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Steam Client Update – September 11th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Added support for Indonesian language
  • Allow the settings window to be resized.
  • Fixed empty folders not being re-created when verifying a game installation.
  • Improved reliability of Back button.
  • Fixed a case where non-steam games could disappear from the library.
  • Adjusted the low battery notification for laptops/handheld PCs to only fire in the overlay or the main BPM window
  • Fixed windows being able to set minimum sizes larger than their display dimensions.
  • Fixed issue where some steam:// protocol handlers were not handled correctly due to case sensitivity. Example: steam://url/communityfilepage/ was not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue with steam://connect/:/ was not handled.
  • Fixed clicking “Play Game” links in event news causing client popup windows to close.
  • steamwebhelper support dialog is now shown if the main client window cannot be created at startup.

Big Picture Mode

  • Fixed switching from fullscreen to windowed mode when a full-screen video is dismissed.
  • Fixed notifications stealing focus when shown in overlay.
  • Fixed overlay freezing when a file dialog is shown.

Steam Overlay

  • The overlay tabbed browser will now wait until the overlay has been activated for the first time before restoring saved tabs.
  • Added an option to In Game settings that allows toggling whether overlay browser tabs will be restored when starting a game.
  • Fixed bug with Steam Overlay in DirectX12 not releasing resources

Steam Input

  • Fixed touchpad input when using the Victrix and Qanba PS4/PS5 arcade sticks
  • Reduced lag when switching between pages in the “Edit Layout” view for configurations with large numbers of action sets/layers/mode-shifts
  • Fixed the DualSense firmware update dialog from popping up when the controller was connected over Bluetooth and already up to date
  • Added the ability to bind Steam Input API trigger actions to button inputs

Steam Cloud

  • Fixed a case where Steam Cloud saves could be synced to a computer that did not have the game installed if the game was available for streaming from another PC

Remote Play

  • Fixed controller buttons being stuck down
  • Added support for 4K high quality streaming presets
  • Fixed occasional crash when streaming using NVIDIA NvFBC capture
  • Fixed occasional crash directly launching a game from the Steam Link UI
  • Added support for HEVC video encoding when streaming to macOS
  • Fixed device authorization dialog not showing if Steam Link connects while Steam is starting up

Server browser

  • Fixed a bug which could cause a server browser query to stop prematurely without pinging all of the servers


  • Fixed some screenshot thumbnails on the activity feed not being properly obscured when marked as spoiler


  • Fixed a case where a Library Folder could be forgotten when a drive was unplugged from the system.


  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working in store Paypal web view.
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