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Steam Racing Fest Starts Today!

What do mice, lasers, tuk tuks, and wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubemen have in common? They’re all things you can race in games here on Steam (for real), and during Steam Racing Fest is the perfect time to try! Check out the official Steam Racing Fest page now.

From May 23rd – May 30th, find discounts, demos, and trivia all centered around the speedier side of Steam. We’re even offering a special racing-themed badge you can unlock if you dare to get through the trivia without getting… totaled. Eh? Like a car? (Terrible car pun, you’re right.)

Test your knowledge (and collect interesting new tidbits of trivia) by clicking on the top of the official page. Follow the instructions to find your badge, and then get ready to wow your friends with all the fun new facts you’ve collected along the way!

We were so excited about gathering racing game trivia, we gathered a bit too much. So here are some interesting trivia tidbits to rev your engine (is this car pun better?). Did you know:

  • F-Zero and Wipeout were the first of the subgenre AG (anti-gravity) racers. Other games that fall into that category today are games like Redout, BallisticNG, and Antigraviator.
  • There’s a drifting game commonly found in modern arcades that you can buy actual driver’s licenses for: Initial D Arcade Stage.
  • You can trace the history of modern racing games waaaaay further back in time than you might assume. Arcade games were inspired by mechanical racing games that looked a lot more like board games, and can be traced back to the very beginning of the 20th century. (Cough-cough. That might come up later. Cough.)

Join us for trivia, demos, discounts, and more during Steam Racing Fest running from May 23rd – May 30th on Steam.

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