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Valheim Server Cluster

Centric Legends currently runs a cluster of Valheim servers for our community. We have been hosting Valheim servers since the launch of the game in Feb 2021.

Our Valheim servers are updated and reboot nightly at 5:00AM PST. Server Specs: 8 CPU @ 3.8GHz, 30GB RAM, NVMe Storage, 1Gbps Network. Hosted in Canada East.

Server 2 – WINDMIRE

Created / Last Wipe: Sept 16, 2021 (Hearth & Home Update)
Config: Synced

Server 1 – IRONSIDE

Created / Last Wipe: Feb 8, 2021 (Game Release)
Config: Synced


All of the CLG Valheim servers share the same configuration, unless otherwise stated.
  • Drops: 2x Gathering, 8x Ores, 6x Berries/Pickables, +2 Pickup Range, +45% Rare Drop Chance
  • Inventory: 4x Item Stack Size, -50% Weight Reduction, 500 Base Carry, Belt +1000, +1 Player Inventory Row
  • Durability: Boosted hammer, cultivator, hoe, and torch. -90% Death Penalty, -50% Fall Damage
  • Stamina: -80% stamina drain for build hammer, hoe, and cultivator. -30% Sprint drain.
  • Difficulty: Very Hard! +125% Mob HP per player nearby, +5% Mob Damage per player nearby. 2x Food Duration w/ No Decay.
  • Tames: Essential Mode (deadly attacks stun instead of kill, tamed creatures can still die rarely), 40 sec stun.
  • No player building damage. No weather damage. Unlimited Fires. Larger workbench range.
  • Auto deposit and pull from chests (12yd range, smelter, kilm, forge, furnace, and bee hives). Craft from chests.
  • Increased production buildings maximum holding capacity (Smelter, Forge, Furnace, Kilm)
  • No portal item restrictions. Items float in water. Use items while swimming.
  • +40% increased XP gain for all skills.

We describe our configuration as a boosted-rate PvE focused building server. NPCs have increased health and damage to add challenge and help offset the power of the EpicLoot gear. We welcome suggestions and tweaks to the configuration.


Servers are password protected. Join our Discord and go to the Valheim section to get the password. You must also have the correct mods installed.

In-Game: From the Join Game menu, search for “CentricLegends” and ensure “Community” is selected, then click “Connect”.

You can also click Join IP, and manually enter the server IP.

📂 Valheim Mods

✅ Valheim Plus Mod


You must install this mod or you will get an “incompatible version” error when trying to join. The goal is to provide V+ as a base modification for Valheim to increase quality of life, tweak the game’s difficulty, and in general, improve the player’s experience.

✅ Epic Loot Mod + Extended Item Data Framework


Monsters and chests can now drop Magic, Rare, Epic, or Legendary magic items. Each magic item has a number of magic effects on it, that give bonuses to the item or your character when that magic item is equipped.

✅ Equipment and Quick Slots


Give equipped items their own dedicated inventory slots, plus three more hot-keyable quick slots.

✅ Magic Overhaul


Mod adds 14 classes with unique Spells , new custom player animations and UI

✅ Teleport Wolves


This mod makes your pets able to follow you through portals.


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