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Method Claims World First Queen's Court Kill, Glory of the Eternal Raider World First

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Eternal Palace Race to World First - Method Gets World First Queen's Court Kill
Method has claimed the world first kill of Mythic Queen's Court! Limit killed it shortly after, and the race is on for world first Za'qul!


Glory of the Eternal Raider World First
Glory of the Eternal Raider has been completed by Horde and Alliance groups from the Achievements Discord! This achievement rewards the Azshari Bloatray mount, one of the four ray mounts added in Rise of Azshara.

glorypalace01.jpg glorypalace02.jpg

The World First for this feat goes to a group from the Asian realms.


Name Category
achievement_boss_warlord_kalithresh.7d5e You and What Army? Defeat Abyssal Commander Sivara in The Eternal Palace while all three of her lieutenants are alive and engaged in the fight on Normal difficulty or...
Battle Raid
inv_conchshell.bdf3a09ef6fb46894540885f0 Intro to Marine Biology Defeat the Blackwater Behemoth in The Eternal Palace after collecting 50 samples of sea life from within the Darkest Depths on Normal Difficulty of...
Battle Raid
ability_rogue_sprint_blue.ff7d7184e6d4d9 Fun Run Defeat Radiance of Azshara in The Eternal Palace after running 6 consecutive complete laps around her arena without falling into the water on Norma...
Battle Raid
spell_azerite_essence02.jpg Simple Geometry Defeat Lady Ashvane in The Eternal Palace after having each cast of Arcing Azerite pass through her on Normal difficulty or higher.
Battle Raid
inv_misc_herb_zoanthid.jpg A Smack of Jellyfish Defeat Orgozoa in the Hatchery in The Eternal Palace after incubating a baby Zoatroid on Normal Difficulty or higher.
Battle Raid
inv_helm_crown_c_01_rose.26d96e546a5d8dd If It Please the Court Perform various emotes to earn Queen Azshara's Favor in the Eternal Palace, then defeat The Queen's Court on Normal Difficulty or higher.
Battle Raid
spell_nature_polymorph_cow.832f59e850bbc Lactose Intolerant Defeat Za'qul in the Eternal Palace after killing ten Twinklehoof Bovine on Normal difficulty or higher.
Battle Raid
spell_azerite_essence08.jpg The Best of Us Defeat Queen Azshara in The Eternal Palace with one player still alive who is currently affected by Essence of Azeroth on Normal difficulty or higher.
Battle Raid


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