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The official Centric Legends Minecraft server.

Join by connecting to minecraft.centriclegends.com!


Hostname/IP: minecraft.centriclegends.com

Port: 25565 (default)

Slots: 10

Version: 1.12

Mods: CraftBukkit

Plugins: Dynmap


Note: Sleep is enabled on this server. The server will sleep after a short period no player activity. You must attempt to join and wait 30 seconds before joining again. The server will startup automatically. The Dynmap will only work when the server is online (not sleeping).


Server Specs:

Windows Server 2016


Hosted in Kamloops, BC, Canada


Op List: (Server Admins)

@Eased - Eased_

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    • By Eased
      TeamSpeak Server Information
      Hostname: voice.centriclegends.com
      Port: 9987 (default)
      Server Max: 32
      Voice Chat Rules:
      - When in our voice servers you are required to use your in-game alias or forum username only.
      - Any guests you bring to our servers YOU are responsible for.
      - No drama.
      If you would like your own private channel with your own password, ask Eased and we can set you up with one. (Premium Members)
      If an Admin or Mod is abusing their powers, feel free to lodge a complaint against them by right clicking on their name and going to User -> Lodge Complaint About, and it will be investigated.
      If you would like an Admin spot for this vent, you can get one by donating to the guild. Vent is not free. Please donate using the following link: http://www.centriclegends.com - You can also donate to the guild in other methods such as farming in-game mats and gold!
    • By Eased
      Connect To: minecraft.centriclegends.com
      Slots: 32
      The server is updated to patch 1.5.2.
      Server Information:

      PvP Enabled
      Server restarts daily at 5:00AM (PST)
      16 Max-Players on at a time
      Vanilla based
      Server saves every 15 minutes
      Difficulty: Normal
      Up 24-hours unless an issue occurs


      Play nice!
      Don't steal
      No kill camping. (PvP is Enabled)
      Respect everybody
      No dirt pillars
      No floating trees (Face it, they're ugly)
      No spamming.
      No Griefing.
      Keep chat clean...ish
      No X-ray, speed hacks, fly hacks.
      No noise machines.
      Just enjoy yourselves.

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