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  2. Chipotle surprised the world today by announcing the Tony Hawk Burrito. What exactly goes into a Tony Hawk burrito, you ask? Brown rice, black beans, chicken, salsa, cheese, and guacamole make up the totally rad skating meal. The first 2000 fans to order the Tony Hawk Burrito get access to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Warehouse Demo on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. Lunch and video games? Seems too good to be true! The special burrito will be available to order via the app and online until August 14, so it's a limited-time special. On August 14, the tie-in hits a delicious apex with a 2-hour livestream on the Chipotle Twitch channel at 2 PM EST. Tony Hawk will be present alongside skater Jagger Eaton and actor Finn Wolfhard. They'll be playing the aforementioned game demo, obviously. But they'll also going to give away 5,000 free burritos for lucky viewers over the course of the stream. So that's pretty cool, because burritos are awesome. Read more at the official site. View the full article
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  4. The Last of Us Part II is a brutal game, but not necessarily because of the difficulty. It has plenty of customizable options that allow players to make certain elements more forgiving – but those same options also mean you can make the much harder for those who crave a challenge. If you fall into the latter camp, then you will definitely be interested in what Naughty Dog has in store for the game's upcoming update. https://twitter.com/PowerPyx/status/1292880223919382529 As tweeted by the trophy-focused folks at PowerPyx, the trophy list for The Last of Us Part II now includes two new awards under the "Grounded Mode" category – one for finishing the game on the Grounded difficulty setting, and one for completing the game with a permadeath setting. Grounded Mode in the original The Last of Us was also a post-launch addition, and its intelligent enemies and decreased HUD elements (like no visible life bar) made it an extremely difficult way to play. If that persists in the sequel, along with the inability to continue if you are killed, The Last of Us Part II could become a masochistic-but-rewarding adventure for the hardcore fans. Sony and Naughty Dog have not confirmed a release date for the new patch that adds this functionality, though you can see the new trophies in your PS4 menu right now. For more on The Last of Us Part II, read our review, or watch our spoiler-filled breakdown of the story. View the full article
  5. Have you seen our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review? Turns out, bumbling around as a babbling bean is a lot of fun. And people seem to agree. Today, Devolver Digital announced that Fall Guys has already sold over 2 million copies on Steam. That's a lot of kudos, a lot of eggs, and a lot of slime. Tons of slime. There's some other interesting stats in the tweet, too. That doesn't even take into account all those crazy beans that are playing on PlayStation. It's free on PlayStation Plus this month! The incredible team @Mediatonic and the super chill @FallGuysGame community have put up some wild numbers in just one week! Big thanks to all for all the great jellybean vibes. pic.twitter.com/6nW9vp6qeS — Devolver Digital (@devolverdigital) August 10, 2020 Have you got a crown yet? Are you rocking the ninja outfit? Triceratops? How do you feel about the team games? View the full article
  6. Riot's free-to-play digital card game Legends of Runeterra has revealed the next expansion and next region coming to the game. Targon arrives in the Call of the Mountain expansion on August 26, but that's not all... Riot has revealed that Call of the Mountain is part of a set. For this particular collection of cards, three expansion releases make up one bigger, cohesive set. You might be familiar with this sort of structuring from other card games, and the roadmap ahead is particularly interesting. Take a look at the image below for a good look at how this set is being structured. We haven't actually seen any cards yet, but I'm intrigued. The last expansion gave us all the pirates we could plunder with, and the Deep mechanic that creates giant sea monsters. I'm a big fan of the Deep deck, actually. With Call of the Mountain coming soon, I'm sure that card reveals aren't too far away. Check out the reveal trailer below, and check the official post for more details. Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  7. Hot on the heels of Funko's first PlayStation-themed series of Pops comes a second wave that highlights another four of Sony's most beloved gaming characters. Twisted Metal, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank, and Death Stranding are all featured in fun ways. All of these figures are exclusive to GameStop and will be available on October 5, yet can be preordered now. Twisted Metal's representative should come as no surprise; it's Sweet Tooth complete with his ice cream truck and sinister mile. Given this figure's larger size, it retails for $29.99. The Last of Us oddly gives us another sculpt for Joel rather than Ellie. Joel was also featured in Funko's first PlayStation line. This one is decidedly less bloody, and is the same sculpt with a different paint scheme. A Ratchet & Clank Pop wouldn't be right without the heroes together, and Funko did right by turning it into a two pack that retails for $22.99. No matter what form he is in, Clank always looks perfect. Death Stranding gives a cool figure for Sam Porter complete with baby. Sam and Joel sell for $11.99 individually. Funko says this is just the second of three waves of PlayStation figures it has planned. Who would you like to see featured in the third wave? Disclaimer: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer Sweet Tooth Joel Ratchet & Clank Sam Porter All of these figures once again come in boxes that show off that iconic PlayStation blue. You can see the Ratchet & Clank box below: View the full article
  8. Publisher: Bandai Namco Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Release: August 7, 2020 Rating: Teen Reviewed on: Xbox One Also on: PlayStation 4, PC With Fast 9’s theatrical release delayed until 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Fast & Furious Crossroads could have given fans a jolt of vehicular mayhem to tide them over. Even with the star power of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson reprising their roles as Dom, Letty, and Roman, respectively, this combat-racing experience sputters along like a clunker on its last mile, gasping for someone to hit the brakes and take it to the junkyard. The campaign, which clocks in at roughly five hours, has its heart in the right place. It has massive amounts of chaos, incoherent plot twists (as fans have come to expect), a little bit of humor courtesy of Roman, and huge setpiece moments, like cars being used in superhuman ways to dismantle a speeding train. We are also introduced to two excellent new characters to the Fast world: Vienna (voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green of Star Trek: Discovery fame) and Cam (voiced by Asia Kate Dillon, who is currently on Billions). Their personalities blend nicely with the existing crew, and give the game that ensemble vibe that is always present in the film series. Click image thumbnails to view larger version Their character models and animations are rough, however, and some of their dialogue is stilted, but I enjoyed the goofy, save-the-world mission they were on – which sees them trying to stop madman Ormstrid (voiced by Peter Stormare) from crippling the world’s defenses. It’s all nonsensical stuff, but the ideas are fun, yet come up short in executive and polish. Ormstrid has plenty of firepower to call upon, but the real threat the good guys face occurs whenever they get behind the wheel. Developer Slightly Mad Studios is well-versed in racing with successes ranging from Project Cars to Need for Speed: Shift. The studio’s expertise in racing excitement and precise driving controls are nowhere to be found here. What we experience instead are cars that resemble out-of-control pinballs, used to smash into everything haphazardly with a frustrating lack of visibility on the player’s part. Crossroads only offers one camera view, and it’s zoomed in too close to the vehicle, meaning you can’t really check what’s on your periphery. The one viewpoint is a puzzling design decision that makes the game nearly unplayable at times. The questionable vehicle physics and turning radius only complicate matters. I always felt like I was out of control when drifting. Smashing into rival cars with forceful sideswipes is enjoyable in the same way the Burnout series was, but the goofy physics steal away the excitement of the moment, especially when the rival car glitches out and spins like a top or drifts away like a balloon. In the game’s 30-plus missions, hundreds of vehicles are turned into smoldering steel, and while Slightly Mad Studios has some fun with the setups and locations, the vision never solidifies in a meaningful way and instead becomes a parade of functionality issues and bugs galore. You can’t even trust the casual-driving A.I., which sometimes collides into one another in comedic ways. Click here to watch embedded media The best missions embrace the idea of teamwork, pushing the player to switch between four different characters to accomplish various tasks. Each of the four characters’ cars are equipped with different gadgets, such as Letty having a grappling hook she can use to rip off a piece of armor, which exposes a weak spot Dom can attack with a rocket barrage. Moments like these happen periodically, and provide the flavor of the Fast movies, but just not the intensity or excitement. In most missions, even the ones that require teamwork, the goal is to simply ram a vehicle to death. Crossroads also offers a unique nine-player multiplayer experience that sees three teams of three trying to accomplish different tasks for a specific mission. For the mission Tank Takedown, the hero team is pushed to destroy the tank before it escapes. The villain team needs to provide protection for the tank. The third team is the cops, and they just need to stop and arrest both sides. The idea is sound, but all of the matches I partook in descended into unmanageable chaos, with cars flying every which way. I like how each team is equipped with different gear to try and thwart the others, but most of my takedowns came from the chaos and not carefully executed maneuvers. Many of us lived through the era of video games that was overflowing with bad movie-to-game adaptations, and Crossroads is a pointed reminder of those days, showing just how far games have come since then. It’s a mess of a game that hones in on why the Fast movies are great, but will make you want to put the controller down to watch one of those movies instead. Score: 5 Summary: Slightly Mad Studios' combat racer shows potential, but lacks polish and ends up being a frustrating play. Concept: An official new story in the Fast lore that shows Dom and company on their worst mission yet Graphics: Some of the vistas look great, but the vehicle damage, effects, and character animations are all rough and in the spotlight too often Sound: The soundtrack pumps out excitement, but it’s not enough to bury the stilted dialogue Playability: Car physics are too loose, and the only camera angle is too close and makes mission completion difficult Entertainment: Seeing the crew behind the wheel again is good, but they deserve so much better than this Replay: Moderate Click to Purchase View the full article
  9. Double Bounties For Remainder Of Season 21 Starting today, bounties will be doubled in Diablo III until the end of Season 21! Additionally, PTR testing timelines will be extended going forward so that the team can collect as much feedback as possible and make changes before patches go live. Originally Posted by FilthieRich (Official Post) Hello everyone – The trials this season brings upon a new event for the community. Starting from 11am PT today and through the end of Season 21, all bounties will be doubled. What does this exactly entail? All Horadric Caches earned from bounties will be doubled. This means that each time you complete bounties in an Act, you will now receive two Horadric Caches as opposed to just one. Double the bounty rewards! There are a few things to keep in mind with this effect: The bonus cache does benefit from difficulty level; it is essentially as though you completed twice the bounties. The rewards inside the Horadric Caches are otherwise unaffected; drop rates or the amount of individual rewards have not been altered. The bonus cache earned from Challenge Rifts is not affected; this is a separate type of cache. Check out our Game Guide for a list of bounty-exclusive Legendary items and more information on the Bounty system. On top of this, we would like to note that we plan on extending PTR testing timelines prior to each new season going forward. This will result in a slightly extended season, and will allow for 2 weeks of PTR testing for the community along with an additional week for the team to implement and work feedback/changes in before the season begins. The intention here is to make sure we can apply as much feedback as possible from the community during these PTR timelines while also giving us a good amount of time to test these changes before they go live. Thanks again. Happy slaying! View the full article
  10. On the latest Night City Wire stream, we got more details on the types of guns and tools that will be at our disposal in Cyberpunk 2077. As we learned previously, there are three distinct types: power, tech, and smart. Power weapons allow your bullets to ricochet off surfaces; tech use electromagnetic power, giving you the ability to punch through walls and cover; and smart weapons track targets in real-time as they're trying to dodge or run away from you. For some examples, a tech weapon like the Tsunami Nekomata is a chargeable semi-automatic that pierces through concrete like it's cardboard, while a TKI-20 Shingren uses burst fire and micro-guided missles so targets can't avoid your wrath. As you build your shooting skills up, you can expect to feel your mastery with increased accuracy, faster reloads, and better aiming. In addition, you can add attachments and software mods. Attachments, like scopes or silencers, often give you a stats or situational advantage. Software mods change stats pertaining to damage and accuracy, while also providing things like the ability to use biochemical rounds to tear through enemies' armor faster. Guns are located all over; you can grab them off enemies or find loot caches, and they have different rareties, going from uncommon to legendary. Legendary weapons will obviously not be easy to find, as they all come with their own unique abilities, and sometimes you will have to make a difficult decision about how bad you want one. For instance, you may like a character, but they're holding that coveted legendary weapon. The only way you can get your hands on their sweet weapon is to kill them for it. Will you spare them because you want them around, or get greedy and go in for the kill? The weapon could be more valuable in the long run. The Night City Wire also delved a bit more into the different tone of the life paths and gave us a look into Johnny Silverhand's band Samuari. Cyberpunk 2077 launches on November 19 from PS4, Xbox One, and PC. View the full article
  11. @zakk_exe on Twitter After weeks of rumors circulating regarding a second next-gen Xbox console, new information has potentially come in the form of a leaked controller purchased from a resale site by someone on Twitter. Twitter user Zak S posted multiple photos and a video of a controller he says he found on resale website OfferUp. On the side of the box, the controller lists all the devices it's compatible with, one of which is, "Xbox Series X|S," pointing toward the rumored, unannounced console from Microsoft. The listing was for, "Brand new still in box Xbox 1 controllers" for $40, indicating the seller likely didn't know that the controller is actually Microsoft's new controller. The Twitter user says the seller accepted his offer of $35. The controller is in Robot White, a new color for Xbox's next-gen gamepad, but on the side, the mention of Xbox Series S is what is catching most people's eyes. Xbox series X controller found in the wild!! pic.twitter.com/TEns4z45CB — Zak S (@zakk_exe) August 9, 2020 Also of note, if you look at the photos of the instruction manual included with the controller, it shows that the new Xbox controller still uses batteries, a convention not used by either PlayStation or Nintendo. The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller utilizes a high-quality rechargeable battery for up to 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge, so there was speculation that the next-gen controller could use similar charging technology, but it appears as though you'll have to splurge on the premium gamepad if you don't want to swap out batteries every so often. The Verge says it was able to confirm the controller is genuine. We still don't have any information about when we'll be able to get our hands on the Xbox Series X or S outside of "holiday 2020." Xbox representatives did not immediately return our request for comment. [Source: Zak S on Twitter, The Verge] View the full article
  12. Publisher: EA Sports Developer: EA Vancouver Release: October 9, 2020 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), TBA (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X) Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Ultimate Team is arguably FIFA’s most popular mode. There’s something about opening packs to build a star-studded team to take on other players that’s extremely absorbing and never fails to get old. Of course, each year EA Sports tries to improve the mode to keep fans coming back to this popular destination, best known as FUT. We recently discovered more about the new features in store for FIFA 21. Here’s what we found most promising. It Features Online Cooperative Play For The First Time Ever wanted your friends to join in on the action? FUT will let you do just that. You can play 2v2, head to head, or partner with a friend against the A.I. The FUT menus will now feature a “friends hub” to make playing with friends easy. Here, you can see if your friend is currently in a match and toss an invite to a session. Once accepted, they’ll hit the lobby, where you can choose to participate in squad battles, division rivals, or friendlies. Choosing squad battles or division rivals will allow both players to earn progression and weekly score for their club based on the result, meaning no one needs to sacrifice their own progression to play with a friend. If you want a risk-free way to play with others and work on strategies, friendlies is the mode you want. To create meaningful progression, co-op objectives are being introduced, so you can support your FUT club this way. Some objectives will have to be completed exclusively in a co-op match to earn the extra XP. Don’t worry, there will also be additional objectives that can be completed solo or in a co-op game, so you’ll have plenty of ways to progress. New FUT Events Include Community And Team Objectives When people work together good things happen, right? EA Sports is always introducing more ways for players to collaboratively unlock rewards. Community events will have different tiers for rewards, as you help the community move through these different milestones and unlock better perks. As players complete specific in-game objectives, the contributing XP is counted toward all players in the community. In addition to community events, there will also be team events where you pick your side and unlock rewards that way. EA Sports said this will start with selecting one of five teams to align with. For an example, you might pick your faction based on the Premier League’s big guns, like picking Chelsea or Liverpool. Once you pick a team, you get an in-game objective group, which can range from getting a certain amount of assists or wins, and each one you complete earns XP for you and your team. The result of the event will determine which teams are rewarded and what rewards they earn, whether it be packs, players, coins, or customization options. Your rewards can then be used to grow or customize your clubs and show off your participation in the event and proudly announce the teams you backed. Better Player Onboarding For Online Play Feeling like you want to make the jump to online, but afraid to be overmatched? To ensure players, especially those taking their game online for the first time, get paired accordingly, FIFA 21 has a new way to do your placements for division rivals through squad battles. According to EA, over the course of your first 20-40 games, squad battles will continually access your skill and start to calculate your approximate online skill based on the way you’re playing the game. When those games are completed, players will automatically get placed inside a division that feels better suited for their skills. Click here to watch embedded media FUT Stadiums Give You More Ways To Customize For FIFA 21, the FUT stadium is a welcome addition and looks to be a big way to build your own identity in this mode. This feature goes beyond the stadium themes we saw in the past. Your stadium will grow with your club and offer up plenty of ways for you to alter its look, from the stadium lights to the trees and other landscape features. As you play, you earn upgraded stadiums, which give you even more customization options and increase the capacity for fans to really help sell your growing popularity. Expect to be able to alter everything from seat colors to banners to even how you display the trophies you earn within it. Final Thoughts… In addition to what we discussed above, FUT has a lot of other great tweaks for FIFA 21, such as reworked menus for easier access, streamlined team management by removing fitness and training from the mode entirely, and adding new icons to the roster like Eric Cantona and Philipp Lahm. Also, if you start FUT on your current console and then purchase a new-gen console, you are ensured that your progress will carry over. So far it looks like EA Sports is continually finding ways to keep this a social experience and providing reasons to keep you coming back, which all sounds pretty great to us. You can watch the in-depth video above to see these changes in action. What has you most excited for FUT 21? Let us know in the comments below! View the full article
  13. IKedit - World of Warcraft Class Series Trailer IKedit is bringing back the World of Warcraft Class Series. If you like the Druid and Demon Hunter videos then consider supporting him on Patreon and vote for the next Class Series! Shadowlands Beta - The Great Vault The Great Vault has received an update in the latest Shadowlands Beta Build, changing the numbers required to unlock more gear options. Raids: To add items to the Great Vault you will have to defeat 3, 7 or 10 Raid Bosses (unchanged from the previous build).Mythic Dungeons: To add items to the Great Vault you will have to complete 1, 4 or 10 Mythic Dungeons instead of 1, 5 or 15.PvP: To add items to the Great Vault you will have to earn 125, 350 or 875 Conquest Points instead of 100, 150 or 250. Super Squirt Day (EU) Squirt the Wandering Trainer is up today in the Garrison on EU realms! The Pet Battle Bonus Event is also active this week, which means you can level pets very fast. If you have the Safari Hat or a Lesser Pet Treat then you can use the strategy below to level pets from 1 to 25 in just 3 minutes. Alternatively, you can use other setups highlighted on Xu-Fu's Pet Battle Strategies. Pets: Enchanted BroomBoneshardAny Level 1 Pet Strategy: Sweep - Puzzle is forced inSwap to your Level 1 PetSwap to BoneshardBONESTORM (first ability)BONESTORM (second ability)BONESTORM (third ability)Pass - Boneshard diesSwap to Enchanted BroomWind-UpWind-Up - Puzzle dies, Deebs comes inBatter - Deebs dies, Tyri comes inBatterView the full article
  14. Click to watch embedded media It's been since June that CD Projekt Red rolled out a ton of new information about one of the world's most anticipated titles. But since then, the news on Cyberpunk 2077 has gone silent as the Polish developer continues to prep the game's release for November. But that all ends today as fans can finally get another peak behind the curtain at the ambitious RPG everyone is waiting for. Join us as we watch the second episode of Night City Wire and react together with the GI community. We'll be going live at 10:45 a.m. CT with a little preshow action to discuss what we're excited to see from one of the year's biggest titles. And remember to subscribe on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, and Facebook to get notified when we go live! View the full article
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  16. Looking For Baal? The community has been full of rumors and rumblings in regards to the recent updated trailer for Diablo: Immortal, which you can view below. We can see in the final scene of the trailer that Baal is back; however, we already knew that information. While there are plenty of new clips added into this trailer, the majority of the video is still the same footage as the original announcement from 2018. You can see the same tease of the Lord of Destruction from the older trailer, even the poor fallen and cultists caught in Baal's wrath. Demons coming back to life is something we're all familiar with in Diablo games as their ability to resurrect has been well established in lore, but the process by which they return has never been fleshed out. At the end of Diablo II Baal had infused his soulstone into the essence of the Worldstone, corrupting it to a point that Tyrael decided the best course of action was to destroy the ancient artifact. Hunting down these corrupted shards of the Worldstone forms the basis of the story for Immortal and they will undoubtedly play a part in Baal's return. We know from comments the developers made during BlizzCon 2018 that we will delve deeper into the machinations of how the Lords of Hell are resurrected, and that Skarn, one of Diablo's minions, is also looking to speed up the process of his lord's return through the shards of the Worldstone. I wouldn't be surprised to see other fan favorite characters in Immortal since the fates of Mephisto, Duriel, and Andariel are all unknown during this time period. Baal's return does raise some interesting questions for the overall story of the franchise. We know that by the events of Diablo III Baal is dead, since his soul is captured in the Black Soulstone, and that if he were to still be alive it would cause a major disruption in Diablo's plans to steal the powers of the other Great Evils to become the Prime Evil. Could we receive help from Diablo's minions such as Adria during the game? Or could the Lord of Terror himself have a more direct hand in ensuring his brother, Baal, is dead? I look forward to the lore and world building that Immortal promises and how the game will expand our knowledge of the inner workings of Sanctuary, Hell, and beyond. Q2 ATVI Earnings Call Not much was mentioned for the Diablo franchise in this quarter's call, but there was a change in how Blizzard was framing the next testing phase for Diablo Immortal. In previous earnings calls, Blizzard had mentioned that Immortal was slated to begin regional testing "mid year", but now they're stating that the game will go into expanded company wide testing shortly. For more information on this, be sure to check out the Diablo: Immortal 2020 Mid-Year update from Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng Later on in the Q&A section of the call there were some interesting points brought up about how they approached marketing for Call of Duty: Warzone by using limited marketing before the launch of the game, and ATVI is looking into expanding that kind of marketing practice to other Call of Duty titles. We've seen this kind of strategy put into practice for Immortal as well, since we've heard so little about the game since it was original announcement and subsequent backlash surrounding it. When asked directly about the original plans for Immortal's regional testing, J. Allen Brack responded that at Blizzard they have a wide demographic of gamers that they'll be sourcing feedback from in their company wide testing, and that their goal is to deliver a deep and engaging RPG on mobile that will be authentic to the Diablo experience which will meet the expectations of core Diablo players. Brack also took the opportunity to discuss Diablo IV briefly, saying that development on that title was moving along well and that the team is motivated by the community's excitement around the quarterly development blogs. View the full article
  17. Fan Art - Black Temple Trailer Hurricane is back with another fan art trailer! View the full article
  18. Are you ready to stop a vampire invasion? How about take on some really big, really rowdy werewolves? The Dark Heart of Skyrim marches on with the upcoming Stonethorn. The DLC dungeon pack includes a wealth of content as you bring the heat to the ancient bastion of Castle Thorn and take on a vampire army. Of course, there are new collectibles and rewards to be had for your valiant efforts. Stonethorn is launching on August 24 for PC/Mac/Stadia and September 1 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check out the gameplay trailer below! Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  19. Reckful Tribute In the latest Shadowlands Beta Build Blizzard pays tribute to Reckful, the beloved WoW streamer that has passed away, by adding a representative Rogue Trainer named after him. The NPC can be found in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City, the place where the community gathered to pay respect to Byron. Shadowlands Beta - Wands Transmog Restriction Lifted In the latest build of Shadowlands Beta, the wands transmog restriction has been lifted. Players will be able to transmog wands into One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords and Daggers as long as their class can equip these types of weapons. Thanks to reddit user leothar for finding this. As a Mage you will be able to transmog Wands into One-Handed Swords and Daggers.As a Priest you will be able to transmog Wands into One-Handed Maces and Daggers.As a Warlock you will be able to transmog Wands into One-Handed Swords and Daggers. Shadowlands Beta - New Hunter Tomes Two new tomes have been added for hunters in Shadowlands Beta: How to School Your Serpent and Simple Tome of Bone-Binding. How to School Your Serpent - Purchased from San Redscale in the Arboretum (Jade Forest). Requires Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent.Simple Tome of Bone-Binding - Unknown source. The flavor text "House of the Chosen" hints that the tome may be found in Maldraxxus. Hunters that learn these tomes will be able to tame Rei Lun, Tsulong, Shade of Hakker, Gluth, Reban, Hell Hounds and other creatures from the Cloud Serpents and Undead Beasts families. View the full article
  20. Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) WoW Classic The Qiraji Hilt, Qiraji Drape, and Qiraji Ring quest items are now tradeable and will no longer stack. Developers’ note: In order to enable the ability to trade to eligible looters within 2 hours of looting the Qiraji hilts, drapes, and rings, we've removed the ability to stack multiples of them. Additionally, only one of these items are needed for the non-repeatable quest so there’s no reason for them to stack. View the full article
  21. The biggest, most popular games already get lots of attention. Everyone knows that The Last of Us Part II is a defining game of the year and that Cyberpunk 2077 will be a must-play when it releases. But what about the hidden gems on the horizon? What about the games you don’t know you want to play because not as many people are talking about them? Every now and then, we enjoy taking a step back from the big releases to settle into something a little quirky or underrated. Here are 10 exciting upcoming projects that you might not be familiar with, but should be. 12 Minutes Developer: Luis Antonio Systems: Xbox One, PC Release: 2020 Forget about massive open worlds that require hours to traverse. 12 Minutes is an interactive thriller that takes place entirely inside a single apartment. In this top-down adventure, you are a man caught in a time loop. What starts as a romantic evening with your wife turns into a horror show when the police arrive and accuse you of murdering her. After the cops beat you to death, you wake up in your apartment 12 minutes earlier, forced to relive this sequence over and over again – unless you can break the cycle, stop your own murder, and uncover the truth. Backbone Developer: EggNut Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Release: 2021 In this gritty noir detective thriller, you step into the gumshoes of a P.I. named Howard Lotor who must tackle a string of investigations that grow progressively more outlandish. Oh, yeah, and Howard is also an anthropomorphic raccoon. This stunning pixel-art point-and-click adventure features plenty of stealth and branching dialogue trees inspired by classic CRPGs. If the visuals don’t catch your eye, the original doom jazz soundtrack might catch your ear. Boyfriend Dungeon Developer: Kitfox Games Systems: Switch, PC Release: 2020 In the world of dungeon crawlers, sometimes the only thing you can rely on is the sword at your side. That pointy piece of metal is so trusty that players often develop a lasting bond with their weapon. Boyfriend Dungeon takes that bond to the next level and lets you actually romance your weapon. This bizarre mix of hack-and-slash and dating simulator gives you nine weapons to romance, from dancing swords to heart-piercing daggers. If this all sounds a little too formulaic, then you probably need to read the last couple sentences again. Buildings Have Feelings Too! Developer: Blackstaff Games Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Release: 2020 We’ve seen plenty of city management games, but Blackstaff Games is taking the term very literally. In Buildings Have Feelings Too! you manage the emotions, fears, and daily desires of buildings. In this city, buildings can walk and talk to one other as you introduce new shops, offices, and entertainment facilities to your growing metropolis. Over time, you can research new technologies and create new architectural marvels, but can you keep pollution down and ensure that your structures remain happy? Chicken Police Developer: The Wild Gentlemen Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Release: 2020 Wait, another noir-thriller starring anhomomorphic animals? What’s in the indie-game-design water these days? Fortunately, Chicken Police's odd, photographic visuals and absurd humor easily set it apart. This buddy-cop adventure mixes classic point-and-cluck adventure game elements with visual novel gimmicks to tell a story full of foul play. If you don't like it, there will be egg on our face. Cris Tales Developer: Dreams Uncorporated, SYCK Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC Release: November 17 We’ve often daydreamed about peering into the future, and Cris Tales is a gorgeous fantasy tale that promises to give you that power. Inspired by classic JRPGs, Cris Tales is full of turn-based battles. Between fights, you explore the world and look into the future as well as the past. You view different timelines on screen, so you get a real-time glimpse of how your actions impact the future. A PC demo is available to play right now if you Eitr Developer: David Wright Systems: PlayStation 4, Mac, PC Release: 2020 The Loom of the Norns dictates the fate of all humans, but when the mischievous god Loki interferes with these fate-weavers, the life of a young Shield Maiden is thrown out of balance. Now, this Shield Maiden must travel across the nine worlds and battle hordes of otherworldly foes as she seeks to uncover the truth about her destiny. This action/RPG features a unique progression system; you must choose between permanent level upgrades and more powerful (but short-lived) perks. At the same time, you collect a wide assortment of randomly-generated loot from fallen enemies. Endling Developer: Herobeat Studios Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Release: 2020 We’ve seen our fair share of post-apocalyptic adventures, but they usually feature a human point of view. In Endling, you are one of the last foxes on the planet, and you must battle an inhospitable world to keep your cubs alive. In this artful 3D side-scroller you hunt for food to feed your defenseless furballs, build improvised shelters, and use the environment to sneak past the most dangerous creator on the planet: humankind. Maquette Developer: Graceful Decay Systems: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC Release: 2020 This first-person puzzle game places you into a recursive world within a world. In the center of your world is a model of the environment you inhabit. Like a Russian nesting doll, the area you inhabit is also a replica of the larger world above you. Any small change you make to the tiny maquette in front of you is replicated in your world, which leads to a chain of satisfying and clever puzzles. Spiritfarer Developer: Thunder Lotus Games Systems: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC Release: 2020 A lot of games address serious themes, but Spiritfarer aims to tackle one of life’s biggest mysteries: death. As Stella, you are a ferry master to the deceased. Your goal is to build an ever-expanding boat to explore the world and care for its spirits before they are released into the afterlife. As your boat grows, you farm, fish, harvest, cook, and craft a variety of goods. You also hear the emotional stories of people learning to deal with change, loss, and the ultimate goodbye. Those are our picks for some of the best hidden gems on the horizon, but if you have more time on your hands, be sure to https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/07/08/five-games-you-may-have-missed-…; target="_blank">play these Five Games Before The End Of The Generation. View the full article
  22. The Suikoden series is best remembered for its intense political storylines, expansive character recruitment, and epic battles. The last mainline entry in Konami's RPG series hit in 2006 with Suikoden V for PS2. Though we aren't technically getting a new game that franchise, we are getting the next best thing: a spiritual successor from key talent who worked on past entries. New studio Rabbit and Bear launched its Kickststarter for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, which surpassed its initial funding goal within hours, knocking out stretch goal after stretch goal since then. The game is now coming to new-gen hardware, and it got us thinking about what we’d want from a Suikoden-like game in our modern landscape. More Headquarters Customization Nothing represents building up your army quite like seeing your headquarters grow and watching more people roam the halls and set up shop. Nowadays, many games let you decorate and personalize your space, and Eiyuden Chronicle should follow suit. Whether it’s choosing layouts, colors, or which shops or rooms you want to build, having more ways to make this space feel like your own would be fantastic. It looks like developer Rabbit and Bear Studios agrees with this sentiment, saying there would be a lot of different ornaments and ways to build up an exquisite fortress town in the game. The more options, the better, so we’re hoping Rabbit and Bear also makes some of these upgrades meaningful by incorporating your decisions of what to build into gameplay bonuses, whether it to be stat increases or better items. Bring In New Social Elements The Fire Emblem series is a good example of how adding a social system can really enhance your connection to characters and the overall experience. Getting to know Eiyuden Chronicle's expansive roster of recruitable allies should come with some fun perks, whether that’s intriguing dialogue interactions or bonuses on the battlefield. This can be as simple as choosing to hang out with certain characters or take on activities with them. Fire Emblem: Three houses did this really well by involving you in day-to-day activities to build up relationships, such as training together or eating meals (Eiyuden Chronicle already promises a cafeteria, so that’s a start!). Another good example is the Tales’ series and its popular skits that focus on smaller bonding moments, where characters joke around with one another or reveal more insight into their past. Have In-Depth Backstories For Your Combatants Speaking of feeling more connected to your army, more complex backstories for the characters would go a long way. In past Suikoden games, there have been so many people to recruit that learning who they are and what they bring to your roster is often lost. It’s hard to get to know 100+ faces, but having more core characters with intriguing backstories alongside smaller supporting storylines for minor ones would help make you feel like the members of your army are people and not just some game mechanic for the completionist. This really could make all the difference, especially when it comes to a betrayal or shocking death. Knowing people’s motivations for joining your army could lead to some really compelling moments and build your attachment to them in the process. The Suikoden series always did a great job with the main characters and letting their past explain their actions (even if you don’t agree with them), I’d enjoy it if Rabbit and Bear Studios could expand on this even further, not just in the amount of characters, but in the types of stories that are told. After all, war affects everyone differently and everyone has their own opinions and reasons for choosing how they align. Make The Key Battles More Thrilling First off, let me preface this by saying: Keep the regular turn-based battles and the cool “unite attacks” that form by having certain members in your party at the same time! Thankfully, it looks like we’re getting just that. However, there's an opportunity to make the big combat moments the series is known for shine even brighter. Think of all the potential here since we last saw a mainline Suikoden game in 2006. Eiyuden Chronicle is going to be on new hardware like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, which just expands the level of detail and breadth of everything, from how many enemies can be on a screen to the creativity in the environments you fight. You should be able to feel the grand scale of these encounters, with more surprise moments and different gameplay mechanics. For those who remember, Suikoden let you engage in large-scale “army battles” that evolved with each entry. For instance, Suikoden IV had ship battles, while Suikoden V’s played out like a real-time strategy game. The possibilities for what Rabbit and Bear Studios could do in Eiyuden Chronicle are endless. I’d love for more expanded options and strategy in preparing your generals and the members of these groups. Duels were also an intense part of past games, and I’d like to see these brought back with less guesswork. In fact, while I advocate for the battle system to stay turn-based, I wouldn’t mind swapping to action combat for these, allowing you to block, dodge, and parry the enemy. I felt like duels and army battles were always meant to feel more chaotic and grand than they actually ended up being, and Eiyuden Chronicle has the opportunity to make these much more memorable and exciting. What would you like to see in Eiyuden Chronicle: 100 Heroes? Let us know in the comments below! View the full article
  23. Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Developer: Tango Gameworks Platform: PlayStation 5, PC Ghostwire: Tokyo is the new game from Tango Gameworks, the studio founded by Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami which brought us The Evil Within series. People in Tokyo are mysteriously disappearing and you are tasked with figuring out what’s going on while using your supernatural powers to battle eerie creatures. We recently got out first look at the gameplay, and it enticed us, but also left lingering questions. We recently sat down with game director Kenji Kimura to learn more about what's in store for this creepy action adventure game and how the PS5 is enhancing the experience. What are some of the inspirations behind Ghostwire: Tokyo? Japan’s diverse culture and the city of Tokyo’s many faces have given us a lot of inspiration. Also, many ideas were inspired by Japanese Yokai folklore, fables, modern day urban legends and famous scary stories which are scattered throughout the game. Can you discuss some of the creative process and your biggest goals for the game? Our main goal is to ensure that players have a lot of fun and enjoy the exploration, the action, and battles within the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo. To create our version of Tokyo, we not only wanted to add iconic landmarks and locations, but also locations that only locals might know – places that feel deep, mysterious, and interesting… the kinds of places that make our spines tingle. By squeezing all these into the game, we turned the city into a surprising, original version of Tokyo that can be enjoyed by those new to the city and those that know Tokyo inside and out. What can you tell us about the main character and the overall story? We can’t go into detail yet, but the protagonist is in a very special situation faced with various challenges. A miraculous encounter gives the protagonist paranormal abilities, through the use of hand gestures, to save an endangered Tokyo from an unprecedented event caused by unknown beings. The latest trailer looked much more action-packed than the previous reveal. Has the game shifted any in tone or concept since the change in directors? The atmosphere of our original version of Tokyo, the variety of experiences, quality of the visuals, etc., have always remained the same. The announcement trailer debuted at BE3 2019 introduced the world and atmosphere of Ghostwire while the recent gameplay trailer showcased actual gameplay and combat to highlight how dangerous our Tokyo is. It’s said this is more of an action game with horror elements and themes. How much are you delving into the latter, and how do you balance the spookier tension with the action-packed combat scenes? Ghostwire: Tokyo is an action adventure game, not a horror game. That being said, there will be moments of spookiness and mysteriousness. Because we are using Japan as the setting, we hope to deliver a fun experience packed with ominous, mysterious, and spooky elements based on Japanese Yokai folklore, fables, urban legends, and famous scary stories. How would you say this compares to Tango Gameworks’ past projects, and what do you think will surprise fans? Ghostwire: Tokyo takes the strengths of Tango Gameworks – such as realistic graphics, creating atmosphere, and eerie vibes –and evolves them in a slightly different direction. This gave birth to an ominous, mysterious Tokyo that one might even say is eerily beautiful. The challenge of making an action adventure game has given us an opportunity to create a different kind of fun when compared to what we previously offered. This is something that we hope players will enjoy because it allows for gameplay focused on exploring the city of Tokyo, solving a deep mystery, and overcoming various challenges and threats through the use of special abilities inspired by traditional Kuji-kiri hand gestures. It looks like we have a lot of supernatural powers to use against enemies. What are some of your favorites and why? The protagonist wields supernatural powers through the use of a combination of hand signs for various abilities. Each ability is cool and distinct in its own way. While the hand gestures in the game aren’t exact replications of Kuji-kiri, we hope players enjoy the numerous actions that are linked to the hand movements. We showed my favorite power in the gameplay trailer – grabbing the cores from the Visitors. The animations and the effects combine to create this awesome feeling of ripping something out of an enemy and heightens the sense of victory against strong foes. You use Kuji-kiri-inspired hand gestures to cast spells. Can you discuss more about this element and how you’re implementing them into the game? The protagonist uses various combinations of hand signs to employ various abilities throughout the course of the game. These gestures are not just for combat either, but also for exploration, to solve problems and mysteries, and to allow for different approaches for the player to progress through Tokyo. How does progression work in terms of gaining and upgrading your powers? As the game progresses, the player is able to power up each of the abilities so they can build out their favorite playstyle. The newest trailer showed several Torii – what do these mean in the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo? The Torii are a very important visual motif for Ghostwire: Tokyo and have deep significance in both the game and in the story. That’s all I can reveal for now! Why did you think Japan would make an interesting backdrop for the game? What are some of the different locales you wanted to include? As a follow-up, do you think American and European audiences will have the same connection to the setting? Ghostwire’s version of Tokyo is a unique, supernatural adaptation of the metropolis. It has the fun parts, with famous and iconic locations and landmarks condensed tightly together. Our Tokyo also features a strong contrast of light and shadows with neon lights and billboards. It blends the cutting-edge future with traditional culture, creating a mysterious, even spooky "feel” at times. With so many buildings and the variety of the city – it’s almost like a forest of buildings, with picturesque skyscraper views. I believe that these visual elements, combined with exploration and combat, along with our world design, will appeal to players around the world. Lastly, we felt that if we, Tango Gameworks, a game studio in Japan, made a game set in Japan, we might be able to make something very interesting and fun. How big is the world, and how important is exploration? Our version of Tokyo in Ghostwire takes the fun parts of Tokyo and adds them to the core parts of Shibuya to make them accessible. This creates a large area to allow for wide-linear type of gameplay that allows players to experience the main story and explore the city freely. Will there be boss battles? What can you tell us about this and the interesting foes we’ll face? There are various types of Visitors in Ghostwire: Tokyo, ranging from weak to strong, each with their own special abilities and roles. Japanese Yokai folklore, fables, urban legends and famous scary stories inspired the design of them – which may be hints of their abilities and roles! What is the power of the PS5 allowing you to add to the experience? You need to experience it directly because this is very difficult to explain, but the DualSense Haptics and adaptive triggers felt so good that it surprised us. We could feel and experience the various actions and attacks like never before. There’s also the 3D audio. It makes you feel like you are in our version of Tokyo. To “feel” the objects and beings that are there. There are times players will hear not just the familiar sounds of the city but also the sounds of the supernatural. Keep an ear out and pay attention because you can use those sounds to help solve the mystery and explore the city. Ghostwire: Tokyo is set to come out sometime next year for PS5 and PC. Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  24. Guerrilla's Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on both the Epic Games Store and Steam today, giving PC players a shot to experience Aloy's open-world adventure in the lands of robo-dinosaurs. PlayStation's last exclusive to head to the PC scene, Death Stranding, came with a smattering of upgrades and enhancements. We'll have to see how Horizon plays on PC, but there's a new trailer out to celebrate Aloy's arrival on a new platform. You can check it out below! Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  25. Ready for more Doom Eternal? Hell's never done with you, is it? More is on the way. Today, Bethesda Softworks shared a short teaser trailer of what's to come, a campaign expansion known as The Ancient Gods. Ancient gods are typically bad news in video games. Introducing the upcoming campaign expansion DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods, Part One Full trailer reveal at @gamescom Opening Night Live on August 27. pic.twitter.com/sdFQzGmJ6F — DOOM (@DOOM) August 7, 2020 They're usually really strong, really nasty, and have old grudges against things. This time I'm guessing we can tear an ancient god in half. Who knows. I bet it will be hardcore though. Anyway, you can check out the cool new teaser trailer below! The full reveal is scheduled to land during this year's (digital) Gamescom opener on August 27. Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  26. Maybe you caught the Bugsnax gameplay demo yesterday. Maybe you didn't. But have you ever wanted to know what Bugsnax you are? I sure did. Luckily, today Young Horses gave us everything we ever wanted by releasing a Bugsnax Instagram filter. You can do it yourself using the link in the tweet below! Do you want to know which Bugsnak YOU are? Check it out -> https://t.co/RkHl92HTpK — Bugsnax (YH Games) (@YoungHorses) August 7, 2020 Myself? I had to know. You can check out my own experience - and what Bugsnax I really am inside - below. What Bugsnax (kinda bug and kinda snack) did you get? Click here to watch embedded media View the full article
  27. Click to watch embedded media Throughout the year, publisher Paradox Interactive has been slowly lifting the curtain on Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 and getting fans excited about what's coming next in the series. But today, we're taking you back to the spooky streets of Los Angeles and showing off where the series began with the original 2004 entry. Join Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, and me as we sharpen our fangs and dive back into Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. We'll be going live at 2 p.m. CT so be sure to join us in the chat and end your week on a high note! If you can't get enough of our live shows, remember to subscribe on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, and Facebook to get notified when we go live each week! View the full article
  28. Publisher: Devolver Digital Developer: Mediatonic Release: August 4, 2020 Reviewed on: PC Also on: PlayStation 4 With the finish line in sight, a hamburger makes a leap of faith through the slowly spinning windmill. Unfortunately, a milkshake waits behind the scenes and hurls the hapless hamburger out into the void, sending him back to an earlier checkpoint. Somewhere across the obstacle course, a gaggle of beans tilts a see-saw platform the wrong way, sending a dozen players off into the sky. Elsewhere, a unicorn in a tutu cheers. Embracing the ridiculous and the fun, Fall Guys is a party-game battle royale, and it’s something special. Clearly inspired by shows like MXC, Ninja Warrior, and WipeOut, Fall Guys leans into its high-impact insanity and inspires laughter every step of the way. You and 59 other players take on a wide variety of mini-games to cut the field down to one lucky winner. Despite the winner-take-all endgame, you can form a team with up to four players, which allows you to group up with your buddies during team events, which is cool. Rounds are fast, and it’s no big deal if you lose. You can watch your friends play it out or head back to the lobby to join another game instantly. Many rounds are obstacle-laden races that have you tilting on seesaws, smashing into doors with your face, and outrunning slime. Team games like mini-soccer and ball-racing combine with other strange fare like breakaway walkways to mix up the experiences further. All stages are not created equal, and some of the games end up being filler (the memory game!) or frustrating, especially the team experiences. Click here to watch embedded media The core gameplay of Fall Guys is an absolute blast. Slamming into a wall as a babbling little bean wearing a duck costume is as fun and as stupid as it sounds, and appreciating the wacky physics as you are pushed, prodded, and flung across the stages is highly enjoyable. Being the last one holding the flag (tail) or making it up the mountain to the crown for a victory is exhilarating and intense without being too stressful. Belting the soccer ball into the goal with a perfect dive feels wonderful, as does being the last bean standing when the collapsing hex platform drops. Even when you’re eliminated early, you don’t really lose; you’re sent back to the lobby with some currency to buy cosmetics. You can use this money to become a pineapple. Or a dinosaur. Chase your dreams, little bean. Watching the hours melt away is easy as you master each course and soak in the dumb fun. After you’ve memorized the position and behavior of every wrecking ball and spinning hazard, you can engage with another layer of gameplay by messing with other players, grabbing them and trying to get them stuck on walls, bump them off edges, or hold them in place. Click image thumbnails to view larger version Just learning how to jump on a balance beam or dive to break your fall are rewarding lessons, with each course having a generous amount of “advanced” play available after you figure out the best ways to tackle the standard goal. Of course, some of the best laughs are had when the perfect plans end up going horribly wrong as other beans interfere, intentionally or just by happenstance. It’s all in the name of feeling good at the end of the day, and witnessing the pileups of assorted beans when everyone tries to squeeze through the same door is downright hilarious. A lack of variety is the greatest weakness in this otherwise excellent game. After a few hours of play, you will probably have seen it all, and maps start to feel stale despite the many emergent player-initiated hijinks. A few games, especially some of the three-team games like the egg-hoarding one, reward beating up on the losing team, which is an unpleasant (though surefire) way to win. While some degree of randomness is essential to the party-game experience, many of the team games can feel like you have no agency or impact on winning or losing at all, which doesn’t feel good. Fall Guys doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it’s hard not to grin after a few rounds of delightful diversion. Whether by yourself or with friends, this refreshing and ridiculous game makes every triumph and failure into a celebration. Score: 8.75 Summary: Little beans bring big amounts of fun. Concept: Participate in a variety of obstacle courses and events as a goofy bean Graphics: Stylish and a bit bizarre, the art style sells the experience Sound: Playful emotes and the incessant chirping of other beans accompany the peppy soundtrack Playability: Incredibly easy to pick up and play, but with plenty of room to master the tricks for each course Entertainment: Fall Guys is a masterful mix of party and prowess, held back only by lack of variety and a few lackluster games. Replay: Moderate Click to Purchase View the full article
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