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Revisiting Final Fantasy XIV's Eorzea Cafe With A Shadowbringers-Inspired Feast

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This isn't our first trip to Final Fantasy XIV's Eorzea Cafe in Akihabara, but our last visit was five years ago. A lot has changed since then, for both the cafe and game, making us eager to revisit, especially with the new menu items crafted in the image of Shadowbringers. Since this was our second visit, we wanted to go all-out and order up quite an impressive feast, complete with drinks and dessert.  

This first gallery showcases our feast in all its glory. We got everything from an Aramigo beef bowl to our very own potion drink. 

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75cd092e-757b-4f1d-84dc-b91c0effd62b.jpeg 9d84ff35-441c-43a0-960c-0747bc2a9c0e.jpeg 193687f8-6a5c-4473-9b91-7298d94d9ddc.jpeg bdc86bd0-c120-4937-9906-cd39489d9401.jpeg 0b83b99f-844f-4390-b2c9-cc426c48c23e.jpeg 0086b07c-2caf-448c-99a8-90a35d2e7b66.jpeg 74357700-f6bc-4114-94e8-3ae676df73a6.jpeg 4b92b8e4-9336-42f8-9985-7d63bb1e4822.jpeg e42a514f-1fec-46ff-bcb9-32de8467445b.jpeg 05a4248a-018d-4746-9a5d-e65c91877edf.jpeg 8c376218-db6e-44a0-996f-6ff6c16bc770.jpeg 740a65a4-c5aa-4a45-9bc2-c729e4b906e2.jpeg f4138e94-30c6-4b54-90b1-e103781b2123.jpeg ec5d0cda-b508-4c41-8217-16da7797d26a.jpeg cf6bc71d-e2f9-4a4a-bb41-465b9c4a67f4.jpeg 44160d32-e3fc-4fb2-a10f-6b2a44b8a651.jpeg



After eating, we got up and took in the atmosphere, which you get a glimpse of below. Yes, you can log into your Final Fantasy XIV account and play while there. 

Click image thumbnails to view larger version

df524bf5-1d89-4d7b-930d-ee5bd70a20b8.jpeg 4f0b0dee-8f9f-4239-b249-9e25228495a4.jpeg 824c8de8-1707-4d43-8655-dba2b97a4321.jpeg ca640890-9771-4ce1-a4e6-d774c8e953ba.jpeg 933b404b-4589-4e74-a2b8-5ccb666b345f.jpeg 96909d02-c4d5-4175-819d-4f66d01b01bc.jpeg af62ed05-dd55-4748-94d1-c02385728b35.jpeg 60478daf-f6d0-463b-9a14-4a7cdc67fd6f.jpeg e5aba880-23d1-4ec7-9672-aa564fca762d.jpeg 5086ea3e-2b12-45b0-92fc-4f265d9d0187.jpeg 6984100d-ae78-430e-806f-5da5a1c1c065.jpeg 10e03fcd-e774-4247-b5e6-ced6abf3f1ad.jpeg ce188737-67e6-4bcc-9044-732736be8207.jpeg 785435c3-597d-42e7-a4b0-d68643906f0e.jpeg 531e7d55-4101-4de9-9479-e966c13c6202.jpeg c8fee038-8a4c-49d2-ae54-69d63483f59a.jpeg ccd816aa-453e-441e-8444-e19df9bcfe69.jpeg 7bdc174d-41f8-43ef-b6ac-c829d032f35a.jpeg 65dd16cf-d2ab-4501-b766-1aa12bcfecd0.jpeg 55f088d4-978c-4e91-96aa-c147ed0e715e.jpeg c0c04e65-9465-41a2-8a65-e35ac2dc687f.jpeg



To learn more about the cafe, you can visit the official site here.  

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