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Research paper methodology example

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Research paper methodology examples – make sure you follow a good one!


It is always easier to describe what you have done in an experiment than how you have really done it. The whole process of describing the methods that you have used forms the methodology section of your paper. Go through the "write an essay" research paper methodology example to know more about how the methodology section of your paper needs to be structured. Once you are able to understand the basics of how a process needs to be described, the easier it becomes to describe it without leaving out the salient points.


Do not write your methodology section as one long paragraph. It is good to make use of subheadings in your methodology section. Think of the thesis statement of your research paper when you formulate the subheadings in this section. It is necessary to make this section as clear and explanatory as possible. Our research paper methodology examples can provide the necessary guidance.


These are the vital points that need to be a part of your research paper methodology section

The research design you propose to put in place

Here you need to introduce any specific design or plan that you have in mind to carry out the research. You need to describe your plan of action, so that the person who evaluates your thesis is convinced that you are aware of what the requirements of the study are. Your research design should be based on your initial aims and objectives mentioned in the introduction.

The people or contributors to the experiment or study

Are you going to involve a specific group of people, the details of whom you already have in place? Or are you doing a random survey or study within a closed group that you have already identified? These are some of the points that you need to remember while working on this part of the research paper methodology.

The equipment or the materials that you intend using

This could be simple recording material or maybe even props that are relevant to your study. Whatever material you use, the details should be clearly specified so that there is no ambiguity in the kind of equipment or apparatus used. If it is a detailed experiment, you would have to make a detailed list – check our research paper methodology example for more ideas on this.

Any other changeable factors that might have to be incorporated

There might be kinds of equipment or other factors that develop as you go through the actual implementation of the plan. They could be factors that you have not really thought about.

Record of the actions that take place

Here you need to mention the ways in which your participants behaved and how you recorded the various actions that occurred. It is necessary to record the correct order or sequence in which it happened too.

Once you have your methodology section in place, it would be advisable to ask a competent person to proofread it. Comparing it with the research paper methodology examples you find on our site would be good enough for a start. However, if you want a thorough check to be done, call "essay writer for you"; our rates are affordable.


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