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  1. Flavor94

    Significant changes coming to EA Origin

    Ahhhh, so much new stuff coming around with next-gen consoles! I love this time of year. Downloading, patching, & installing easier? Awh yeah.
  2. This may not be too bad of an idea. You can only go forward, right? I love Netflix and I watch it as much as I can on my spare time, and if updates make it easier & more flexible, then I don't care what they bring to the table.
  3. Flavor94

    Website Feedback

    I surprisingly have never seen the homepage until now - and let me say that it looks fantastic. Why I haven't seen it yet is beyond me, but great job you guys on setting it up!
  4. Flavor94

    Favorite Old Games and DOS Games

    Super Mario is definitely at the top of my life, with pgnxava on this one haha.
  5. Flavor94


    In my opinion, it's geared towards children-teenagers, so if you're older than that you probably have a larger attention span than 99% of their playerbase, so I'd suggest a no to adults.
  6. Flavor94

    League of Legends

    That would be a brilliant idea, I'll see what I can do.
  7. This is utter bullcrap, seeing as specs DO matter in a games performance. People don't want to be hyped up for the "Xbox One" and be let down with horrible graphics and laggy gameplay. Seriously, Microsoft? You guys are throwing yourself more and more in the gutter as each day goes by. These statements mean absolutely nothing however actual specifications on a console (as well as any system, including PC) definitely matter more than anything, it's what makes up the damn system!
  8. Flavor94

    Who else is a fan of Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

    ^ Agreed with AJ. I enjoyed BC2 more than any BF game, and the Vietnam DLC was absolutely amazing. I should try getting my hands on both of them again, it's been awhile.
  9. This should be good for Labels. I personally enjoyed Mirror's Edge but I know a lot of people who didn't. I think a wider-audience oriented game will be not only good for sales, but good for the look of the title.
  10. This is insane, and I guarantee a ton of people are campaigning against video games now, although that was completely irrelevant to the actual story. It should be "Texas teen jailed after Facebook fight", not this garbage.
  11. Flavor94

    Science Fiction

    No, the older ones are definitely the better ones. That's how it is with everything.
  12. Flavor94

    Science Fiction

    I'm a big fan of Battlestar Galactica as well as Stargate!
  13. Flavor94

    Website Feedback

    I have no complaints whatsoever, the site is flawless.
  14. Ahhhh, this is great! This will save a LOT of people some extra cash.
  15. Flavor94

    New WoW Patch

    What do you guys think about the new WoW patch?

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