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    Apparently you also only need 2 jumpers in 10 man, not 3. I think the thing we really need to work on is controlling the adds. We do fine the first time when we are all stacked together, but then get to spread out. We need to stick to the moving from one spot to another better. Also Frost DK in Blood Presence with chillblains talented will help a lot. Drop DnD on the pillar, spam howling blast and there is absolutely no way the DK can lose aggro from all the parasites. Cryth isn't speced for Chilblains right now, but if he did he could have a 30 yard howling blast aoe that also slows them by 50%. We just have to make sure the adds are kept slowed and together for AOE to work best. Of course heals need a bit more improvement, but that'll come with gear for Zinji and another guild healer.
  2. Bahia - Holy Paladin Alphapryer - Warlock DPS.
  3. Poll seems to be broken. Me and my brother votes for; Change both raid days to 6-9.
  4. I would love if we could move Sundays time up earlier at least. 6pm-9pm server time was perfect for me.
  5. Lecatus

    Post your UI!

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us It mimics a paladin UI I found one time that was stopped updating. Pitbull for the player, target, and party frames. I use Vuhdo for the raid frames and it goes into the same spot party frames are in during a raid. Bartender for the hotkey bars. I do need to clean it up some. I use Opie but haven't really set up it up to remove some of my lesser used hotkeys.
  6. ######################################################## ######################################################### A. BASIC INFORMATION: Name: Joshua C. Age: 26 Gender: Male Tell us a little about yourself: Work full time at a decent job, currently single. Graduated from LSU in 2009. I consider myself a casual hardcore raider. I have no desire to be on the cutting edge of raiding 4 nights a week, but I do take raiding serious when I do it. I don't mind being a little behind the true hardcore raiders, but I also don't want to have to cancel every other raid night cause of people not showing up. How long have you played WoW? More on then off since beta. I played a warlock during vanilla and raided MC. During BC I played a Druid and was up to Sunwell before we stopped raiding in preparations of WOTLK. Quit for 2 months after that. Switched to Horde when I came back and played a Ret pally named Violentus with The Disavowed. Started with them when they were just getting a 10 man going and was a main raider until TOC. Quit after TOC came out because it was a horribly boring abortion of a raid. Sold my main account at that time. Quit for about 4 months. Came back and raided ICC has an Ele/Resto shaman in a 10 man guild. We did up the LK before our main tank quit and guild kind of fall apart. Went extremely casual since then. I"m now making my new Holy Pally my main, though I will level my shaman up too. Pally just hit 80 the day before 4.0 patch so isn't that well geared. B. CHARACTER AND RAID INFORMATION: Character Name: Lecatus / Palmist Class: Paladin / Shaman Main Spec: Holy / Ele Offspec: Ret / Resto Post a link to your armory: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... cn=Palmist http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... cn=Lecatus What is your raiding experience? Please include Vanilla, BC, WoTLK. Specify if you were in a leadership position: You will need to be food buffed and flasked for every pull of every raid night. Including trash, and farm content. How do you feel about that?: Good plan, gold is easy to get and it'll make everything quicker and easier. What are some of your goals with WoW?: To experience everything. I can get somewhat of an achievement whore to if I don't watch it. We don't want to recruit you just to raid with us. We are a big family, we play together a lot, and enjoy one another's company. We do not tolerate drama, in any shape or form. How does that sound to you? I dislike drama. I want to play and play well with others. I like a guild that does more then simply log in on raid nights and that's it. C. SYSTEM INFORMATION: Do you have a microphone? Note this is required.: (Communication is very important.) Yes Do you have any objections to speaking on vent when needed? No Average Latency while raiding? Sub 100 Average FPS in raid during a boss? 40-50 (I keep wow in expanded windowed mode though, so it would be higher if I went fullscreen) D. PROFESSIONS: What are your two professions? What level are they? Mining/Eng on Palmist and Herb/Incrip on Lecatus. E. RANDOM QUESTIONS: What guild are you currently in? Why do you want to leave that guild? None atm, I was in a 10 man guild, liked it until everyone left when maintank quit. Do you play actively outside of raiding? Yes and I want a guild that has others that do so too. There will be times where you will be benched. Everyone has to sit at one point or another. Will you be adult about this, and not cause a scene? I have no issue with that depending on how you do it. I was once in a guild that made people sit outside the raid entrance for 5 hours just in case they needed them. I don't mind being online and benched, but I'm gonna do other things in game at the same time. Where did you hear about Centric Legends? Forum. Why do you want to join Centric Legends? I'm really looking for a 10 man guild that takes raiding it self serious enough to commit to doing it 2 days a week and not having to cancel every other raid. Do you smoke weed? (Hint: Yes) Not anymore, my job does random drug tests. Top

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