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    Yeah, I kind of started late in getting into watching movies (only really started watching a lot of movies when I was around 24), so I missed a lot of the really good movies, so after watching a bunch of movies and being disappointed in wasting my time with some of them, I just started watching movie reviews before going to the theaters so that I'll be informed first before spending money and time. It's also my way of keeping up with the older movie classics which I have missed.
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    I watch movie reviews and discussions about the latest films, so that I can be updated on which films are worth watching by the next day.
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    Yeah and that's the good thing about it. I love how they give extra income for us that is unable to earn some extra money. It is also worth to register and work online even if the income is not the same as personal job but close enough.
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    Oops, sorry for that. I'll just edit it anyway. Yes, It's nice to know that they give people a lot of online opportunities to earn especially for those people that is unable to work.
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    I think Chaos Knight is powerful without item against other heroes because his skills are absolutely great. He can stun and decrease the armor of the enemy which is very helpful to make the enemy kill easily with his critical. But I think CK can only win in a one versus one game.
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