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What to you is the best Gaming Movie?

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I've watched a lot if not all movies related to gaming ever produced and by far the best in my book is Ready Player One.  This movie has the most number of gaming characters I've ever seen and it gave me a good laugh.  So if you haven't watched it yet then you're missing a lot.


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For me it's Ready Player One as well.  It's a good one I guess and probably best one up to date. I like the futuristic approach in to it and how the story goes. The game is built by a gamer as well and revolves around his life when he was still alive. I watched it in 4D which is really amazing! I will recommend it ad probably watch it again on a big TV screen.

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Absolutely! It's the kind of movie you need to see over and over again. A sci-fi film with a heart, it revolves around true love, friendship, and loyalty.

And my favorite line in the movie is SHO: "Ninjas don't hug!" 🤣

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