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Steam Client Update – June 21st

Note: This client was re-released on June 23rd to fix the following additional issues:

  • Fixed client window opening at login or when started with -silent flag for certain startup locations
  • Fixed incorrect screenshots showing for non-Steam games
  • Fixed adding non-Steam games on Windows
  • Added note to hidden achievement view to alert that showing will reveal a spoiler.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fixed small mode missing client update information.
  • Fixed several issues related to the navigation backstack not working properly.
  • Fixed systray menu opening at wrong location for certain Windows scaling settings or when scaling is disabled in Steam.
  • Fixed Steam client window rendering at wrong scale after exiting Big Picture Mode when scaling is disabled.
  • Fixed some popup windows maximizing incorrectly.
  • Fixed crash when trying to load an empty URL in the tabbed browser window.
  • Improved performance of the Achievements panel for games with thousands of achievements.
  • Fixed game list sometimes incorrectly scrolling to top when selecting a game.
  • Added ability to clear in-game overlay data in a game’s Properties > General settings.
  • Fixed issue where the modal file browser was appearing behind other windows in the in-game overlay. This was causing some soft-locks of the overlay, especially combined with the fact that URLs for the open ed tabs are saved between sessions.
  • Fixed weird scroll behavior in the Achievements popup.
  • Fixed issue where executing steam://url/ would not bring the main window into focus.
  • Fixed an issue where the system tray menu and Steam menus could open in the incorrect direction for certain monitor configurations.
  • Fixed second achievements progress bar not being filled in when comparing achievements with a friend.
  • Fixed sharing screenshots not working properly.
  • Fixed videos continuing to play in browsers when window is minimized or closed.
  • Fixed page erroneously scrolling up when clicking certain parts of the advanced app filter pane.

Friends & Chat

  • Fixed an issue that caused a new chat window to close almost immediately after opening. This was reproducible after inviting a friend to a game, exiting the game, and then attempting to open a chat window.
  • Fixed incorrectly signing in to Friends on startup when setting is disabled.

In-Game Overlay

  • Fixed overlay scaling when Steam display scaling setting disabled.
  • Fixed case where a game would shell execute steam://store/ to open a browser to their store page, but the overlay was not activated.
  • Fixed issue where the overlay would not be created properly for games that spawn multiple windows (e.g. Gwent).

Steam Input

  • Fix for stuttery output on DualSense over Bluetooth when using Gyro->As Joystick Output to Sticks (Was previously fixed for output to mouse only).
  • Fixed issue where DualSense controllers would not work properly when hotplugged on Linux and Steam Deck.
  • Gyro calibration now uses a time window to calibrate (5s), rather than a fixed number of samples (since Dualsense is now being sampled at 800hz, and could potentially autocalibrate over too short a period).
  • Minimum Rumble Sustain reverted from 3 seconds back to 10 seconds.
  • Improved support for third party Nintendo Switch controllers.


  • Fixed certain macOS configurations that were unable to render browser content.
  • Fixed crash opening the file browser.
  • Fixed View > Hidden Games option.
  • Fixed some focus issues.
  • Fixed window control position on friends list when chat is docked.
  • Fixed Go Online/Go Offline menu options.


  • Fixed a case where a steam window would incorrectly steal input focus.
  • Fixed cases where we would get stuck on “Waiting for Network” on platforms where NetworkManager is unreachable.
  • Fixed a startup crash for systems that don’t support the CEF sandbox.
  • Fixed a startup crash for systems that hide GLX support from steam.


  • Fixed some rare crashes.

Big Picture Mode

  • Fixed issue where inviting a user to a game would cause the overlay UI to soft-lock.


  • Add the ability to request cloud storage of drm_wrap products via optional “cloud” command parameter.

Steam Deck

  • Fixed issue where the main menu and quick access menus were not rendering properly after entering a PIN at the lock screen
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