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Top Releases of April 2022

Continuing our monthly series, we’re happy to unveil Steam’s Top Releases for the month of April. As always, we look at every release for the month, highlighting the Top 20 games and Top 5 DLC releases based on their first two weeks of revenue. We also highlight the top 5 free-to-play games, ranked by the number of unique players they acquired after launch.

The Top Releases of April 2022[]

Graduation Month

As students around the world prepare for their spring graduations, April’s Top Releases include a number of games making prominent Early Access graduations of their own. From the superb balance between relaxation and strategy in Dorfromantik, to the master class on destruction in Teardown, all of these 1.0s demonstrate how much the Early Access model can shine. Players can take the opportunity to directly participate in the evolution of their favorite games and franchises, while developers gain insights and observations into how their games are actually being experienced. The result is a mutually beneficial development journey yielding polished releases on graduation day. A big tip of the cap (and gown) to each of April’s Early Access Graduates.

Spice of Life

With each month’s Top Release list, we continue to be amazed by the variety and originality that is incorporated into well-known genres and franchises. Whether slicing by theme, mechanic, genre, or aesthetic, April’s Top Releases prove yet again that players appreciate this variety with some extra variety on top. Looking for a game within a game? April has horse racing in Winning Post 9 2022, baseball in Out of the Park Baseball 23, and pachinko in Peglin. How about a journey to fabled fantasy universe? Visit Arrakis in Dune: Spice Wars, a Galaxy Far Far Away in LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga, or the fabled Round Table in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. April may have failed to settle the age-old question of “What’s the BEST genre?”, but players seem to be pretty happy that the debate will go on.

New Devs

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Top Release list without congratulating the teams that are releasing a product on Steam for the very first time. A big welcome and congrats go out to these development teams on their successful Steam debuts.

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