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  1. A. BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Whitney Age: 19 in a couple weeks Gender: Female Tell us a little about yourself: I am a college student, just recently got into wow but <3 it How long have you played WoW? Since September 8th (heck yes I kept the Blizzard email that verified my account so I could remember the exact day I started ) B. CHARACTER AND RAID INFORMATION: Character Name: Whitneyy Class: Rogue Main Spec: Assassination Offspec: Combat, but I only used that to level Post a link to your armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... n=Whitneyy (please don't judge me because I don't have some of my stuff gemed and such! Just figured "what's the point" since cata is right around the corner with new gear) What is your raiding experience? Please include Vanilla, BC, WoTLK. Specify if you were in a leadership position: I have done Naxx once for shits and giggles, some Uld material, and downed the Lich King the first time I ran ICC, took a long time, but then the following week we went in there and killed him on the second try You will need to be food buffed and flasked for every pull of every raid night. Including trash, and farm content. How do you feel about that?: As long as there is a fish feast I always have flasks and poisons ready We don't want to recruit you just to raid with us. We are a big family, we play together a lot, and enjoy one another's company. We do not tolerate drama, in any shape or form. How does that sound to you? Perfect. I love that this is a small-ish guild too, easier to get to know people C. SYSTEM INFORMATION: Do you have a microphone? Note this is required.: (Communication is very important.) Yep Do you have any objections to speaking on vent when needed? Not at all Average Latency while raiding? It varies, I play on a laptop, but I don't lag.. at least not in 10 man Average FPS in raid during a boss? ^ D. PROFESSIONS: What are your two professions? What level are they? Skinning (450) and Leatherworking (435) E. RANDOM QUESTIONS: What guild are you currently in? Why do you want to leave that guild? It was originally called Ragefire Orcasm, then that got reported and we had to change it. Got changed to <Shallow and Pedantic>.. basically a lot of the main raiders left to go make their own guild, those people were really condescending and pompous (also "too many chiefs and not enough indians") so therefore, the guild I am in is kind of diminishing, and the leader is probably switching servers and is more into PvP anyway (and I prefer pve) soooo its pretty much going down the drain by time cataclym comes around Do you play actively outside of raiding? Yep, a lot of times I play on an alt or work on random achievements There will be times where you will be benched. Everyone has to sit at one point or another. Will you be adult about this, and not cause a scene? Yep Where did you hear about Centric Legends? Forums Why do you want to join Centric Legends? I like that this is a 10m raiding guild, small, and all that Mmmmk so I also have a lvl 80 warlock named Whitnerd (not geared really) but in case you need a warlock more than a rogue, then it doesn't matter to me, I plan on getting both to 85 anyway

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