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Your 2023 Steam Year in Review is here!

The end of the year is often time for reflection: What did you learn in the last 12 months about yourself? About your goals in life? About your gaming?

Alright, obviously that last one is the one we are most excited about, because your 2023 Steam Year in Review is officially here! That’s right, YOURS. Everyone gets their own look back at the games they played the most, the achievements they unlocked, and all sorts of other fun facts from the past year.

We’ve put together some of the highlights from your time on Steam in 2023, and bundled it all up into one fun page of facts. Scroll through and find out what genres you spent the most time in, and how some of your stats compare to the Steam community as a whole.

When you’re done, you can keep it to yourself OR share it with your friends, either through Steam or links to social media (there’s even an official hashtag: #SteamYearInReview). You can also set it to appear in your profile showcase. Interested in showing your 2022 Year in Review as well? You can toggle between the two years anytime, or head to the Points Shop to free up some space to share both at once.

Start perusing your Steam Year in Review here. You can also click on the link we emailed you, or head to the drop-down menu on Steam under your user name.

Enjoy looking back at your year of gaming on Steam! And hey, if you end up making time for other kinds of reflection, that’s cool too.

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