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Shadowlands Alpha - Oribos Preview

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Shadowlands Alpha - Oribos Hub Preview
The first iteration of Oribos is now available for viewing on the Shadowlands Alpha. This will be the main hub for both the Horde and Alliance during the expansion. There are currently no quests to do, but here are some notes of interest:

  • There are currently four floors to explore. The main floor is the largest, with a set of stairs that lead to a small lower section and teleport pads in the center that lead to the portal room. The upstairs is currently unavailable.
  • The portal room is currently empty. Temporary placeholder portals are accessed on the outer ring of the main floor.
  • The inn is located on the right of the inner ring of the main floor.
  • The Enclave
    • Located in the lower left of the inner ring of the main floor.
    • The PvP vendors are located here. There is a conquest vendor and an honor vendor allowing you to purchase PvP gear with both currencies. There is also an upgrade NPC next to them for upgrading gear much like in Pandaria and Warlords.
    • There are also covenant embassies in this area.
  • Hall of Curiosities
    • Located in the lower right of the inner ring of the main floor.
    • You will find the barber shop, transmog NPCs, stable masters, and vendors here.
  • Hall of Holding
    • Located in the upper right of the inner ring of the main floor.
    • The bank is located here.
    • There is a large vault next to the bank in the upper right inner ring. This seems to be the location of looting your weekly chests and accomplishments.
  • Hall of Shapes
    • Located in the upper left of the inner ring of the main floor.
    • This wing is entirely devoted to professions.

oribosmap00.jpg oribosmap01.jpg oribosmap02.jpg oribosmap03.jpg

oribos01.jpg oribos03.jpg oribos04.jpg oribos05.jpg oribos06.jpg
oribos07.jpg oribos08.jpg oribos09.jpg oribos10.jpg oribos11.jpg
oribos12.jpg oribos13.jpg oribos14.jpg oribos15.jpg oribos16.jpg
oribos17.jpg oribos18.jpg oribos19.jpg oribos20.jpg oribos21.jpg
oribos22.jpg oribos23.jpg oribos24.jpg oribos25.jpg oribos26.jpg
oribos27.jpg oribos28.jpg oribos29.jpg oribos30.jpg oribos31.jpg
oribos32.jpg oribos33.jpg oribos34.jpg oribos35.jpg oribos36.jpg
oribos37.jpg oribos38.jpg oribos39.jpg

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