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  1. A. BASIC INFORMATION: Name: (real life name) Dakota Age: 17 Gender: Male Tell us a little about yourself: How long have you played WoW? since december 04 B. CHARACTER AND RAID INFORMATION: Character Name: Ashlantensai Class: Pally Main Spec: Holy Offspec: Prot Post a link to your armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... hlantensai ive upgraded a few peieces What is your raiding experience? Please include Vanilla, BC, WoTLK. Specify if you were in a leadership position: Back in vanilla i was in a guild name Remorse, Raided MC / Onyxia every week Knew all fights by heart, BC i left remorse and went to Horde on The Venture Co. where i met up with a raiding guild called Glory, Raided with them for 5months did Kara full clears in 3hours, Then went to BT where we downed Illy and raped face on the server, After Sunwell came out i left to go to Exiled which was some of the old members of Glory and started a new amazing raiding guild and did Sunwell i was a decent healer back in the day full t6, A month later i quit wow, came back when WoTLK came out, Left The venture Co. and started my way onto Perenolde where i made a new Alliance Pally and geared her up, I was off and on playing Ash and her but my main char was the ally pally got her KS10 and KS25 with 5976 GS holy with a 5.7k GS prot set i quit about 65 days ago because of a charge back issue, I decided it was about time to play Ash and gear her up, ive been playing for about 5days now got her 5.2k GS already and doing ICC10 and healing like i did with my Main pally... I am a good raider i know all fights by heart i have plenty of experiance with LK (many deaths by him also). You will need to be food buffed and flasked for every pull of every raid night. Including trash, and farm content. How do you feel about that?: i got the money, I can always be prepared for Raid nights, Always have my bags cleaned and Flask's ready What are some of your goals with WoW?: Well right now, its just to have fun raid and gear my pally, i dont really like to lvl alts much because i dont have any heirlooms on this new account and the JP made Heirlooms hard as heck to get now, But ya just to have fun really is my goal in playing WoW We don't want to recruit you just to raid with us. We are a big family, we play together a lot, and enjoy one another's company. We do not tolerate drama, in any shape or form. How does that sound to you? Good , I have dealt with plenty of Drama on WoW and its tiring now, Ive been trying to look for a guild that is fun to be with, raid with and fun to play the game with because I havnt had that kind of experiance for a year and half or so since i was in Glory and Exiled. C. SYSTEM INFORMATION: Do you have a microphone? Note this is required.: (Communication is very important.) Yes i do have a mic, I love to talk so i might get annoying sometimes but thats only when i get settled with a guild and i am comfortable to talk around peeps. Do you have any objections to speaking on vent when needed? Nope not at all, as i said above i do love to talk so i wouldnt mind it Average Latency while raiding? Ussaly 80-110ping never lag tho Average FPS in raid during a boss? roughly around 60-70 on average. D. PROFESSIONS: What are your two professions? What level are they? Well my professions got reset do to Gold farmer got on my account when i didnt play the account, so its Mining and inscription, 72 mining and 121 Inscipt (gotta work on them ) E. RANDOM QUESTIONS: What guild are you currently in? Why do you want to leave that guild? I am currently in a guild named Old World Legion, the reason i want to leave is because no one ever talks, no one does any raids / dungeons, so it gets quite boring most the time... Do you play actively outside of raiding? I am ussaly always on either doing Heroics, Talking in Trade or doing some browsing on the AH There will be times where you will be benched. Everyone has to sit at one point or another. Will you be adult about this, and not cause a scene? Of course, I do understand where at points there are some people who might be a better pick or its there raid night and i would not want to take that away from someone that is there regularly. Where did you hear about Centric Legends? Sytther, I did a ICC10 with him and was talking about how i wanted to find a new guild, and he told me to make a app and see if i could get it. Why do you want to join Centric Legends? Well, I wanted a more active guild that would be fun, raid and do alot of other things and be more talkative and not so boring, Ive had some luck with a few guilds that i loved to be in so i was hoping Centric Legends would be one of the lucky guilds. Do you smoke weed? (Hint: Yes) Yes i do Smoke weed, I dont do it very often but ussaly on the weekends when im not at school.

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