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  1. Xenolinguist Britton Watkins goes over how your verb and pronoun choices can change how polite or impolite you come across to speaker of uo’aXy’an. Anyone interested in learning Xi’an is welcome to join us in Spectrum! View the full article
  2. Around the Verse

    Sandi Gardiner and Steve Bender host this week’s episode, taking a look at the physics and control systems being implemented for atmospheric flight. Plus, another installment of “Burndown” keeps you up to date on the development process. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  3. Bugsmashers!

    Mark Abent tackles an issue involving conflicting UI on multicrewed vessels. Watch this episode to see how he smashes this particular bug. View the full article
  4. DAY 627: THE JOURNEY ENDS DAY 627: THE JOURNEY ENDS 2947.12.12 SET by Sean Nazawa The final part in a series following a class of recruits moving through the Navy’s training system. A business executive has been abducted while in transit from a trade conference in the Xi’an Empire. Advocacy investigators were able to identify and track the kidnappers back to an abandoned comm relay. Intel suggested that they had hollowed out the interior, pressurized sections and transformed it into a small hideout. From a strategic perspective, the hideout was a nightmare: complete visibility against any approach, homemade proximity mines, and multiple bulkheads inside that could quickly be triggered to lock down and trap agents. The Advocacy has turned to the Navy for assistance in rescuing the hostage. A flight of Avengers were deployed to resolve the situation. They were currently keeping a wide berth of the relay, their trajectory insinuating that they were simply passing by. A harrowing circumstance, for certain, as this type of scenario could easily prove deadly for everyone involved. Thankfully, it’s not real. This staged event is the final test that this group of Naval recruits will face before graduation. Although they don’t know this, their performance in this exercise will be reviewed by the Navy and even the Marines to determine where these recruits will be assigned. Intended to be as close to a real world operation as possible, the military have spared no expense in orchestrating the illusion. The ‘outlaws’ are members of the Navy’s 208th Squadron, recently redeployed from active service on the Vanduul front, and many of them are enjoying this bit of entertainment. Bravo Flight leader Commander Harold Rifke spent the days before the exercise coming up with extensive backstories for the other pilots and capturing fake ransom demand vids that he’s been sending sporadically to Divisional Officer Edward Aino, the conductor of this simulated chaos, to forward on to the recruits. I’m standing with Aino onboard a C&C ship, overseeing the entire wargame play out. Analysts and comms officers coordinate both sides of the engagement. The outlaw chatter is considerably more colorful; the 208th are really getting into their roles. I watch the recruits’ ships disappear from the hologlobe. Under acting squadron leader Toulo Chalke’s orders, they’re breaking towards the comm relay. Aino listens intently as they relay their positions to each other. He shakes his head and takes a sip of sujin tea. “Tell Rifke to hack their comms,” he yells over to the comms officer coordinating the outlaw channel, then glances at me. “They shouldn’t give away their positions.” Over the course of the exercise Aino will continue to throw what he calls ‘surgical handicaps’ against the recruits. He wants them off-balance, to be the underdog. I pick out the specific recruits among their brief clipped exchanges: Callum Weaver is confidently adjusting the approach vectors of his flightmates. This scrawny kid from Aremis has really come into his own since beginning flight training and now acts as the number two for Chalke. The acting squadron leader is a bit of a celebrity around the Forges. Even though his father is Beo Chalke, legendary sataball player for Jata SC, and his mother is Valina Razari, award-winning star of Tears of Time and Last Stand of Lidenvald (to name a few), to the recruits he’s just ‘Paladin.’ The nickname born from an incident that occurred three months ago where Chalke jumped in to help several recruits who were being bullied in the commissary. “Sir, Rifke’s moved two flights to their position. He says they aren’t there.” Aino grins. Suddenly the outlaw comm channel explodes. The five ships that stayed back to guard the relay start calling out targets. The recruits drop the pretense and transition into combat updates. I hear Lyssa Vale, the brawler of the recruits, immediately mixing it up with the outlaw pilots. Talkative on the comms, Vale is one of the most dedicated recruits I’ve seen. She is constantly pushing herself to a ridiculously high standard, putting hour after hour into sims, perpetually drilling herself and whoever she can loop into her training regimen. It seems to be paying off though; she’s ferocious in a fight. The outlaws at the relay hold their ground as long as they can until virtual laser fire from the recruits finally take them down. With Vale providing cover, Weaver exits his ship and leads a pair of pilots into the relay to secure the hostage. They hope to finish their risky EVA before Rifke and two flights of outlaws race back. The rest of the exercise is a single protracted brawl. The recruits do their best, but eventually the seasoned combat pilots of the 208th turn the tide. Weaver’s the last holdout, but he gets taken out just after he gets the hostage back to his ship. Seven outlaws remain, the hostage is dead and the entire recruit squadron has been eliminated. Two hours later, the recruits have gathered in Aino’s classroom for their debriefing. The room’s drenched in silence. Lyssa Vale is still wired from the op. Her leg bounces up and down as she glares ahead into space. Weaver aimlessly flips through his mobi. Even Chalke looks disappointed until he finally settles back in his seat and breaks the silence. “Well, we almost had them.” “Almost isn’t good enough,” Vale mutters. “C’mon, Vale, you took out what, six? Seven?” Chalke seems intent on raising the spirits in the room. The door suddenly opens and Aino strides into the room. He cuts a path to the front, powers up the system and loads all the captures of the exercise. He’s got everything: individual pilot cams, hologlobe recordings, comm chatter. For the next four hours, he walks them through the wargame, step by step. He grills them on each decision, why they made the choices they made, and what they would change in retrospect. There was no chastisements. No judgment on the actions of his recruits. It was purely objective analysis. The recruits, however, seem locked in the loss. Aino suddenly stops. He looks over the glum faces of the recruits in the room and shakes his head. “You all need to grow the [redacted] up,” he mutters, tossing his pointer onto the desk. That gets everyone’s attention. Aino draws out the pause and sits on the corner of his desk. “Let me tell you all something. This job? The missions that you’ll fly? Any one of them can be a one-way ticket. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most routine patrol in the world, there’s always a chance that something could go wrong and one of you won’t come home. Now, I know you’re all sitting there, pissed off that you didn’t succeed. Let me let you in on a little secret: you weren’t supposed to. We did everything we could to stack the odds against you. Wilkes, remember your missile pod jam? I did that. Teague, your weapon overheating wasn’t an accident.” The recruits exchange confused glances. “You all saw failure, but I’ll tell you what I saw. I saw a squadron, working together, executing orders with precision and excellence. Chalke, you broke an engagement with an easy kill to drop flares and protect Kelso. Vale, you’d pick fights with pilots to get them away from teammates that were in trouble. Hell, feeding us the wrong position over your comms was genius. I thought we were gonna lose the op because of that.” The recruits chuckle. Weaver gets some pats on the back. Aino smiles at them before he continues. It’s the first time I’ve seen him smile at his recruits. “You all did good. Yeah, you didn’t succeed. You lost people. But that’s the real lesson here. As a Navy pilot, you’re gonna be in these circumstances a lot. What we’re trying to do is condition you to act rationally in impossible situations. That doesn’t mean you’re always gonna make the right call. The real trick though, you gotta learn how to keep going. I know a lot of pilots, some of the finest pilots I ever flew with, who would rather be the one who gets punched out then have to go on without one of their squadron. You gotta be smarter than that. You gotta do your best. You got to look out not only the people beside you, but also for the civilians you’re protecting. Sometimes it’ll work out. Sometimes it won’t. Either way, you gotta pull yourself together and hit the next mission with a clear head. Now, I wish I could tell you how to do that, but you gotta figure that out for yourself.” Aino studies the faces of the recruits. “I’ve trained a lot of pilots, but I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen a class help each other as much as you do. I hope some of you get assigned together, but if you don’t, I hope you take that attitude to wherever you land because you all have something special.” The room is silent for several moments. Someone gently knocks on the door. “Come in.” Rifke pokes his head in. “Sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to interrupt.” “It’s all right, commander,” Aino says as he stands and grabs his pointer. “What can we do for you?” “Well, sir,” Rifke opens the door and steps inside. Some of the other pilots from the 208th are outside. “We were wondering when you were done debriefing these Rorys, if we could treat them to some drinks. Vanduul don’t fight as hard as they did.” Aino looks at his class. He gives a quick motion with his head for them to go. All the recruits slowly file out of the class to the cheers of the combat pilots outside. Weaver lingers by the door, then turns back to Aino. “Thank you, sir.” “Get the hell out of here.” Weaver smiles and leaves. I wait as the door slowly clicks shut. Aino starts to quietly collect his things. I feel I have to say something. “That was a nice speech, sir.” “Was it?” Aino finishes packing up, then looks at me. “What I said should have terrified them. The other DOs like to say the Rubicon is the first moment they land on Kilian, but if you ask me, it never stops. Doing this job every day will challenge you to your core. The Navy has been my single greatest pride and has broken me in ways that even I can’t see.” Aino pauses. “But they’ll see. Everybody does.” * * * * * * * * * The class of 2947 graduation ceremony is held in the late summer on Macarthur and features over two thousand graduates in a variety of capacities. The flight academy alone is responsible for over two hundred. Aino surprised me and arranged for me to sit with the rest of the Divisional Officers for the ceremony. I can see Arley Finn and Yen Hardigan, the two DOs from that first day on the tarmac that introduced me to the intense journey that Naval recruits faced. As I watch the proceedings commence, I can’t help but reflect on the variety of people I’d met on this incredible journey. All committed to the core tenets of the Navy and protect people like me. The entire graduating class stands and repeats the same Oath that has been uttered by every Navy member for centuries: Hear and witness that I do solemnly pledge, mind and body, that I will serve and protect the United Empire of Earth against all who would seek to harm it and its people. That I will faithfully discharge the duties asked of me, and when called upon, I will defend the Empire with my life. That I will be the sword and the shield. That I will not falter nor fail, but fight and win. That I swear to do all in my power to act as a guardian of freedom and justice, as a champion of honor and valor, and as a true and proud member of the UEE Navy. I finally spot Weaver, Chalke, Vale and the rest of my friends all clustered in the crowd, relishing each word of the Oath. And when they finish, their journey (and mine, I suppose) is over. They are official members of the UEE Navy. I talk briefly with Callum Weaver after graduation, just a brief conversation while he waits to receive his first posting, but I ask him about that first day on the freezing tarmac of Kilian. When confronted by DO Hardigan, Callum said that he was joining to “not feel helpless.” “So,” I ask. “Do you still feel that way?” This scrawny kid from Plantock River, only a couple hours from my house here on Aremis, who survived the horrors of the Vanduul attack, thinks about it for a few moments. “I don’t think that feeling ever goes away … but now I know I’m not alone.” View the full article
  5. Greetings Citizens First off, thank you to everyone who took the time to ask some great questions and provide feedback after we delivered the answers. We’ve been taking the time to read all of the feedback over the GravLev tech from last week’s ATV, as well as your responses to the Concept Sale Q&As of the Hawk, Hammerhead, and Part 2 of the Land Claim Licenses. As a reminder, today is your last chance to get the Anvil Hawk, Aegis Hammerhead, and UEE land claim licenses. The concept sales will conclude at 11:59 PM Pacific Time, so don’t miss out as they may not be available for a while. Today also introduces a new episode of Citizens of the Stars. I interview StarMedic about his stylish and unique wallpapers, and Benoit Beausejour is in the hotseat this week in pursuit to become Quantum Questions Champion. On Tuesday, the Lore Team will publish their weekly lore post, offering an additional look at the background and history that will help bring the Star Citizen universe to life. You can find all previously released posts here. Then on Wednesday, a new episode of Bugsmashers where we take you behind the scenes of game development and show how we tackle game bugs and move closer to Alpha 3.0 being released! Thursday is AtV Day! The newest episode of Around the Verse will give you an in-depth look at what we’ve been working on. Plus, another installment of Burndown from Eric Keiron Davis. Lastly, in addition to our regularly scheduled Newsletter and Schedule Report update, we’ll also be releasing our inaugural Squadron 42 newsletter which we plan to continue releasing as a monthly installment. These newsletters will contain exclusive news and content and we’re excited for you all to check it out later this week. With that, we’ll see you in the verse! Tyler Nolin Community Manager The Weekly Community Content Schedule MONDAY, DECEMBER 11TH, 2017 Citizens of the Stars (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12TH, 2017 Weekly Lore Post (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch) WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13TH, 2017 Bugsmashers! (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14TH, 2017 Around the Verse + Burndown (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) Vault Update FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15TH, 2017 Schedule Update RSI Newsletter Community Spotlight: December 11th, 2017 We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it’s fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here! Star Citizen Organization Mosaic by Eli Wallace Eli combined 22,567 unique org images to make a truly massive mosaic of a moon surface. It’s amazing! Visit the Community Hub to view the full image. Citizens by Ameisin Ameisin has recorded some amazing shots of Alpha 3.0 to accompany a voice-over from Carl Sagan. Go to the Community Hub to watch the video. View the full article
  6. Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen Community. Whether through bug reports on the issue council, feedback on the forums, or the creation of content inspired by the game, Star Citizen is only possible because of the community. Citizens of the Stars not only highlights these contributions, but also puts a dev in the hotseat for a round of Quantum Questions, which addresses some fun facts about the dev and game. In the hotseat this week is Benoit Beausejour as he answers questions related to all things Turbulent, while Starmedic talks to us about the creation of his fan-favorite custom desktop wallpapers. Remember, many of the questions used are taken from our Star Citizen Subscribers in this thread here. Don’t forget to add yours for inclusion in future episodes, vote for the ones you want to see answered, and remember to keep them short and concise if you want your best chance of having them answered in under two minutes. View the full article
  7. December 2947 Subscriber Flair Greetings Subscribers! This month’s subscriber flair is part of our newest “Masters of Design” series of ship schematics. Before Esperia produced working recreations of historic and alien ships, its founders Jovi and Theo Ingstrom obsessively collected ship blueprints. Thanks to Esperia’s digital archives the original schematics for the Hoplite and Argo are now available for you to examine in detail. If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the flair will be attributed to your account on Monday December 11th. More information about subscriptions can be found here! View the full article
  8. Q&A: UEE Land Claim Licenses Part 2 Greetings Citizens, Below are answers to the most voted questions in our Land Claim Licenses Q&A thread posted last week on Spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to submit and vote. In case you missed our initial Land Claim Licenses Q&A, you can find it here. Also, special thanks to Tony Zurovec and Erin Roberts for their help in answering your questions. Are there any passive expenses to owning property? (land tax, maintenance, insurance) If so, how costly will they be? The passive expenses associated with the ownership of property are controlled by the goods and services you purchase to protect, operate, and maintain your land and also the equipment and structures you place upon it. If your land is rich in precious metals and you’re concerned about theft, for example, you might procure your own fleet of security drones to keep close watch over your real estate, which will in turn require routine maintenance that you may elect to outsource. Alternatively, you might elect to hire mercenaries or contract with an organization to safeguard your burgeoning empire, either of which will cost you a recurring fee. Automated mining equipment, refineries, power plants, and other modules that you may construct will require ongoing capital investments for new parts and supplies to remain in working order. So passive costs will ultimately be dictated by player choices. Can you move a land claim, e.g. “unclaim” a piece of land you have and claim another piece instead? You can’t unclaim a property and switch it for another, but you can sell your property back to the UEE, a property broker or another player at an agreed or present market value. If you bought a dry patch of desert and struck gold but don’t want to bother with the excavation – or the security hassles of guarding it – you could likely sell it for a profit. If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to dump a worthless plot of land back on the original seller you’re likely going to take a pretty good hit. Can I kill trespassers without becoming an outlaw? No. Trespassing is a minor offense and will not elevate a player’s criminal status. Only players that have committed a serious transgression – such as damaging or stealing private property, including any resources that may reside beneath or upon your land – may be legally assaulted within UEE space without the attacker committing a criminal act themselves. Can you extend a land claim to make it bigger? You may add as many parcels to your estate as you wish, provided that the neighboring lots are available to claim or are for sale from another player. Will it be limited or controlled how much land a person or org can claim? There is no limit to how much land an individual player or organization can claim. However, there are enormous quantities of land available and players wanting to maximize the likelihood of earning a return on their investment will need to be selective. Further, the difficulty and expense of procuring, exploiting, and protecting that land increases with the area, meaning that most organizations will reach a natural limit as to how much property they can effectively control based upon their size. What if a pirate buys a land claim. Will the UEE now be bound to protect the unlawful player? UEE security will engage any criminals that they encounter, regardless of whether or not they own property. They’ll also, however, act to protect the property of any private citizen, regardless of whether they are a criminal. If a property owner is a felon and in the vicinity when a UEE force arrives to deal with another player committing a crime upon their property, both the owner and the other party would be considered targets. Can a land claim be revoked by UEE? Do land claims ever expire if the owner has not interacted with it in a certain amount of time? At present, once you own a parcel of land it’s yours until you sell it. How far above and below the ground is considered part of our claimed land? A land claim gives you rights to everything on and below the surface of your parcel. The skies are community property. Can you Claim Part of Water ? or Just all Land? The oceans and other major bodies of water are considered a public resource, and as such are not available for sale. However parcels that include ponds or lakes or other liquefied resources – can be harvested for profit and belong to the land owner. What kind of protection against attack is covered by the license? (if any) The natural resources embedded upon or within your property and the objects and structures you place upon it are considered an extension of yourself. Thus, anyone attempting to steal from or attack those assets is committing a criminal act, which UEE security will deal with as they would any other transgression of a similar magnitude. Can we charge other players and organizations (or NPCs) rent for using our land? We do intend to allow players to license access to their property to other players and NPCs for a recurring fee. Can you place landing pads and hangars in the land you have claimed? We are planning to allow for the construction of landing pads – along with a variety of other modules – when building an outpost. Hangars may follow at a later date but it’s not currently on the drawing board. What role does insurance have in land claims? Your property claim is on file with the UEE and cannot be seized by another without your permission. You will be able to insure structures you build on your land. Will I be warned when entering land claimed by others? Yes. Your mobiGlas can patch into the UEE’s property network to inform you when you’re on or near private property. Since some players will want to entice others to visit their outposts, these signals can be set to either generate a warning or extend a customized welcome. Can I alter the terrain within my land claim, such as creating a lake? We don’t have any current plans to allow players to dramatically alter the topography of their land. We may, however, allow the composition of soil on the surface to be subtly altered through various processes so as to allow for more effective farming. Longer term we may support some level of localized atmospheric modification to allow further control and refinement of this endeavor. View the full article
  9. Around the Verse

    The Star Citizen team explores recent advances in Gravlev technology that will be used extensively by players when exploring terrestrial surfaces in Alpha 3.0. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions View the full article
  10. Q&A: Aegis Hammerhead Greetings Citizens, Below are answers to the most voted for questions in our Hammerhead Q&A thread that we posted last week on Spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to submit your questions and voting for the ones you care about most. Also, special thanks to John Crewe, Adam Parker, and Steven Kam for their help in answering your questions. Are the ship computers powerful enough to run all turrets by AI Blades? It depends what other Computer Blades you want to equip and whether you upgrade the Computer items, but as it stands, the plan is that you won’t be able to completely convert all turrets to be controlled via AI using the default loadout. We presently estimate that 4 of the 6 can be converted to AI as standard without any extra item tweaks but this system is still to be implemented. Are the large Power Plants sufficient to run 24x S4 Laser Cannons or is the Hammerhead designed to use ballistic cannons? Yes, the default power plants are able to handle the energy requirements of the default weapons. It comes equipped with very efficient military grade power plants for this purpose, however, running ballistic weapons does provide another avenue of pursuit in terms of maintaining fire output. What’s with the big hole in the middle? Could it not have been filled with something like cargo or living quarters or was it just a design choice? It’s a design choice and there are practical reasons for it as well. In our Shipyard post on Ship Mass, we indicate how we derive ship masses from their geometry. The Hammerhead is pretty fast for its size, since one of its duties is to help screen and protect larger ships from fighter attack. An increased internal volume – even from “filling in” the negative space, would add mass. In-lore, the UEE has ordered a lot of Hammerheads – thousands of them – for a combat-dedicated role. Adding mass for off-mission amenities wasn’t deemed an effective design choice by the UEE Military. How will the Hammerhead’s speed and maneuvering compare to similar ships like the Polaris? The Hammerhead is aimed to be more nimble than the Polaris but with ships of this type, it’s all relative. Ships of this size aren’t dogfighters, they’re mobile weapons systems. The Hammerhead excels at being a mobile defense ship and keeping steady or at least providing smooth movement to help the turrets stay trained on their targets. Does modularity mean we will be able to install a scanner station/extra fuel tank/computers/medbay? Is there something we can install into the gap in the middle? Please see the above answer. The negative space is not a hardpoint, and plumbing or piping it to serve as one would impose an added cost in mass that doesn’t serve the Hammerhead’s military mission profile. The Hammerhead, though, provides an excellent defense for ships that you’d want to carry scanners, fuel, or medbays, and most would want the Hammerhead’s existing computer and scanning resources devoted to enhancing the performance of its weapons first and foremost. There seems to be some inconsistencies in the ship stats we have been given (mass, length, manned/unmanned turrets). Can you clarify these for us please? The Hammerhead has 6 turrets, all manned. The confusion on the turrets came from a fairly last minute change to convert two of them from unmanned to all of them being manned hence how there were combinations of 6 and 6+2 kicking around. Development is a very real-time process, and here you get to see it – warts and all. We talk amongst ourselves and tweak the designs a lot even during the design process – as you’ve seen from our other features, a great deal of iteration occurs even in the concept phase and continues beyond! The mass value given was from the original design brief for the ship and wasn’t updated in time for the release with the new calculations as detailed in the recent Shipyard posts. We will be updating the dimensions and mass values on the ship stats page soon, but as the ship is in active production it may change in the future. The turrets on the Hammerhead look quite fragile. Will this be true in game making its greatest strength also its greatest weakness? To an extent, this is true – the Hammerhead’s turrets are somewhat exposed. Of course, as you can see from the turret emplacement design, this exposure is also what gives the Hammerhead’s weapons their excellent coverage and arcs of fire. It’s a tradeoff you’ll see in many weapon designs, in history and in the real world, in everything from tanks to warships – protected, hull-down, heavily armored weapon batteries tend to have limited arcs of fire, slower traverse, and other aspects that make them more cumbersome or unwieldy than lighter, more exposed designs. The Hammerhead is a patrol and escort ship, tasked with screening larger ships from fighters and small attack craft, as well as providing patrol in force primarily against non-capital ships. When arrayed against its intended targets, being able to bring multiple turrets to bear and overwhelm small targets with direct fire is the Hammerhead’s preference, especially when those smaller ships are not attacking the Hammerhead, but the charge the Hammerhead’s been tasked with protecting. The Hammerhead is a defender, but a very aggressive one that believes that the best defense against small ships is a good offense. What does this mean for the attacker? You know that the Hammerhead’s turrets are a relative structural weak point and might provide an entry point for boarding if attacked specifically. It might be a weakness, but we’ll leave it to you to decide whether it’s actually one that’s easy to exploit. In the concept images with all turrets firing forward, the rear turrets are nearly hitting the front turrets. Is the Hammerhead not intended to fire all turrets forward? What are the intended firing arcs and convergence? The Hammerhead is intended to hold a position with full 360 turret coverage on all angles, rather than be able to point them all in one direction. There are systems in place to prevent the turrets from hitting the ship so whilst they can fire all forwards, it isn’t an optimal solution. Recall that one of the Hammerhead’s chief duties is protecting other ships from attack by fighters and small bombers; the Hammerhead is not a dogfighter, it’s too large and too heavily armed for that. It’s designed to provide, not firepower in one direction, but flexible, massed firepower in any direction while adapting to the flow of combat threats around the ships it’s escorting. And when it’s not escorting anything, the Hammerhead is designed not to be safe to approach from almost any angle. It seems like there are a lot of quality-of-life features missing, like a kitchen/meeting area/mess hall/etc. Are there plans to introduce any of these? It is not particularly clearly shown on the cutaway images and fully built out for the concept images but we have left space for a small living quarters area built around the bunk room exterior and in between the upper/lower turret entrance rooms. It’s not the most luxurious ship, but then, warships often aren’t. The combat-focused mission of the Hammerhead, along with size and performance considerations, also lead to a focus on combat features over comfort. That said, I’m sure there are Hammerhead crews that look rather jealously upon the Polaris’ pool table. The Ships Stats page lists the missile launchers as being “Marsden 683” racks. Does this mean you can also replace these with “Marsden 616” or “Marsden 625” racks in order to equip a small number of torpedoes instead? We aim to make them interchangeable. The blockout for them currently meets the metrics for allowing interchangeability but things may change as the ship moves through the pipeline. For more information on Torpedoes vs Missiles please check out this Shipyard post which goes into detail on how the two types can be mixed together. Does the Hammerhead come with military spec components or civilian ones since it is a military ship being sold to civilians? It comes with Military Grade C items stock, although once these are worn out people may find it more efficient to replace with other types for durability given the expense/rarity of replacing these. What is the ideal counter for a Hammerhead in terms of rock/paper/scissors and vice versa to what threat is the Hammerhead an ideal counter? A dedicated anti-capital ship such as a Retaliator would be able to fight the Hammerhead effectively by tackling it from outside the effective range of its guns. The Hammerhead is intended to defend other ships from attack fighters with its many turrets, so massed waves of small ships stand little chance against it. Will the Hammerhead be a practical option for everyday gameplay? Can I hop in with a friend or two and an NPC crew and e.g. go hunting pirates to make a profit? Like all our ships, it can be manned with a minimal human crew, but the difficulty in doing this may outweigh the returns, depending highly on what missions you undertake. With the given example it would be perfectly possible to achieve that scenario but having a few more friends to help out would yield a more enjoyable experience. Can we expect any ramming ability? We don’t condone this sort of behavior, but for some reason Aegis did provide extra internal reinforcement in the head of the ship. It seems to have a short range due to its M-size quantum fuel tank in relation to its L-size quantum drive. Can it be refueled in space by a Starfarer? Of course it can be refueled in space by a Starfarer! Interplay between ships is one of the key gameplay loops of Star Citizen and whilst the L Quantum Drive can get you places the slightly smaller tank will require you to do a little more forward planning. Since we’re talking specifically about the quantum fuel tank, in UEE Navy fleet operations it’s contemplated that the Hammerhead usually sticks pretty close to the big ships it’s protecting. View the full article
  11. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    Q&A: Anvil Hawk Greetings Citizens, Below are answers to the most voted for questions in our Spectrum Q&A Thread we posted last week. Thank you for taking the time to submit your questions and voting for the ones you care about most. Also, special thanks to Calix Reneau, Kirk Tome, and Steven Kam for their help in answering your questions. Can we swap the holding cell for other equipment? No, the holding cell in the Hawk is integrated specifically into its design. The Hawk is a small, focused ship. In general, modularity in engineering implies a bunch of things, including piping and plumbing, structural loadbearing, and bunch of other considerations designed to handle different equipment of varied capabilities. That stuff doesn’t come free in terms of weight, cost, or complexity, hence why not every internal space is just automatically modular by nature. How many total weapons, types and sizes, is the Hawk supposed to have? The Hawk has 4 S2 and 2 S1 Weapon hardpoints with 1 small EMP device. Is the EMP from the Hawk as strong as the EMP from the Raven? At present, we expect the EMP on the Hawk to be in the same neighborhood of effectiveness as one of the Raven’s. A balance pass is scheduled for 2018 and this information may change. When will the variants become available that are mentioned in the brochure? The variants described in the brochure are ships that exist in the fiction of Star Citizen’s universe. Currently, there are no plans to implement these variants. Let’s see how much you all like the original Hawk, for starters :). Will the Hawk fit inside a Carrack? Considering that both ships are in whitebox at the moment, we do not have the final dimensions of each ship and can’t definitively answer this yet. That said, it is unlikely as the Carrack’s hangar is designed to field a ship the size of a snub craft. Brochure mentions gun rack. Where is it located? It’s behind the deployable pilot seat. It was mentioned in the ATV that the prisoner transport pod could be used as a bed for the pilot. Is this the case? Yes, it is possible that the pilot could use this as a bed, although probably a bit claustrophobic How do the defensive features (e.g. shields, armor, countermeasures) of the Hawk compare to other light fighters such as the Gladius, Mustang Delta, and Defender? Anvil designed the Hawk, so as you’d expect it’s reasonably durable, at least as light fighters go. In this respect we plan for it to have tougher armor than the Gladius, Mustang Delta, and the Defender. Its shield generators are presently intended to be similar in performance to those of a Gladius. While the Hawk carries on more armor, the Mustang Delta’s defenses include a larger store of countermeasures. What’s the heaviest armor a player can wear while operating the Anvil Hawk? As is standard for most single-seat fighters, this is a flight suit. The player will be able to store a small personal loadout in the ship (the aforementioned gun rack), so they can quickly gear up for FPS action. Is the Hawk going to be fast-tracked in development or is this going to be further down the road for getting in-game? Generally speaking, smaller ships are simply easier to make, and ships without interior spaces are easier still. From a development perspective, the Hawk has fewer obstacles to production than larger ships with traversable interiors, and is therefore likely to be in game sooner. Which loaner will be available until the anvil hawk is flight ready? The Cutlass Black is the selected loaner ship for the Anvil Hawk. Is the stated 500 m/s afterburner speed correct? If so, how will the Hawk stop prospective bounties from simply running away? The Hawk is viewed as an entry level ship that focuses on being cheap, reliable, and versatile, and may not be able to handle every bounty – or at the least, may require a little extra tactical prowess to pull it off. As flight balance is an endeavor that will continue throughout the development process, the 200;500 stats should remain as a good comparison point for how the Hawk will perform relative to other ships as stated on the Ship Matrix according to the characteristics of the flight model point in time that it was introduced into the ship pipeline. Remember that as we experiment with the overall flight model to provide a better game experience over time, so too does ship performance adjust alongside it. Is the prisoner stowage in the aft of the Hawk being designed for just a single seat, or will it be able to hold multiple bounties as the cells in the Avenger Stalker do? The Hawk’s containment pod accommodates one prisoner. This is an Anvil Ship, but it is still a light fighter. This class of ship relies on speed to survive and win fights. Since it’s already stated to be slower than the Gladius, what other points make this ship a viable choice over it, since the Gladius got the S3 buff? Every ship has its purpose. The Hawk is a light fighter with bounty hunting features. There are some missions for which a Hawk is suited that a Gladius isn’t. Even considering their different mission profiles, however, the Hawk has an EMP device, which will play better in certain situations than a limited loadout of missiles (perhaps especially in bounty hunting), and it also has comparable shielding to and better armor protection than the Gladius. Remember too, the benefits of armor protection versus shielding against different types of weapons; although of course one prefers not to get hit, when you do get hit, sometimes you really want that armor. What is the (in-atmo) air speed velocity of an unladen Hawk? African or European? In all seriousness, having the prisoner in the holding pod will not noticeably impact the air speed velocity. Under the latest flight model in testing, at 1 atmosphere and neutral conditions, the flight speed would be around 165 m/s with max safe air speed be around 339 m/s. Why make a bounty hunter ship with no interior? Traversable interiors in general make a ship considerably larger – something you’ve had the opportunity to witness in the development histories of some of our other ships. Larger surface area and internal volume can in turn translate to higher mass (see https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16170-The-Shipyard-Ship-Mass for info on how this affects our ship mass derivations), which quickly runs counter the Hawk’s design aim of a light fighter with a small landing footprint. Without an interior, the Hawk can run lighter, cheaper, and be more nimble. Instead of supports and reinforcements to shore up against the structural weakness of large empty spaces (relative to the size of the ship), those materials are more uniformly dedicated to keeping components and resource pipes firmly in place, making them more dense. This also benefits to the lone wolf nature of a player who only wants to pilot a single-seater bounty hunter ship. What are the correct dimensions for the Hawk? The current stats are: 17m long, 22m wide, 6.5m tall – It’s important to note that the ship is in whitebox and these dimensions may change as it moves through the production pipeline. View the full article
  12. On this week’s show, writer Adam Wieser explores the science, lore and behind-the-scenes decisions involved in the design of the Tohil System. Remember that you can always explore the Star Citizen Universe yourself in our web-based Ark Star Map. View the full article
  13. Deceptive Cargo Start Transmission Welcome to Clean Shot, the show dedicated to delivering all the latest hauler news and product reviews. I’m your host, Craig Burton. I’ve gotta say, it’s good to be back and settled into the captain’s chair, which is not just a figure of speech by the way. I am actually sitting in the pilot’s seat from my old, long-retired Hull. Don’t know what it is about this chair that makes it so darn comfy, but I made sure to have it taken out of the ship and brought into the studio. Maybe I’ve simply worn in the grooves real good. Regardless, the thing just feels like home. Anyways, we’re back among the familiar confines of our studio after attending this year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo and, can I say, it was a real treat talking to MISC designer Grigory Astier about collaborating with the Xi’an on the Reliant. And sitting down with three-time Cargolympic champ Kitt Devera was something I had been wanting to do since her first win. Skinny picked up so many components to review that we had to book him a separate transport just to haul everything back. Really good stuff. Doing a show at the IAE was a lotta fun, but also a ton of work. A big thanks to the entire production team for running around to make everything go as smoothly as it did. Producing Clean Shot while on the road is a lot like taking a new route for a routine long haul — nerve-racking and strangely familiar at the same time. Oh, and a big thanks to the folks in Eri City for their hospitality. How they handle such a big event invading their hometown every year and still remain so pleasant is beyond me, but I’m grateful for it. If you’re a ship fanatic and have never attended, seriously, do yourself a favor and start planning for next year’s event now. I know that sounds ridiculous, but trust me, with as much stuff that’s shipped in for the Expo you can most likely hustle and find a contract that takes you out there for a delivery. The hauls might not always pay the best, but it’s a solid way to earn some credits and get a good lay of the land before everyone else shows up. Play your cards right and your ticket to the event practically pays for itself. That’s what I’ve always loved about being a hauler, your office goes wherever you go. I could sit here and ramble about the IAE for hours, but Skinny’s giving me that look that we need to move on. Back to the business of hauling with another installment of TroubleZone. Let’s turn our attention to the Centauri System. This is a peculiar one, folks. Some haulers out there might have fallen victim to this scam and not even known about it, which raises some interesting ethical questions. First things first, anyone working this system should be aware of the water import restrictions to Yar. A devastating drought that’s lasted years has forced the local government to impose strict regulations in an attempt to keep the price of water from skyrocketing, and they aggressively pursue those that skirt these regulations. Following a series of high profile busts, some of the water smugglers seeking to capitalize on the situation have changed tactics to shift the risk onto unsuspecting or uninformed haulers. Here to provide details on exactly what is going on is Timothy Trogdon. He’s an attorney representing accused smuggler Juliet Korman, who claims she was scammed into breaking Yar’s strict water import laws. Thanks for joining us today, Mr. Trogdon. Start by telling us exactly what happened to your client. Timothy Trogdon: Someone took advantage of her, plain and simple. Juliet Korman is a lot like many of the haulers who tune into your show. For years, she crewed ships and saved credits until she could afford her own. She then spent decades traveling the Empire and establishing a solid reputation, while never once running afoul of the law. What she did do, and this is clearly seen in her ship logs, was make a habit of picking up humanitarian hauling gigs. These runs, like delivering aid to Vega, were all about prioritizing people and not profits. I know the feeling, I do a few of those a year myself and it’s something that I urge my viewers to do as well. Like my dad used to say, “ain’t nothing that pays better than helping someone in need.” What exactly happened to Ms. Korman to make this run different than the others? Timothy Trogdon: Well, that’s the thing, nothing seemed suspicious about it. Juliet simply accepted a hauling gig to deliver emergency supplies to an outpost on Yar. She was aware of the planet’s dire situation and hoped that any little thing she could do would help. She picked up cargo on Saisei and took it to this outpost in the middle of the Red Desert. After unloading the cargo, she was swarmed by Archibald Protection Force ships while attempting to take off. It was only after hours of interrogation that Juliet finally discovered that the cargo contained an unauthorized water shipment. That’s incredible. Did Ms. Korman have any idea about what kind of emergency supplies she was hauling? Timothy Trogdon: Not specifically, no. Wasn’t she the least bit curious? Particularly considering that water would be at the top of the list of emergency supplies needed by the planet? Timothy Trogdon: Juliet’s heart was in the right place. She’s done emergency resupply runs across the UEE and never had to question their integrity. It might have been naive of her to not give this particular run more scrutiny, but it’s certainly not criminal. I get where you’re coming from, but unfortunately for her, officials on Yar are arguing otherwise. To them, it’s much more clear cut. She hauled a restricted item onto their world. Whether she knew it or not is secondary. Which brings us back to the old debate about how morally responsible a hauler is to know exactly what they’re transporting. Timothy Trogdon: There are a handful of interesting court cases on that very subject. One that bears a resemblance to Juliet’s is Kwon vs Terra, which I referenced extensively in my brief to the court. Well, I’m sure folks all across the spectrum would love to know more, but before you get started, we need to take a quick commercial break. I’ll be back with our guest Timothy Trogdon, and then Skinny will be reviewing one of the shiny new power plants he picked up at the Expo. All that and more right after these messages. Keep it locked here for more Clean Shot. View the full article
  14. Greetings Citizens After eight bustling days of ATV Anniversary Specials, we’re back to our regular schedule this week. If you missed any of the episodes highlighting our ship manufacturers from Anvil to Drake, you can check them all out here. The accompanying Anniversary sale ends today, but if you want to treat yourself to an early Christmas present: the Anvil Hawk, Aegis Hammerhead, and UEE land claim licenses are still available until December 11th. Closing up the Anniversary Specials, was Jared Huckaby, hosting an extraordinary episode of Happy Hour where YOU helped determine what will be the next ship from Drake Interplanetary. Watch the entire episode if you haven’t already and then vote for your vessel of choice to add to Drake’s (Interplanetary, not that Canadian) lineup. As we’re into a new month, it’s also time to catch up with what our teams in Austin, LA, UK, and Frankfurt have been working on in November’s monthly report. There’s been a concerted push among our various studios to get the Alpha 3.0 to the community, and we’re currently focusing on stability and performance. With that, let’s see what’s going on this week: We’re kicking off the week with a new episode of Citizens of the Stars, highlighting the incredible contributions made by our community. Our Spotlight guest will be Twitch streamer RedLir, followed by Chris Smith in the Quantum Questions hot seat, trying to make it to the top of the leaderboard. Catch it here. On Tuesday, the Lore Team will publish their weekly lore post, offering an additional look at the background and history that will bring the Star Citizen universe to life. You can find all previously released posts here. On Wednesday, we’ll explore another system in the Star Citizen universe with Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. You’ll also receive the answers to your questions for the Hammerhead and the Hawk in Spectrum’s announcement section. The Land Claim License Q&A also releases this week – specific day TBD. Thursday, we’ll welcome a new episode of ATV, with an update to the Burndown list from Eric Keiron Davis. And Friday, the latest newsletter will hit your inbox, and we’ll publish the updated Schedule Report! On with the week, Citizens and remember the Cant! Ulf Kuerschner Community Manager The Weekly Community Content Schedule MONDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, 2017 Citizens of the Stars (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5TH, 2017 Weekly Lore Post (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/spectrum-dispatch) WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6TH, 2017 Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) Hawk & Hammerhead Q&A THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7TH, 2017 Around the Verse + Burndown (https://www.youtube.com/user/RobertsSpaceInd/) Vault Update FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, 2017 Schedule Update RSI Newsletter Community Spotlight: December 4th, 2017 We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it’s fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here! Building Star Citizen: Carrack Medical Bay by West_Sage Check out this time-lapse video of a model designed from the star citizen Carrack concept art shown on the ATV anniversary episode. Visit the Community Hub for the full video. Kino Image Archive – 3.0 Edition by Eli Wallace “Even in war, a hero stops to admire the beauty of space.” – Eli Wallace Here are some of Eli’s latest screenshots taken since the PTU release of 3.0. Go to the Community Hub to see more pictures. View the full article
  15. Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen Community. Whether through bug reports on the issue council, feedback on the forums, or the creation of content inspired by the game, Star Citizen is only possible because of the community. Citizens of the Stars not only highlights these contributions, but also puts a dev in the hotseat for a round of Quantum Questions, which addresses some fun facts about the dev and game. RedLir joins the Citizen Spotlight to talk streaming and what he wants to do first in Alpha 3.0. Then lead ship artist Chris Smith answers a slew of ship related Quantum Questions. Remember, many of the questions used are taken from our Star Citizen Subscribers in this thread here. Don’t forget to add yours for inclusion in future episodes, vote for the ones you want to see answered, and remember to keep them short and concise if you want your best chance of having them answered in under two minutes. The links for this week’s content are below: CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT RedLir and his Twitch Channel View the full article

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