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  1. Did you build your current rig, or did you have it pre-made? The rig I currently have was handbuilt, and I had to save up for quite a while to get it, but I absolutely love it and think it was totally worth it
  2. Who is your game dominated by? Honestly I don't mean any harm in this discussion, but a lot of the strategy games I play are completely dominated by koreans, and everyone knows it
  3. God. At this point saints row is getting so crazy I feel safer waiting for this game to be 12 bucks like when I got SR3. I mean, I like the game, I'm just not sure I love the idea of how weird it's gonna be.
  4. Too true. Honestly, they've milked it so much at this point, why not add micro transactions? I'm surprised they didn't add it sooner
  5. Sleek! However I think I could build a perfectly acceptable machine for half the cost of whatever they'd try to sell that for
  6. How did you get your username and/or your in-game name? If you are a part of a gaming team, how did that team get its name? For me, I really love Commander Bly & Cody from Star Wars, so I naturally wanted to emulate them
  7. Do you make fan art, or are you a fan of fan art for the games you play? I like to see the awesome art people can create for games, such as cosplay and posters and whatnot. I simply lack the skill to create quality art, but I'm always down to see some!
  8. Do you get addicted to games? For me, I do get into games pretty intensely, and when I do I usually get addicted. I will play them most of my day, and not even competitively, just because I need something fun to occupy my mind
  9. Teamspeak is my personal favorite, however when I played wow a while ago I would use mumble, vent, or TS depending on what the group leader had
  10. What's a good solid streaming software to use, that I can pick up for free? I tried xfire, and I tried xsplit, but I just couldn't quite get the quality I wanted. xSplit I would use, but I don't play enough or have enough of an audience to just throw $15 at it, at least for now. Is there a good alternative that will allow me to stream in HD quality if I wish for free? If not, completely understandable. Thanks guys!
  11. Pretty simple question here: How much do you think/know you've spent on video games and consoles up till now? For me, it's got to be in the thousands range, at the very least.
  12. Do you buy special editions of games such as "collector's edition" or "deluxe edition"? If so, why? If not, why not? I usually will buy a special edition of a game if I really am keen on playing it, and the items that come with the special edition make it worth it to me
  13. It's sort of a mixed bag in these sort of situations. Think about it. Most free to play games have micro transactions that would, eventually, add up the the amount you pay for these content packs. Now, while I agree that it's kind of garbage that you have to pay twice for content(which in my opinion is just the same thing over and over), it's a similar system to most games.
  14. What's your opinion on games doing regular patches on content to keep it up to date? For me I wouldn't mind, as long as the game was awesome as it is. For certain games the content is good enough to keep me busy for weeks at a time, however on other games they just seem incomplete, and the constant patches help somewhat. Ah well, that's my opinion, what's yours?
  15. Nothing wrong with that. This is most people's hobby, so safer to put a few bucks into this than something that wouldn't be as constructive D:

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