimed platformer Celeste turned three-years old this week, and to celebrate, creator Maddy Thorson surprised fans by announcing a sequel of sorts to the game. No, it’s not a direct follow-up to the game available on consoles and PC, but rather a sequel to classic Celeste, the original Pico-8 version of the game dubbed Celeste Classic 2: Lani’s Track. The best part? It’s available now for free and can be played right on your browser. For context, the Celeste most of us are familiar with was born from an earlier version developed on the Pico-8, a virtual platform designed to mimic a tradi
  13. January is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that it's over quite yet for Animal Crossing fans. In a new video, Nintendo revealed what players can expect from the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons January update alongside a small tease of what's ahead for the next big drop coming in March with a special Mario crossover. The upcoming update that goes live on January 28 provides a ton of new updates but also heralds in the arrival of Festivale. Festivale is a carnival-style event that will go down on February 15 and brings with it the arrival of Dancer Pavé. Click here to watch
  14. When you look at the upcoming games of 2021, you can see that this year is poised to deliver plenty of brand-new experiences. Though many exact release dates remain vague, the months ahead will bring impressive-looking games with the potential to show off what the new generation of hardware can achieve – but that isn’t the only exciting thing I see on the release schedule. I am looking forward to new games, but I am equally enthusiastic about the opportunity to revisit some of my old favorites in new forms. After all, as fun as it can be to anticipate the unknown, I also enjoy familiar comf
  15. Games like Doom and Quake shaped my childhood in such a profound way. The run-and-gun shooter type is a go-to for me, almost a comfort genre, and it's a genre that Boss Key Productions' Lawbreakers slid into perfectly. Unfortunately, the launch was anything but successful and the studio behind the first-person shooter faded away into memory. But as we go into a new year and I look forward to seeing what other fresh adventures we can dive into, I can't help but reflect back on how much joy Lawbreakers gave me and how sad I am that it didn't last. What I loved Lawbreakers was released back i
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