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  1. cfplayah

    Disabling E-mail Notification

    Thanks for the info, I was about to ask this too. Well I guess we need to do it manually per thread that we subscribed to.
  2. cfplayah


    Yes mate this game is an RPG. Try it, you might be very interested with this game too.
  3. cfplayah

    League of Legends

    That would be a great idea. And we could set a date and time so we all could play together. What do you think?
  4. cfplayah

    Flash Games

    Try flasharcade.com it is where I play my favorite tower defense games.
  5. cfplayah


    Actually it is from the Koreans if I am not mistaken.
  6. cfplayah

    Who else is a fan of Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

    Hmmm haven't played that game yet but I heard about it already. Will check it out soon.
  7. cfplayah

    Glad to be Aboard

    Welcome mate. Enjoy your stay here just like us.
  8. cfplayah

    Cadet Tolwyn Reporting In!

    Welcome to the centric legends forum mate. Be active here so we will have a new soldier in action
  9. cfplayah

    Favorite Old Games and DOS Games

    Pacman is still my fave game from the old times
  10. cfplayah

    Post Your Rig!

    AMD FX4100 Processor (3.6 Ghz Quad) AMD Sapphire 7770 HD Gddr5 1GB GPU WD (wester digital) 500 gig Hard drive capacity Strike X 600 watt PSU (bronze) Strike X F1 casing ( 6 deepcool red fans ) 8GB RAM (corsair vengeance) 4X2
  11. I have a razer DA and steelseries kinzu v2 and for me the deathadder suits me well. How about you guys?
  12. cfplayah

    Your Favorite Race/Class

    Male orcs is the best for me. Reminds me of shrek everytime I use them. Lol
  13. cfplayah

    Do You Still Play WoW?

    I still play WOW when my friends invite me to play with them but recently we are more so into another game.
  14. cfplayah


    I got this game as a gift from my friend but til now I haven't played it as there are too many games on my pc that makes me forget about this game. Now after reading this I will install the game and play.
  15. cfplayah

    My Hatred For Diablo 3 Is Still There

    I hate diablo 3 not because the is bad but because it is not free anymore unlike diablo 2.

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