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    Fixed. The logo will now always link to the forum index instead of the home page. Clicking "Home" from the navbar however, will still take you to the homepage.
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    I don't really play the game, but it seems like a popular game, and would thus be a good game to have a forum for.
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    Battle for Dazar'alor - Opulence Crowns By now you might have noticed players you come across might have unique crown models on their heads. This model can be acquired in the loot table of the Opulence boss in Battle for Dazar'alor. There is a drop for every armor type and a color for each raid difficulty! That is not where the fun ends, however. The on use effect Pry Gem gives you a random gem that provides a buff and is usable for 20 hours before disappearing. After 20 hours you can spawn a new random gem. Crackling Tourmaline - Use: Increases your Speed by 120 for 60 min. (60 sec cooldown) Diamond of Sustenance - Use: Draw sustenance from the gem, restoring 166,688 health and 83,344 mana over 20 sec. If you spend at least 10 sec focusing on the gem you will become well fed, gaining 75 in a stat for 60 min. (1 sec cooldown) Emerald of Vigor - Use: Restores 33,337 health. (60 sec cooldown) Sapphire of Brilliance - Use: Increases all stats by 400 for 60 sec. (5 min cooldown) Star Topaz - Use: Make a friendly player sparkle! (30 sec cooldown) Sunset Amber - Use: Reduces a party member's size by 50% for 5 min. (30 sec cooldown) Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer 350 Cloth Head Crown of the Seducer Modelviewer 350 Leather Head Crown of A'akul's Dark Reign Modelviewer 350 Mail Head Electrified Crown of Rahu'ai Modelviewer 350 Plate Head Crown of Bloody Succession Modelviewer Which of the Opulence Crown models do you like best? Blue Posts Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker) Oceanic In Game/Server Lag Issues I just wanted to confirm that over the last few weeks, we’ve made a number of changes to potentially address reported lag issues with Oceanic realms. Those changes and updates to the game service are now implemented. Blue Tweets Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment Can I get an official confirmation for if we delete the char that we earned our Heritage Armor, will we also lose the appearance? Or is it safe to delete those chars? Once you have earned the Heritage armor, it remains in your transmog library regardless of the fate of the character who earned it. (WarcraftDevs) Jay the Bard - Journey Home: A Classic WoW Parody Jay the Bard has released a parody song about WoW Classic! Dark Legacy Comics #673 DLC #673 has been released. View the full article
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    If I'm going to watch random videos on YouTube or what ever available, I always end up watching animals. LOL. Like the wild animals, like how to live in the wild, how they survive, and how they kill another animals.
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    Yeah, you're right. If I feel the depression and I think I'm running in circles again, I used to watch this motivational speech. The one hour of watching this, I realize that I'm not alone. Motivational videos are enough for me to understand my situation.
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    I agree, I'm not a long time user of Postloop but I can proudly say that Postloop is reliable, trusted, and paying site as of now. They are really paying and there's no reason to give a good feedback for the site.
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    Haha, yes they are definitely good to watch, getting to see human being do incredible things with motorcycle while in the air is amazing but hey it's not tempting for me to follow in their footsteps.
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    I guess we'll see. How about that ring of fire, then? It's certainly still a thing for some areas. Motorcycle stunts are always entertaining to watch.
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    Seriously, I was so impressed and excited seeing a lady pull that skydiving stunt off. I loved it but I know that I'm definitely not going to be trying it out because I die before I hit the ground.
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    Skydiving, are you kidding me? I have seen it only in movies and I consider it one of the most dangerous things for anyone to do. But the military with special training can do it perfectly, so there is no need to worry too much about them.
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    Yeah, LOL, the boots of speed I think. You're right, they said I need to improve the health and mana, but honestly, I don't know what Items to buy to improve that. That's why every time I will play that before, I need to sit with someone who knows and memorize the items for particular heroes.
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    I love playing Mirana since DOTA 1. I don't know why. Even if that hero is not in the meta, I tend to play that hero over and over again. I just feel comfortable using it and I think I will win every single game using that hero. Mirana is very versatile. She can be a hitter or skiller and she is also a escape hero. I really love playing this hero.
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    Yes, they would. Maybe the short life of batteries contributes to their cause. They want consumers to buy more of their products frequently. One obvious example are phones that must be bought. Those that don't open at the back and, therefore, can't be replaced.
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    My gaming crew friends are eventually my lovers for life because we had so much fun together whenever we all hook up together. It's a shame we won't remain boys forever, otherwise I would have liked to still be with them.
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    Yes and we must do the same thing in order to make your money safe. Invest in business instead of investing in bitcoin just because there are no assurance that you will earn in Bitcoin most of the times. Maybe you can earn now but in future, no one knows.
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    This is so very true especially when it comes to myself in question. In as much as it's tempting anytime I see people riding their motorcycle because of its speed and how they swerve on the road dodging traffic, I still wouldn't be silly enough to go and buy a motorcycle or even give it a trial. I'm a lot more comfortable driving my Lexus RX 350.
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    I agree if someone doesn't like the game he probably not going to play it anymore and hard to convince them. I have a friend that he really doesn't like to play the game I like. I can't convince him to play that game, that's why I never force him to play that game.
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    Yes probably it's true, I wouldn't argue with you about that but it's also important to take into consideration of how it drains the Android phone battery and makes the phone heat up in a very bizarre manner. It's one of the reason why I'm not a fan of playing with Android phone because in as much as it's fun and very convenient to use Android phones to play, it kills one's device.
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    Yeah you're right! it's hard to predict the movement of the hero of course since it has a fog. But mostly, I can predict myself where they gonna go when they have low hp so I can target my sun strike accurately. Hehehe!
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    I've never been, have you PartyOn? I'm sure it's tons of fun but large crowds just aren't my thing. It would be cool to get a peek at the new stuff though.
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    Invoker is such a hard one. Usually when you are just started to play DOTA. Invoker uses a lot of skills in order to kill an enemy hero. He uses all of his skills to win the game. The user must be really fast reacting. I admit that he is a hard to use hero but agree that he can misplays the enemy and win all through out the game.
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    I'm a PC gamer mostly and I've been using a Corsair K70 Rapidfire keyboard and love it. It's a true mechanical keyboard, so you definitely get that tactile and auditory feedback. The The Cherry MX Speed keys make it super fast to respond. The rainbow keys make it easier to map things out and they're fully programmable! The keys aren't all crammed together either. I just checked on Amazon so I could link you, but I didn't pay as much as it's going for on that shopping platform so I'm let you look for deals elsewhere instead. I'm not sure if it's compatible with a Mac though. Razer is another good brand I've used and I know those gaming keyboards are usually compatible with both PC and Mac. I hope you find something that works for you!
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    I definitely got emotional, @PartyOn. I always react to those sorts of stories strongly though. I cry over just about everything. The length is really the only negative thing about it. It was awesome, but if I were going to do it all over again I would've waited for it to go on sale.
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    I haven't played it yet, but I've heard that some people feel very emotional at the end. Did you feel that way, @Binge? The reviews are simply amazing and after reading a bunch of them, I can see it's no wonder it won the BAFTA best game award. Big kudos to Giant Sparrow! The only thing I dislike is how quickly everyone is getting through it.
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    My brother used to play Final Fantasy series game before, and his favorite season is VII. But due to overload of his work now, he couldn't play games much now but I am not sure if he's able to play XI too. I haven't played this game yet, but I'm a fan of its movie series. After VII, my second favorite is the latest XV.
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    Goat Simulator Turns Into a MMO With This Free Expansion Goat Simulator is getting the massively multiplayer treatment this month with a free expansion called Goat MMO Simulator, developer Coffee Stain Studios revealed today. Not only does the expansion dish out “faction warfare between goats and sheep,” it offers dozens of quests and five different classes - Warrior, Rouge, Magician, Hunter and Microwave - with a level cap of 101. You can see Goat MMO Simulator in action for yourself in the gameplay trailer below. The upcoming expansion for Goat Simulator (Patch 1.2) will launch as free DLC via Steam on November 20 for those who already own the base game on PC. Goat MMO Simulator will be playable on Mac, Linux and PC with full controller support. Continue reading… Source: IGN
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    It would take me a while to list the best of them, but here is some of the best. Max Payne 3 - HEALTH - TEARS [media] [/media] Kingdom Hearts 2 - Dearly Beloved & My Sanctuary [media] [/media] Zelda. You can really pick any from this series, but i like the Song of Healing and the "Time's End" fan album cover of Majora's Mask. http://www.terriblefate.com [media] [/media] Mass Effect Series - M4 par2 and "Suicide Mission" [media] [/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NPBpigwqOY[/media] There is more, but that is good for now.
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    Video Guide for Levolution! [media][media] [/media]
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    Hello Everyone! We're going to be getting a 48 or a 64 slot Battlefield 4 server right away. This will be a 24/7 HARDCORE RUSH server. Initially we will have all maps, and remove some from the playlist as we desire and as per member request. Most providers will begin accepting preorders for Battlefield 4 game servers no later than October 14th, 2013 and we will have ours ready to go for launch day (Oct. 29th, 2013). Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments or questions! Stay tuned for more information. We will be looking for active players and active admins!
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    Wow.. a WoW movie is being made in 2014... sadly ill still end up seeing it at somepoint im sure. Can't believe this game still has 7.7 mill all things considering the fan base is still massive. ALtho ya not nearly as dominant as the 12 mill they peaked at in oct 2010 that this article says
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    lol personally i got my nickname from eased... back in the day 'Eased' use to be known as 'Apocalypse' and i always loved that name so finally I can up wtih my name Armegedon and the '85' ceoms from my fav number its not by birth year or anythin! cool story i know hey..
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    I usually get games off of Steam these days, but I may occasionally get them in stores, especially if something catches my eye. I used to only want hard copies, but Steam has made things much easier (and cheaper).
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    I never really got into zombie games since I find them dull and repetitive. I guess multiplayer zombie games could be fun with friends, but otherwise, they bore me.
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    Hahaha, payday 2 is on my wishlist I'm thinking about getting it, I've heard excellent things about it
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    God Payday is so fun, I play it with my friend sometimes and we have an awesome time shooting everyone and blowing things to hell
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    I would personally take it a step further and say that the original Zelda game on NES was the best of all time.
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    Great to see that the admins here are doing there best to make this forum be more interesting.
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    I've had quite a history with Minecraft and creating epic things that people can enjoy. I made this vast castle (very complex, to say the least) and I was quite proud of it. However, that was a while ago and I've retired my Minecraft experiences. I wish I could find a photo, maybe once I find it I'll post it here.
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    I was also about to ask for a link as well as a few questions, but this helps. Thanks Eased.
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    Male orcs is the best for me. Reminds me of shrek everytime I use them. Lol
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    Hey there everyone, another new person to this here forum. Found it through a bout of insomnia when all my other forum buddies were offline, so I decided to look around for a small community where I could get to know some people. Anyway, while I do have quite the long username (cookie to anyone who gets the reference, preferably from memory), you can just call me Nate. I've been foruming for a good 5 years now, and I just graduated high school, so I'll have quite a bit of free time, at least until I get a job or something somewhere (and start college next year, depending on circumstances). So anyway, I wouldn't have joined this forum if I wasn't into videogames. I usually tend to play turn-based RPGs (Dragon Quest and Pokemon being tops among those), but I'm really up for anything, though I actually tend to be a bit of a wimp in anything that doesn't require fighting, such as Minecraft or empire building games like Civilization. I'm also not really into MMOs. =/ Also, while I haven't really done any for a long time, I would also consider myself fairly good at spriting, though I do tend to go for Pokemon-style sprites most of the time, and I suck at linework. Anyway, with that much said, you can probably see that I'm quite the rambler. Despite that, I do hope I'm welcome here. ~
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    Android. I have the samsung galaxy 3 and I've been very pleased with it.
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    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/540ht8oc9zvrkdd/2D8Mv21oEb (Never really shared entire galleries using DB before, so might not work. I don't actually have Dropbox on this computer; I just use the website, so that makes it somewhat difficult to use.) Anyway, while not really finished, it is certainly the creation I've felt most proud of after creating it. I still don't know what else to do. And in case you're wondering, I do have an assortment of mods loaded. Only one that really affects what you see though is Mo' Creatures, since that was the main reason I undertook this little project.
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    Ocarina of Time = WIN My favorite. Master Quest is fun too.
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    It's in it's own category, probably more along side the Wii. lul.
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    This is a great site with a lot of potential, but I would enjoy some more sections with different games.
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    Hey baby! Welcome to this site. Don't feel bad though, we all devoted 600 hours to Diablo 3. Now we must make up for it by devoting the rest of our lives to this site.
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