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Top Releases of September 2022

Continuing our monthly series, we’re happy to unveil Steam’s Top Releases for the month of September. As always, we look at every release for the month, highlighting the Top 20 games and Top 5 DLC releases based on their first two weeks of revenue. We also highlight the top 5 free-to-play games, ranked by the number of unique players they acquired after launch.

The Top Releases of September 2022[]

Don’t be scared

With the Steam Scream Fest underway, Steam is currently haunted with ghastly updates and spooky characters of all kinds. If that’s all a bit too frightening, we’re happy to showcase September’s Top Releases, which provided a wholesome amount games with cozy, colorful and cute themes. After a successful journey through Early Access, Temtem made its 1.0 debut with an abundance of colorful characters and comfy fun for everyone. Filling the Early Access void, Slime Rancher 2 arrived five years after Monomi Park introduced fans to this revolutionarily cute slime-wrangling universe. Check out the full cast of cozy content on this month’s Top Releases.

A DLC Paradox?

For several months now, we’ve featured the Top DLC releases with each month’s latest list. September brought something unprecedented in this category, as each of the Top DLCs for the month were published by Paradox Interactive. It’s amazing to see games from 2013 (Europa Universalis IV) and 2015 (Cities: Skylines) continuing to release popular content all these years later. Paradox’s domination of September’s Top DLC releases dovetailed nicely with their triumphant in-person return to the annual PDXCON in Stockholm.

New Devs

Finally, we’d like to congratulate the teams that are releasing a product on Steam for the very first time. A big welcome and congrats go out to these development teams on their successful Steam debuts.

If you’re curious about previous months, head over to our new Steam Charts overview page.

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