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Patch 8.1.5 - Alliance and Horde War Campaign Continues

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Patch 8.1.5 - Alliance War Campaign
The Alliance War Campaign will continue in Patch 8.1.5. Spoilers below

  • The quest chain continues from Halfus Wyrmbreaker with "Loose Ends", which tasks you to find Kelsey Steelspark in the outdoor world version of Freehold.
  • Kelsey asks you to kill 10 Ashvane Loyalists and find 5 clues in the quests "Ashes to Ashvane" and "Correspondence Conundrum".
  • You then are tasked with taking out the leader Haughton Francis for a cipher in the quest "Getting a Clue". Kelsey sends you back to Halford ("Reporting In").
  • Valeera arrives with a message to Jaina that Baine wants to meet in secret to right a wrong Sylvanas has done to her family ("Don't Shoot the Messenger"). He has conspired against his Warchief to release the risen Derek Proudmoore back to his family, as Sylvanas was denying him free will and corrupting the honor of the Horde.
  • Jaina reluctantly agrees to meet Baine in the ruins of Theramore ("My Brother's Keeper"), resulting in a cutscene. Derek reunites with his sister. She agrees to help him and mentions that she knows others who know what he is going through, presumably Calia Menethil.
  • You are then tasked with doing a war table mission called "Spy vs. Spy". It lasts 4 days but can be reduced significantly with troops.
  • Once the table mission completes, you receive "The Gathering Storm" and must meet with Kelsey at the Clearcut in Stormsong Valley. She tasks you with saving troops and collecting parts ("Lost in the Field", Reassembly Required") and then protecting her on the hillside. ("Seeking Higher Ground")
  • You are sent to find Shaw in a nearby cave and then use a spyglass to witness Sylvanas arrest Baine, while Nathanos kills Zeling for their mutiny. ("Shaw's Shank Redemption")
  • Shaw has you report back to Jaina, who feels bad for Baine and hopes the Horde will now see Sylvanas for the monster that she is. (A Gathering of Foes")

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Patch 8.1.5 - Horde War Campaign
The Horde War Campaign will continue in Patch 8.1.5.

  • The quest chain continues from Bluffwatcher Proudscar, a Tauren near the docks, with the quest Righting Wrongs. This requires you to meet with Baine Bloodhoof at Plunder Harbor in Tiragarde Sound.
  • When you arrive to meet Baine, you witness a conversation with Valeera Sanguinar where they discuss meeting someone at Thermaore Harbor. Baine then presents the quest Ships in the Night which tasks you with locating Derek Proudmoore.
  • You board a small boat with Baine Bloodhoof and Thomas Zelling which sails to one of Sylvanas's ships, The Swift Vengeance. Here you grapple aboard, break in and find Derek Proudmoore unconscious in a cell.
  • You will need to obtain three keys from various named crew members on the deck of the ship, and slay 9 crew members in the process. This is split between two quests, Under Lock and Keys and Dead in the Water.
  • Once you have all three keys and have killed 9 crew members, turn the quests in at Baine and return to Derek Proudmoore in the hull, freeing him by clicking on the cage.
  • Baine will give you the quest Bitter Reunion which requires you to speak with Thomas Zelling, who is located on the deck of the ship.
  • Talking to Zelling will give you an option to set sail for Theramore, at which time Zelling will cast a spell that fills the ship's sails with wind.
  • After a not-yet-implemented cinematic, you arrive on a small island off the coast of Theramore Harbor. Walk back on to the ship and turn in your quest to Baine.
  • Thomas Zelling will give you the quest Under False Colors which requires you to complete a table mission called Casting the Bait. This mission is to trick Nathanos into believing that pirates stole The Swift Vengeance, not you, Baine and Zelling.
  • Zelling also gives you a Charm of Returning which when used returns you directly to the Port of Zandalar.
  • Once back at the Port of Zandalar, complete the table mission Casting the Bait, then talk to Nathanos Blightcaller to complete the quest.
  • Dark Ranger Alina, near Nathanos, will then give you a quest called Securing Warfang Hold. Set sail for Stormsong Valley.
  • Once you have arrived at Warfang Hold, talk to Boss Mida, a goblin. She will present two quests, Spy Games and Communication Breakdown, which require you to destroy three SI:7 communication devices and slay 10 SI:7 spys.
  • Mida's personal assistant, Kazit, will also present a quest named Tickets, Please? which will require you to eject five visiting spectators that do not have tickets.
  • When all three quests are complete, return to Mida and receive the quest A Display of Power.
  • Speak to Nathanos Blightcaller to witness the meeting of leaders at Warfang Hold in a cutscene.

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