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  1. Blizzard announced a new character for Overwatch today, the healing sniper Ana. She isn't in the main game yet, but you can try her out in the Overwatch Public Test Realm on PC. You can watch us play as her, but more importantly, you can see all of her skins and weapons below. The most impressive is probably the rare one above, which looks like it wouldn't look out of place in Destiny. Check out the rest along with official screenshots in the mini-gallery below. And if you can't get enough, here are all the weapons. You can check out more of GameSpot's Overwatch coverag
  2. Full match on the Public Test Realm with Overwatch's newest support hero, Ana Source: GameSpot
  3. Check out this kill streak by Overwatch's newest support hero, Ana, on the Public Test Realm. Source: GameSpot
  4. Not long after it arrived on PC, the console versions of Smite have received the 3.12 patch that kicks off this year's Summer of Smite event. As with the PC version, this update is enormous. It introduces a new character, Erlang Shen, a Warrior who has a dog companion and can transform into different animals. It also concludes the last event, Viking Invasion, and begins the Summer of Smite. This will bring new items over the next two months, with any purchases earning you a bonus chest roll. Among the initial slate of items are some new skins, including an absolutely fantastic lobster Khe
  5. Hearthstone has introduced a new Recruit-a-Friend feature that can help get friends who don't play much Hearthstone--or haven't at all--back into the game. And if you're the one to invite them, then you could earn a free Shaman hero and some packs. All you have to do to get some free stuff is share your recruitment link, which you can get from here after logging into Battle.net. After using your link, your friends will receive a welcoming message that says they'll earn a free pack of cards once they've created an account and played through the introductory missions. Once they do this, you
  6. The action comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service proved to be one of the biggest movies of 2015, and inevitably a sequel is on the way. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is now shooting, with Matthew Vaughn once again directing and several of the cast returning. The latest behind-the-scenes image confirms that Colin Firth will be back as veteran spy Harry Hart, despite seemingly being killed off in the first movie. Check it out below, courtesy of actor Pedro Pascal's Instagram account: Firth's return was teased on a poster back in April, but this is the first official confirmation. The mo
  7. Microsoft's huge Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is over, but that doesn't mean there aren't more deals to be had on Xbox Live. Major Nelson has now revealed this week's lineup of deals, and while they may not be as extensive as the Ultimate sale, there are some solid offers. On Xbox One, you get can Need for Speed for $13.20 (it's also free for EA Access members), while Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is available for just $15. Another deal is for the Killer Instinct character Maya; you can now buy her for only $1. Switching to Xbox 360, Worms is marked down to $1.24, while Worms
  8. Monster Hunter Generations can be a tough game to love. It isn't going to treat you nice--if you're having trouble with a battle, no hint screen pops up pointing out the obvious tells you may have missed. The creatures have no large, glowing "hit me here" emblems like in most other action-adventure games. You learn--sometimes through repetition, often through failure--how to deftly use your weapons. You have to watch your prey carefully, plan out an attack, and when the beast starts to limp, then you go in for the kill. When you , it's almost always because you were too greedy, you rushed
  9. After dominating Earth, could Pokemon Go take over space? Not so fast. NASA has now come forward to say that while astronauts aboard the International Space Station do have smartphones, they aren't for personal use. Also, the devices don't have internet access, so it would be impossible to play. "Unfortunately, it is not possible for the astronauts to play," a NASA representative told The Verge. "While there is a small number of smartphones available on the space station, the crew uses them for science activities, but not for personal use. The smartphones and other mobile devices on
  10. Microsoft engineer Mike Ybarra has provided some additional insight into why the company is releasing a new, more powerful console, Project Scorpio, alongside the existing Xbox One. In an interview with The Guardian, Ybarra said Microsoft's efforts have been inspired by the smartphone business model. "In the phone market, people are more used to upgrading fast and wanting the latest of everything," he said. "But with phones, your new apps had better work on that phone and the next one. According to what they're telling us, the consumer expectation is: games and apps had better work e
  11. Pokemon Go, the new mobile game that seemingly everyone is playing, presents players with two ways to log in. One of those options, signing in with Google, gives the game unrestricted access to your account when playing on iOS. This was discovered by player Adam Reeve, who shared his findings on Tumblr. Typically when logging in to a service with your Google account, you're informed about what part of your account it will have access to. Go doesn't tell you, which prompted Reeve to seek out an answer. The Google permissions page (view yours here) states Go "has full access to your Go
  12. Following a report of armed robbers targeting Pokemon Go players, developer Niantic Labs has urged users to be "safe and alert" while playing the game. Unlike most mobile games, Pokemon Go encourages players to travel out in the real world, oftentimes to places they've never been before, in an attempt to find and catch creatures. In a statement to VentureBeat, the developer said it is aware of "some incidents" related to Pokemon Go, though it did not name any outright. When traveling to unfamiliar places to find elusive Pokemon, players should be aware of their surroundings, it added.
  13. The mobile game Pokemon Go challenges players to embark into the real world in search of creatures and gyms where they can do battle. Gyms are found at a number of places, including churches. Now, it's been discovered that the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas is among them. Via Reddit user ProtoSori As USA Today reports, Pokemon Go players have claimed the gym and are trolling the controversial, anti-LGBT church. Some have given their Pokemon, including Clefairy (above), names such as "LOVEISLOVE" and "STOP HATE!" The church responded with a tweet featuring an image o
  14. Pokemon Go started to roll out last week, and with it finally making it way to the hands of people all over the world, there have been some interesting and humorous stories popping up. Some of the stories have come from warnings from the police, Nintendo's financial success, and even a picture of a man catching Pokemon while his wife gives birth. We've collected all of these stories and compiled them below. News From Around the World Armed Robbers Target Pokemon Go Players, Police Say Don't Play Pokemon Go While Driving a Car, State Says Cops Offer Good Advice to Pokemon Go Pl
  15. Pokemon Go lets you battle for Gyms, collect Poke Balls, and catch the pocket monsters themselves. However, if you don't live in a city, it could prove difficult to have much fun with it at all. Reddit user XplayGamesPL posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit, saying that his 1,000-person town has only two PokeStops and no Gyms. They started a Facebook group to raise awareness, which prompted another player to start a petition. "Without the ability to submit new requests for landmarks, players in geographically-isolated regions or even places where no one HAPPENED to play Ingress have
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