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Today in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms - January 26

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Today in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms - January 26
Patch 8.3 adds N'Zoth assaults to Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. These new assaults work a little differently than what you would expect and are a very important part of keeping up with patch content. Click the banner below for an in depth guide.


Today in Uldum
There are several activities taking place in Uldum.

Assault: The Black Empire

Vision of N'Zoth Daily Quest (Vision of Darkness)

Daily Quests
  • Lessons in Brigandry - Loot 3 Black Empire Caches in Uldum.
  • Ramkahen Rescue - Rescue 6 Mar'at Villagers.
  • Blind the Eyes - Kill 6 Foul Observers in the Akhenet Fields in Uldum.
  • Questionable Sourcing - Collect 10 Coalesced Corruption from slimes in Uldum.

Daily Rares
  • The following Rare NPCs have a chance to drop collectibles such as mounts, pets or toys.
/way 74 83 Ishak of the Four Winds - Drops Reins of the Drake of the Four Winds
/way 49 82 The Grand Executor - Drops Hell-Bent Bracers (Spawns on top of the floating platform)
/way 56 52 Gaze of N'Zoth - Drops All-Seeing Right Eye (Required for All-Seeing Eyes)

Daily Bonus Events
/way 50 82 Monstrous Summoning
/way 62 79 Consuming Maw
/way 49 85 Call of the Void
/way 47 40 Spirit Drinker
/way 57 49 Executor of N'Zoth
/way 59 46 Executor of N'Zoth

Pet Battle World Quest
  • I Am The One Who Whispers - Defeat Whispers in a pet battle.
  • Strategy: Unborn Val'kyr [2 2 1] and Ikky [1 1 1]
    • Turn 1: Shadow Shock
    • Turn 2: Curse of Doom
    • Turn 3: Haunt
    • Bring in Ikky
    • Turn 4: Black Claw
    • Turn 5-7: Flock

Other Daily Activities
  • Reins of the Springfur Alpaca - Obtained by feeding Gersahl Greens to the Friendly Alpaca for seven days.
    • You can find Gersahl Greens along the Vir'naal River. Most of them spawn around the Lost City of Tol'vir.
    • The Friendly Alpaca is a rare spawn in Uldum. If you can't find it, look in Premade Groups for "Friendly Alpaca".
  • Shadowbarb Drone - Obtained by completing Ready to Fly, the final quest in a chain available after completing daily quests for 30 days.
    • To start the questline pick up the Voidtouched Egg at coordinates 20.8 61.9 in Uldum and then bring it to H'partho Ardoros.
    • To grow your companion you will have to complete daily quests offered by H'partho Ardoros in Ramkahen.
    • Completing this questline also rewards you with a toy Aqir Egg Cluster and a pet Shadowbarb Hatchling.

Today in Vale of Eternal Blossoms
There are several events taking place in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Assault: Mantid

Daily Quests
  • Siege Breaker - Sabotage 3 Vil'thik War Wagons in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • Taken by the Swarm - Free 6 Golden Lotus prisoners from Hardened Amber Cages in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
  • Dread Menders - Kill 6 Mantid ambercasters in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Daily Bonus Events
/way 30 60 Chin's Noodle Cart
/way 27 46 Ravager Hive
/way 17 45 Ritual of Wakening
/way 6 42 Mantid Hatchery
/way 27 18 Swarm Caller
/way 26 36 Swarm Caller

Pet Battle World Quest
  • Tiny Madness - Defeat K'tiny the Mad in a pet battle.
  • Strategy: Unborn Val'kyr [2 2 1] and Macabre Marionette [2 2 1]
    • Turn 1: Shadow Shock
    • Turn 2: Pass
    • Turn 3: Curse of Doom
    • Turn 4: Haunt
    • Bring in Macabre Marionette
    • Turn 5-7: Dead Man's Party
    • Turn 8: Bone Bite

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