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  1. Honestly, I am someone who likes just about any kind of music, though I'm really sensitive to heavy bass as well as general heaviness in the music. Heck, things that are incredibly tame by most people's standards tend to be too heavy for me. Other than that, I'll listen to just about anything from any genre, with (Classic and Outlaw) Country being the genre I'm most knowledgeable about. I'm also someone who doesn't like to say I like certain artists or genres unless there are a lot of songs withing that grouping that I like, and within even those groupings that I say I like with those restrictions, there are many songs within those groupings I don't like. So anyway, examples of genres I tend to like include Country (as previously mentioned), Classic Rock, Doo-wop, Folk, Classical, Neoclassical, Irish Rock... And I'm sure that there are plenty of others. However, among my favorite artists are those who manage to transcend genres, such as Amy Macdonald, and essentially just do their own kind of music.
  2. I personally voted for two: PC and Older Generation Systems. By Older Generation Systems, I primarily mean two main systems: the PS1 and PS2. These two systems were basically my entire childhood. I mostly put the PC for the fact that it can run games from pretty much every system, so long as you know how to do so. Also, I haven't played much with modern consoles. I own a Wii, but I don't really play it all that much, I only ever played on a 360 once, and I've never even TOUCHED a PS3.
  3. That video is from the absolute hardest setting on the hardest game. Honestly, most of the time it will be much, much, MUCH easier. I personally am nowhere near that good.
  4. Since I highly doubt any of you here have ever heard of the Touhou series aside from a few little references I've made. You may have been tempted to ask what it is. Essentially, it's this: [media] [/media] (This was done by a friend of mine) Essentially, it's a vertical SHMUP, but what differentiates it from other SHMUPS, besides its difficulty curve, is its beauty. Once you get to the bosses, the patterns that they use to try to shoot you down are basically pure art. The bad part is that these games have not actually been released outside of Japan, so many Westerners (like myself) are forced to simply download the games, without actually paying for them. I'd link you to a place to do this but I have a feeling it might be against the rules here. (I looked at the rules before, but I don't remember anything about forum rules, plus I can't seem to find them again. I just assumed pirating would be against the rules.) There have also been patches made by the fans that translate the game into English. Currently, there are 13 full main games in the series, with a 14th one on the way, with several spinoffs, and innumerable fangames. Not to mention its own convention (in Japan) called Reitaisai. So anyway, you may be wondering what the Touhou series is about. Essentially, it is set in a place called Gensokyo, which has been sealed off from the real world. Inside Gensokyo, it is a land of magic and wonder, where anything may happen. From the games, it may be thought that Gensokyo is literally only populated by girls, but in spinoff works as well as word from the creator himself, Gensokyo does in fact have a male population, it just doesn't really show up in the material. Oh god I rambled a lot. tl;dr: Touhou is awesome and you should totally play it.
  5. Voted for Android, mostly because I have one, and I've never really even touched an iPhone before. I realize that's a little biased, but hey.
  6. My current username (and avatar for that matter!) comes from a "Pokeclone" for the GameBoy Color called Keitai Denjuu Telefang (Which came in two versions, Power version and Speed version). However, to Westerners, these games are known by the fact that some Chinese bootleggers took the games, did a bad translation, and called them Pokemon Diamond and Jade. In that game, the Kakuza Party ("Kakuza-to" in Japanese) is essentially the "evil team" of the game. I liked the sound of it, and there you go. My first real internet username, however, was Missingno.7-4468, after the famous glitch in Pokemon. The numbers were just sorta random. I arbitrarily stopped using it like two or three years ago.
  7. This is a really difficult question for me to answer simply because I like so many different games for so many different reasons. Spyro 2 will always have a special place for me, since it was quite possibly my first game, and if it wasn't, it was certainly one of them. Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Crystal are also pretty high up there; the first for being my first Pokemon game and the second for taking it to new levels. Taking things into newer territory, Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith is easily my favorite of the Touhou series, of which all the games rank among my favorite games. Binding of Isaac is certainly up there too. Really though, I'm mostly just someone who can find enjoyment in just about anything, hence why this question is a complicated one for me. However, as much of a sucker as I am for nostalgia, older games tend to be higher on my list than newer games.
  8. TheKakuzato


    So one of the biggest parts of the Minecraft community are the hundreds of user-created mods. So long as you know, or can learn, some Java, you can go about creating your own mods to showcase. So I was just curious -- does anyone else here use mods in Minecraft? As someone who rarely goes 5 minutes in, well, any moddable game without installing mods, it stands to reason that I would have some. My personal favorites include DrZhark's Mo' Creatures, as well as Kinniken's Millenaire. I also use ExtraBiomesXL quite often, though I might just tend to switch over my allegiance to Biomes O' Plenty. However, right now, I am using quite an exhaustive modpack: the SacredLabyrinth pack. This modpack is seriously just amazing. Try it out.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/540ht8oc9zvrkdd/2D8Mv21oEb (Never really shared entire galleries using DB before, so might not work. I don't actually have Dropbox on this computer; I just use the website, so that makes it somewhat difficult to use.) Anyway, while not really finished, it is certainly the creation I've felt most proud of after creating it. I still don't know what else to do. And in case you're wondering, I do have an assortment of mods loaded. Only one that really affects what you see though is Mo' Creatures, since that was the main reason I undertook this little project.
  10. TheKakuzato


    Hey there everyone, another new person to this here forum. Found it through a bout of insomnia when all my other forum buddies were offline, so I decided to look around for a small community where I could get to know some people. Anyway, while I do have quite the long username (cookie to anyone who gets the reference, preferably from memory), you can just call me Nate. I've been foruming for a good 5 years now, and I just graduated high school, so I'll have quite a bit of free time, at least until I get a job or something somewhere (and start college next year, depending on circumstances). So anyway, I wouldn't have joined this forum if I wasn't into videogames. I usually tend to play turn-based RPGs (Dragon Quest and Pokemon being tops among those), but I'm really up for anything, though I actually tend to be a bit of a wimp in anything that doesn't require fighting, such as Minecraft or empire building games like Civilization. I'm also not really into MMOs. =/ Also, while I haven't really done any for a long time, I would also consider myself fairly good at spriting, though I do tend to go for Pokemon-style sprites most of the time, and I suck at linework. Anyway, with that much said, you can probably see that I'm quite the rambler. Despite that, I do hope I'm welcome here. ~

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