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Steam Client Update – January 11th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fixed “Friends who Play” section not refreshing until the client was restarted
  • Double clicking on Window tray icon when parental controls are enabled will open the Library when the store is locked.
  • Fix “View Additional Artwork” button not properly showing content on soundtrack details pages.

Steam Workshop

  • Re-designed the Workshop subscriptions list (accessible from Game Properties). It now includes the ability to sort by subscription date, last updated, size, name, and load order.
  • Added ability to change the local load order of Workshop item subscriptions.
  • Added ability to set the local order based on any Workshop item dependencies (these dependencies are set by the author on the Workshop items themselves).
  • Added ability to disable Workshop item subscriptions locally, which will hide them from the game.
  • Added the ability to filter the Workshop subscriptions list by tag name. Use the same search field for filtering items by name.
  • The name of the Workshop item being download is now shown in the game’s tooltip on the Downloads page.
  • Added functionality that allows swapping the items in your subscription list quickly using collections:
    • Added ability to save the filtered list of items to a new or existing Workshop collection. This will overwrite the contents of the collection with the contents of the list.
    • Added ability to overwrite the user’s subscription list to just the contents of a Workshop collection.
    • Added ability to add items from a collection to the user’s subscription list.

Steam Overlay

  • Fixed web browser tabs resetting when overlay is closed and reopened with “Restore my previous browser tabs” setting disabled.
  • Fixed web browser opening with only home page tab when a game opens a web link with with “Restore my previous browser tabs” setting disabled.
  • Fixed previous web browser tabs being dropped when a game opens a web link with with “Restore my previous browser tabs” setting enabled.


  • Option on recent games page to only show VR games.
  • Double click on Window tray icon in desktop view will now open the main Steam window.
  • Fix for rare crash when showing or hiding non-VR apps in the SteamVR dashboard
  • Automatically select SteamVR as the OpenXR runtime in cases where only the SteamVR runtime could work, such as when using Steam Link in VR. Does not affect the user’s persistent runtime selection.
  • Fixed gamma issue with non-VR apps that use 10-10-10-2 backbuffers.
  • Pause capture of non-VR apps while headset is idle.

Remote Play

  • Improved performance and smoothness when using NVIDIA hardware encoding
  • Fixed a video freeze when moving the mouse to a monitor on another video adapter

Big Picture Mode

  • Adjusted the recent games page header so that it’s visible when changing selection.


  • Fixed Controller LED Color selector UI.
  • Fixed a crash related to non-Steam Shortcuts
  • Increased range of Gyro to Mouse/Gyro to Joystick(Deflection) Precision Zone

Steam Cloud

  • Fix uploading for some apps which have a very large number of files
  • Fix sync for some apps which store files in the Windows user home directory


  • Fixed a crash in “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” when switching maps.
  • Fixed situations causing the Steam client to only download the Windows version of a title and later attempting to run it without Proton.
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