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Steam Client Update – July 10th

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

Note: This client was rereleased on July 10 to fix installscript support for some games


  • Added playing a sound when displaying a notification toast in desktop mode.
  • Added a toggle in notification settings to turn on/off sounds for non-critical notifications.
  • Improved responsivity of showing systray menu.
  • Small organization and clarity changes to notifications settings.
  • Rearranged notifications settings page and made some controls respond to changes in the global settings.
  • Fixed stability of blue focus bar at the top of various windows.
  • Fixed “When a screenshot is taken, display a notification” setting not being honored and “When a screenshot is taken, play a sound” only changing after the current game has exited.
  • Fixed window control positions on chat settings popups.
  • Fixed issue where certain links would load pages in an overlay browser rather than open on desktop.
  • Fixed URL bar in popup/overlay browser sometimes being out of date.
  • Fixed issue that could cause an error when entering a valid Steam Guard code.
  • Fixed rare achievement animation not appearing when Steam was not focused or hovered instead of just pausing.
  • Fixed not being able to type into some browser views if using touch input.
  • Fixed Windows virtual keyboard sometimes not working in library when using touch input
  • Fixed persona name in top bar occasionally displaying incorrectly if it started with #.
  • Fixed rare crash when displaying some tooltips.
  • Fixed some web pages being viewable in tabbed browser even if Family View should have restricted that content.
  • Fixed recent games list in systray menu not updating while Steam is running.
  • Fixed placement of systray menu on Windows when text scaling is enabled.
  • Fixed app icons for events in What’s New not loading on first click.
  • Fixed links not working in account creation and pre-login help dialogs.
  • Fixed windows sometimes not updating appearance when clicking maximize button.
  • Fixed showing a black screen at startup if the startup location was set to something prohibited by Family View.
  • Fixed the tops of some context menus not being interactable if they overlap the title bar.
  • Removed incorrect date display on some DLC hovers.
  • Properly show an error when failing to load existing awards given when showing the award dialog for user generated content, reviews, discussion posts, and comments.

In-Game Overlay

  • Added battery indicator to the desktop overlay when running on laptop or handheld device with battery.
  • Fixed soft-lock when a game requested that asynchronous game notifications be enabled.
  • Fixed issue causing desktop overlay to not render properly in macOS CS:GO.
  • Fixed issue where viewing a user’s profile was not working in some older games (e.g Left 4 Dead 2).
  • Fixed issue where the overlay was not responding to mouse input when there was a controller configuration loaded that included virtual menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Invite Friend to Game” dialog didn’t work while in a Steam group voice chat channel.
  • Fixed overlay windows showing in pinned state when overlay is activated for some games (e.g. Warhammer: Vermintide 2).

Big Picture Mode

  • Added playing a sound to some notification toasts where it was previously missing.
  • Fixed wrong auto display scale being chosen for wide displays.
  • Fixed some views being the wrong size on macOS.
  • Fixed issue displaying the system tray context menu.
  • Fixed some issues where some taller sections in controller summary layout preview screen were cut-off at the bottom when viewed in the in-game overlay.
  • Fixed error message that was sometimes displayed while showing a notification.
  • Fixed viewing and closing a news event partially blocking mouse and touch input on the window.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying SSIDs in internet settings for some SSIDs containing non-alphanumeric characters.

Steam Input

  • Fixed some Nintendo Switch Pro controllers not being recognized after the last Steam update.
  • Fix bug where configurations could fail to get deleted.
  • Fix bug where configurations could disappear from the configuration browser after deleting a different configuration.

Screenshots Manager

  • Privacy dropdown selector for local screenshots will now remember the last selection.
  • Clicking the large image in the right panel will now open a larger popup of the screenshot.
  • Fixed issue where the screenshot manager might popup after closing a game when no screenshots were taken for that gameplay session.

Friends & Chat

  • Fixed chat window not being raised when clicking a chat notification while docked mode is enabled.
  • Fixed minimize/maximize buttons not working for chat windows created minimized.

Server Browser

  • Fixed a bug viewing server info from server browser.
  • Fixed a bug where connecting to server with password from server browser would not give you an opportunity to enter the password.


  • Add a setting to improve compatibility with window managers that send an unfocus event before every pointer click event, e.g. openbox. This setting can be found in “Settings->Interface->Enable context menu focus compatibility mode”. Enabling this setting will fix dropdown menus being unclickable on these window managers.
  • Fix incorrectly spawning a file chooser instead of a directory chooser on systems with xdg-desktop-portal FileChooser version 2.
  • Fix a case where the overlay could have dpi scaling applied twice.
  • Fix login window having the wrong dimensions when dpi scaling is enabled.
  • Fix a case where menus could get clipped if dpi scaling is enabled.
  • Fix a case where disabling dpi scaling via settings wouldn’t have any effect.
  • Restrict a workaround that prevents a crash on Nvidia GPUs to only activate when we detect an Nvidia GPU. Side-effects for this workaround include window flashing and focus stealing when a steam window is closed, which should no longer affect Intel/AMD users.


  • Updated the Remote Play driver installation dialog for the new UI, fixing driver installation.
  • Fix intermittent crash and reload of client windows when closing a window or menu.
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