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  1. Admittedly, it'd take very little for me to be on board with a Death Stranding Director's Cut. It only needed to be more Death Stranding for me to be sold on revisiting Hideo Kojima's latest vanity project. Luckily for me, that's exactly what the Director's Cut is. I love the original release, and this is a perfect excuse to dive back in. I think you should play it, too. But maybe not for the reasons you think. Death Stranding Director's Cut is pitched as an expanded version of the base game that came out in 2019, the definitive version of Kojima's vision. After 26 hours – and much, much mo
  2. Halo Infinite’s second round of technical previews starts this weekend on Xbox consoles and PC. Those who sign up for the Halo Insider program will have to check their email or account to see if they are participating. If you are, get ready for not one but two full weekends of an expanded multiplayer suite compared to the previous test. Community Director Brian Jarrard hosted the stream showing off gameplay from the multiplayer preview. Jarrard started with some “breaking news” that there may be a time shift involving the testing schedule due to some issue found in the flight build. Tomorro
  3. Publisher: Raw Fury Developer: Shedworks Release: September 23, 2021 Reviewed on: PC
  4. We got our first look at the Injustice animated film a couple of weeks ago, but a new Red Band trailer gives fans a darker sample of what’s to come. If you’re a fan of seeing Superman commit brutal murders, this one is for you. The film adapts the Injustice video game series by Mortal Kombat developer Netherrealm Studios and the comic series of the same name. After Joker destroys Metropolis and kills Lois Lane, pregnant with Superman’s unborn child, the Man of Steel finally snaps. First, he executes Joker. Then he essentially establishes a dictatorship with a zero-tolerance policy for all fo
  5. You'd be forgiven for not remembering the Cruis'n franchise. After all, it's been nearly a decade and a half since the last home entry for the series. However, those who do remember the arcade-racing franchise likely look back on the games fondly. Starting with 1994's Cruis'n USA, which launched in the arcades before getting ported to Nintendo 64 two years later, the series delivered nonstop thrills as you drove through several locales. Those raceways expanded beyond the scope of the United States with Cruis'n World and Cruis'n Exotica before the '90s came to a close. However, the 21st centu
  6. A new tabletop RPG based on the Blade Runner universe is coming next year, just in time for the 40th anniversary of the release of the first film. The game comes courtesy of Alcon Entertainment and Free League Publishing, which also distributed the award-winning Alien RPG. Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game drops players in 2037 Los Angeles, shortly after the Wallace Corporation unveils its synthetic Nexus-9 Replicants. You assume the role of a blade runner working for the LAPD’s Rep-Detect Unit. The backstory of your character is in your hands; you'll decide their memories, personality, an
  7. Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries will be holding a live stream this afternoon covering details of the next testing flight for the upcoming multiplayer shooter. Running for two consecutive weekends, this new test will cover all of the previously available materials and more. Those looking for more information about these closed public sessions can check out the Halo Twitch or YouTube channels at 4 p.m. Central today. Our previous playable demo of Halo Infinite had teams of human-controlled Spartans going head-to-head against bots in Team Slayer matches. These battles were limited to fo
  8. Following a judge’s decision early last week and a notable injunction, we have an update on the legal feud between Epic Games and Apple from Epic’s top executive, Tim Sweeney. In a Twitter thread today, Sweeney discussed the ongoing fraught relationship between the two companies, revealing that Apple will not be restoring Fortnite to the App Store for the foreseeable future. His thread began with the claim that “Apple lied.” In a process that could take years, Apple will “not reinstate Epic’s developer program account at this time” and “will not consider any requests for reinstatement until
  9. Death’s Door is arguably the year’s biggest pleasant surprise. The Zelda-like adventure of a soul-reaping crow battling monsters to serve a bureaucratic afterlife commission won many hearts and earned a 9 out of 10 review score from us. Now that the dust has settled, we sat down with the game’s principal creators, Acid Nerve's David Fenn and Mark Foster, to reflect on Death Door’s success, discuss the team's design approach (such as ditching the map), and their overall takeaways for the future. Warning: This interview contains mild spoilers regarding Death's Door's endgame content.
  10. While PlayStation owners are still waiting for Among Us to grace the platform, they have another social deception game to look forward to. First Class Troubles sports a similar whodunnit premise set in space, only this time you control 1950s-era characters aboard a luxury space cruise ship. The game launched in Steam Early Access earlier this year, and now it’s heading to PlayStation consoles. First Class Trouble supports six players, with four playing the role of Residents while the remaining two are Personoids, which is a fancy term for “lying murderers.” Residents must work together to sh
  11. Those asking whether Nintendo will be holding a Direct video presentation during the month of September have been answered by the house of Mario itself with an emphatic “Yes!” Tomorrow September 23, at 3 p.m. Pacific, Nintendo will show off roughly 40 minutes of gaming goodness. The tweet announcing the Nintendo Direct points out the presentation will “mainly focus on [Nintendo Switch] games launching this winter.” We already know about fall games like October releases Metroid Dread and Mario Party Superstars, but don’t be surprised if those are touched on. Getting further into what some cou
  12. Click to watch embedded media Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Eidos Montreal Release: October 26, 2021 Rating: Teen
  13. Publisher: Square Enix Developer: Eidos Montreal Release: October 26, 2021 Rating: Teen
  14. Blizzard has lost one of Overwatch's leaders in Chacko Sonny, who served as executive producer on the franchise including a leadership role in Overwatch 2. The departure comes in the middle of a series of lawsuits against Activision Blizzard regarding civil rights and equal pay, including allegations it fostered a toxic workplace culture rife with sexual harassment and discrimination. Bloomberg reports that Sonny informed the team of his departure last week, and his last day is Friday, September 24. Sonny joined Blizzard in 2016 as a production director for Overwatch before moving up to an
  15. Kena: Bridge of Spirits launched today, and it turns out that it’s pretty darn good. If you’re a Fall Guys fan with Kena-fever, you can express that love by snagging a pair of costumes themed after the whimsical adventure. Beginning today through September 23, you can purchase a Rot costume, making your jellybean competitor resemble the tiny companions who assist Kena on her journey. Then on September 24, a costume for Kena herself becomes available until the 26. Upper and lower costume parts for both outfits will set you back five crowns each. That means you’ll need to spend ten crowns to
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