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Who else is a fan of Battlefield: Bad Company 2?

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I'm a huge fan of a lot of the older FPS games like the older Medal of Honor and Battlefield games because they set the standard for what these games should be like.


The only thing I absolutely can't stand now days is how corporate the world is. Does every single game seriously need to have "additional features" and "downloadable content"? What happened to providing these things because they were fun for gamers and not just because they're extra money?

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I had an awesome time playing this game, and honestly for the longest time I thought that was what BF3 was, and I tried to converse with a few people about the game...thinking I know what I'm talking about >.<

Yeah, this game was brutally awesome, blowing up all the things!

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^ Agreed with AJ.


I enjoyed BC2 more than any BF game, and the Vietnam DLC was absolutely amazing. I should try getting my hands on both of them again, it's been awhile.


I don't think that there are too many people playing anymore, unfortunately. I checked the server browser for the Vietnam expansion about a week ago, and there was only one populated server.

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I like that too. It brings back a lot of memories from one of my very first FPS experiences. I'll always remember how I can't aim properly in all FPS games until I started playing multiplayer FPS games, and this game was the first one that made my aim better in general :)

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I played that game on PS3.It was one of the best Battlefield games.Multiplayer is a lot of fun.The story line is really good and a bit sad at the end.I remember completing the story in about a day of non stop playing.I loved it so much that I completed it several times.

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