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    I love it. All games should have content patches, although it pisses me off when its more of a Battlefield or Call of Duty model where you pay for the game, then need to pay another $30 - $50+ for additional "expansions" or "map packs" etc. The content should be free or dirt cheap.
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    Omniknight is such an OP hero for me. He can play the role of carry and support as well. He can manage a team play also. I love how Omniknight players do a lot of crazy things to bring his team to win. He can kill you alone or help another teammate for a gank.
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    This mother fucker But also this guy from Amnesia
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    We have pre-ordered the 48-slot Centric Legends BF4 server! It will be launched on Oct. 29th, 2013. It will be a Hardcore Rush 24x7 rotation. Server Sponsored By:
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    My current username (and avatar for that matter!) comes from a "Pokeclone" for the GameBoy Color called Keitai Denjuu Telefang (Which came in two versions, Power version and Speed version). However, to Westerners, these games are known by the fact that some Chinese bootleggers took the games, did a bad translation, and called them Pokemon Diamond and Jade. In that game, the Kakuza Party ("Kakuza-to" in Japanese) is essentially the "evil team" of the game. I liked the sound of it, and there you go. My first real internet username, however, was Missingno.7-4468, after the famous glitch in Pokemon. The numbers were just sorta random. I arbitrarily stopped using it like two or three years ago.
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    Fixed. The logo will now always link to the forum index instead of the home page. Clicking "Home" from the navbar however, will still take you to the homepage.
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    I don't really play the game, but it seems like a popular game, and would thus be a good game to have a forum for.
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    My vote goes to AMD as I am a hardcore gamer. hahaha
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    It looks great. Shout out to all of the mods and admins for their hard work. I see right now there are 27 guest lurking, they need to go ahead and sign up now!
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    Battle for Dazar'alor - Opulence Crowns By now you might have noticed players you come across might have unique crown models on their heads. This model can be acquired in the loot table of the Opulence boss in Battle for Dazar'alor. There is a drop for every armor type and a color for each raid difficulty! That is not where the fun ends, however. The on use effect Pry Gem gives you a random gem that provides a buff and is usable for 20 hours before disappearing. After 20 hours you can spawn a new random gem. Crackling Tourmaline - Use: Increases your Speed by 120 for 60 min. (60 sec cooldown) Diamond of Sustenance - Use: Draw sustenance from the gem, restoring 166,688 health and 83,344 mana over 20 sec. If you spend at least 10 sec focusing on the gem you will become well fed, gaining 75 in a stat for 60 min. (1 sec cooldown) Emerald of Vigor - Use: Restores 33,337 health. (60 sec cooldown) Sapphire of Brilliance - Use: Increases all stats by 400 for 60 sec. (5 min cooldown) Star Topaz - Use: Make a friendly player sparkle! (30 sec cooldown) Sunset Amber - Use: Reduces a party member's size by 50% for 5 min. (30 sec cooldown) Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer 350 Cloth Head Crown of the Seducer Modelviewer 350 Leather Head Crown of A'akul's Dark Reign Modelviewer 350 Mail Head Electrified Crown of Rahu'ai Modelviewer 350 Plate Head Crown of Bloody Succession Modelviewer Which of the Opulence Crown models do you like best? Blue Posts Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker) Oceanic In Game/Server Lag Issues I just wanted to confirm that over the last few weeks, we’ve made a number of changes to potentially address reported lag issues with Oceanic realms. Those changes and updates to the game service are now implemented. Blue Tweets Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Can I get an official confirmation for if we delete the char that we earned our Heritage Armor, will we also lose the appearance? Or is it safe to delete those chars? Once you have earned the Heritage armor, it remains in your transmog library regardless of the fate of the character who earned it. (WarcraftDevs) Jay the Bard - Journey Home: A Classic WoW Parody Jay the Bard has released a parody song about WoW Classic! Dark Legacy Comics #673 DLC #673 has been released. View the full article
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    Yeah, I kind of started late in getting into watching movies (only really started watching a lot of movies when I was around 24), so I missed a lot of the really good movies, so after watching a bunch of movies and being disappointed in wasting my time with some of them, I just started watching movie reviews before going to the theaters so that I'll be informed first before spending money and time. It's also my way of keeping up with the older movie classics which I have missed.
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    I watch movie reviews and discussions about the latest films, so that I can be updated on which films are worth watching by the next day.
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    I got my keyboard for really cheap and well, let's just say I got what I paid for. I would love to find a mechanical keyboard - or at least one that sounds like a mechanical keyboard - that's compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X systems. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm willing to pay more for a high-quality keyboard. So throw anything at me, regardless of price.
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    I know what you mean. Sometimes people just can't be stopped. To each their own I guess. The important thing is that they get what they want out of life. It's kind of funny. Using motorcycles in dangerous but awesome stunts.
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    LOL, you're right, what more if I bought the shoes for bone, no one able to chase him. The way he attacks or throwing the arrow is very fast but he needs more mana. I think this lion of finger of death is for Dota 2, I really don't recognize this hero. I never been play the Dota 2.
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    I love playing Mirana since DOTA 1. I don't know why. Even if that hero is not in the meta, I tend to play that hero over and over again. I just feel comfortable using it and I think I will win every single game using that hero. Mirana is very versatile. She can be a hitter or skiller and she is also a escape hero. I really love playing this hero.
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    Yes its true that is why i like this character. It doesnt let me down. Specially when the game involves money
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    I would say that depending on the cryptocurrency one is investing in is what would determine the extent of risk the person is taking. If it's on all these new cryptocurrency that one is trying to take advantage of, it's really a very risky thing to do but if it's on Bitcoin alone, there is no risk in it.
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    Seriously, I'm must admit that their courage to engage in such sports is very frightening for me. Even though I'm well aware of the huge money in the sports, I'm never going to do it.
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    yup that's true because it has much wider range of player than just playing with the same person over and over again. I mean if you play with console most likely you will play with same person over and over again. I know there are also console which can be also connected through net and play online with different person but I guess it's a lot cheaper not buying each game you wanna play.
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    But actually doing this hobbit makes my eyes blurd. I'm using eyeglasses now. Too late to regret things. Inspite of this I still play.
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    Yeah, You're right, and since I don't have knowledge about this game, I'm become a banker something like that, I used to kill the weak enemies just to earn and buy equipment for my team, and if they need the sniper to kill the heroes that's the specialty of this Cardell.
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    I totally agree with you.We should wait a bit and see what will happen in the future with the prices.Until then just check on the current state of cryptocurrencies.
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    Nice, I try to get rid with DOTA 2 right now because I am getting addicted to it. I should play other games for me to get rid of DOTA 2. But nice choice, I remember the times I always play Dota and Dota 2 since then. Lovely game.
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    Invoker is such a hard one. Usually when you are just started to play DOTA. Invoker uses a lot of skills in order to kill an enemy hero. He uses all of his skills to win the game. The user must be really fast reacting. I admit that he is a hard to use hero but agree that he can misplays the enemy and win all through out the game.
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    My favorite hero in DOTA 2 is omniknight. My role in DOTA 2 is always support when I'm with my friends and omniknight was a hero that makes me feel comfortable to play and I like his skills that is good for a clash especially the guardian skill. But sometimes we can comeback the game with his ultimate skill which is very helpful after I build aghanims.
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    I feel like this is one of those games you play after a long while. It's fun to reminisce with a game or two. But it doesn't hold your interest as much as it did in the past.
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    Actually, my first game I have played was Mario, after a few years I have stopped to play this game because it became boring and new more interesting games was released.
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    Have you priced those lately? I'm not a World of Warcraft player, but most of us gamers have the same problem when it comes to upgrading GPUs. What used to be pretty affordable has skyrocketed since cryptominers are driving up the price.
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    Insted of accessing the forums by www.centriclegends.com/forums, you only need to go to www.centriclegends.com. A redirect will assist with the migration of web traffic, but will be removed in 6 months.
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    Video Guide for Levolution! [media][media] [/media]
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    In the coming weeks we will be upgrading to XF 1.2.0. New Features Amongst the new XenForo 1.2 features are the following: User merging and bulk user management Post edit history and logging Signature permissions Route filters (a system to change XenForo's URLs) Template modifications and comparison utilities Template merging and edit history A new editor with drag and drop, image paste support, user tagging, and iOS/Android support A fully responsive design Support for watching a forum User group and staff banners Bulk thread management ...and much more.
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    700,000 players exit Azeroth over the last three months as Activision Blizzard announces that 7.7 million people remain subscribed to gargantuan MMO. World of Warcraft has lost 700,000 players in the last three months, with the MMO now down to 7.7 million active subscribers. Activision Blizzard reported that 8.2 million people were subscribed to World of Warcraft in March, with CEO Bobby Kotick saying that the company expects to see the number fall further throughout the year. The decline in World of Warcraft players numbers has been previously attributed mainly to Eastern markets, although Activision did not comment specifically on this latest subscriber decline. Activision adds that World of Warcraft remains the most popular subscription-based MMO in the world. Subscribers for the game peaked at over 12 million in October 2010. The gargantuan MMO was originally released in 2004, and has subsequently released four expansion packs: Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria. A World of Warcraft movie will begin filming in 2014. World of Warcraft's latest player numbers arrive as Activision Blizzard announces it has spent $5.83 billion on company shares to secure its independence from parent company Vivendi. [ Watch Video ] Comment on this video Watch this video in High Def Read and Post Comments | Get the full article at GameSpot "World of Warcraft subscribers drop to 7.7 million" was posted by Martin Gaston on Fri, 26 Jul 2013 03:15:04 -0700 Source: GameSpot
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    Homeworld 2 had a pretty cool Wing Commander mod. I wish that they would make a Homeworld 3; that series was one of my favorites.
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    Welcome to the forums TheCommander!
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    I've never used real-life money to buy items in a game. I have paid money to unlock additional episodes, worlds, additional content, etc., but I have yet to buy in-game items with real-life money.
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    Consoles have been becoming more like PCs for quite some time, even in the 16-bit era. Nothing can beat a good PC game that takes advantage of a PC's superior specs though.
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    I was just about to make a thread regarding this game myself. I love TF2, and I enjoy playing as all of the classes. I haven't played it in quite some time though.
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    I have no complaints whatsoever, the site is flawless.
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    I would personally take it a step further and say that the original Zelda game on NES was the best of all time.
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    Great to see that the admins here are doing there best to make this forum be more interesting.
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    If they don't it will turn into Diablo 2 again...
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    http://www.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/home Ive never played it, but does seem interesting. Think ill be sticking with LoL tho.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/540ht8oc9zvrkdd/2D8Mv21oEb (Never really shared entire galleries using DB before, so might not work. I don't actually have Dropbox on this computer; I just use the website, so that makes it somewhat difficult to use.) Anyway, while not really finished, it is certainly the creation I've felt most proud of after creating it. I still don't know what else to do. And in case you're wondering, I do have an assortment of mods loaded. Only one that really affects what you see though is Mo' Creatures, since that was the main reason I undertook this little project.
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    Shuhei Yoshida says backlash over Microsoft's policies helped inform decision making for PlayStation 4. The backlash surrounding Microsoft's controversial (and since-reversed) DRM policies was a "very useful source" for Sony in its PlayStation 4 marketing planning, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said in the latest issue of Famitsu (via Polygon). "There were lots of people who gave their opinions on that issue to my Twitter account before E3," Yoshida said. "It's not that our hardware policies are decided strictly based on user reaction like this, but when we were thinking about what we had to bring across and how to bring it across, it was a very useful source." Sony capped of its E3 2013 briefing earlier this month by declaring that the PS4 would play used games without limitations and would not require an Internet connection. This announcement, from SCEA CEO Jack Tretton, drew a rousing applause at the time. SCE Japan Asia president Hiroshi Kawano further explained in Famitsu that the response to the PS4 has been positive all round--from consumers to developers. "As of now, I feel like we're getting a very positive response. For this system, we made a list of what people expected from us, debating over each point, with user feedback forming the main basis for the list," Kawano said. "The software makers are also telling us that they feel like they really make some fun stuff with it. A new platform always provides the basis for new forms of play, so I'd like to see it connect to a revitalization of the marketplace." Kawano also addressed PS4 pricing for Japan, saying this information will come during a "full announcement" sometime in the future. Elsewhere around the world, the PS4 will retail for $399/€399/ £349. Read and Post Comments | Get the full article at GameSpot "Sony: Negative Xbox One response a "very useful source" for PS4" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Wed, 26 Jun 2013 05:59:55 -0700 Source: GameSpot
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    Yup my adventures with diablo 3 ended up with me not even owning the game anymore. I originally got diablo 3 way back when i was still playing WoW. I got sucked into the deal of paying for a 1 year subscription on WoW and you got diablo 3 plus a mount in game for WoW all of this cost 130+ dollars if i remmeber correctly. I quit playing WoW only 3 months into the 1 year subscription, but figured id still be getting diablo 3 anyways so that'll be worth the 130+ i paid. Three months into diablo however i realized just how big of a joke the game is and quit playing it, plus it was summer i had better things to be doing! When oct and nov rolled around I decided to log in and check out my account (it's been since end of june since last even attempted to log in let alone play) and to my suprise i couldn't log in. I called into blizzard and they stated some crap about how my payment got cut off half way through and i still owed 80+dollars for 6 months of a WoW subscription (i didnt even play the game at this point) and also to finish payin off my diablo 3. Needless to say I didn't end up giving Blizzard the money and now neither own Diablo 3 or play WoW and thank god for that! In the future I can't ever see myself playing let alone ever paying for a Blizzard product again. Fuck Blizzard.
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    Hey baby! Welcome to this site. Don't feel bad though, we all devoted 600 hours to Diablo 3. Now we must make up for it by devoting the rest of our lives to this site.
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