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Star Wars Outlaws Gets Lengthy Gameplay Demonstration

Star Wars Outlaws Ubisoft Forward

Ubisoft Forward kicked off with a lengthy gameplay demonstration for Star Wars Outlaws. The open-world scoundrel game shows protagonist Kay Vess, a thief looking to start a new life, trying to hunt down a gunslinger to learn her talents. This takes her from a space station marketplace to Tatooine’s iconic Mos Eisley. 

The 10-minute guided walkthrough focuses on one aspect of Outlaws, which is tracking down elusive experts in order to learn their craft. From being the fastest draw in the galaxy to mastering sleight of hand, these skills will help Kay go from a common (though wanted) thief to a legendary outlaw. The video shows off the seamless ground-to-ship gameplay, one of the optional space dogfights you can engage in, speeder bike gameplay across the sands of Tatooine, as well as stealth and shootout sequences. 

If you’d like a more condensed summary of what Star Wars Outlaws entails, another trailer serves as a shorter tour through some of the planets players will visit, the characters they’ll meet, the systems at play, and a glimpse into some story moments. 

You can learn more about Star Wars Outlaws by visiting our cover story hub. 

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