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  2. Raven Software, one of the primary development studios behind Activision's annual Call of Duty series, has laid off a number of people within its QA department – some of which recently relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, where the company is based. News of the story first broke on Twitter, where Raven team members began posting about the layoffs, criticizing the company's decision, and asking people to reach out with any potential work for those affected. As of this writing, it's unclear how many people were laid off. "Our QA team does incredible work but this will not only increase their w
  3. After playing around with cards and mechanics exclusive to Magic: The Gathering Arena, Wizards of the Coast is expanding into supporting a new digital-only format called Alchemy. This new format and everything that comes with it will launch on December 9. Alchemy is built on the Standard format and its yearly rotation of sets. That means when the time comes for a year's worth of cards to drop out of Standard, they will lose legality in Alchemy as well. However, a pool of new, Arena exclusive cards will be added a few weeks after each Standard-legal set launches, meaning we'll see
  4. 343 Industries is preparing for the launch of the Halo Infinite campaign next week, but it’s also kept multiplayer feedback and improvements as one of its top priorities. The team recently updated its multiplayer progression system to give players increased XP for the first six matches of any given day in response to calls from the community for battle pass progression to be sped up. Another popular ask from the community involves playlists, or specifically, the lack of dedicated free-for-all and SWAT playlists, amongst others such as a Slayer playlist. Click here to watch embedded medi
  5. Drinkbox Studios has revealed that it is releasing a demo for its upcoming action RPG, Nobody Saves The World, next week. More specifically, the demo will hit Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam on December 7 as part of The Game Awards Festival. Like many of the demos playable in previous Game Awards festivals, this Nobody Saves The World sneak peek will only be available for a limited time. Click image thumbnails to view larger version https/sites/default/files/styles/entity_browser_thumbnail/public/2021/12/03/56bc2f64/nstw_boss_fight.jpg%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20/si
  6. As we approach the end of 2021, every podcast and major outlet is starting to reflect on the best the year had to offer. This week, Brian invites Game Informer associate editor Jill Grodt to talk about the best indie games that came to Switch over the course of 2021. The pair runs down a ton of indie games you can find on the eShop, giving you a wide variety of titles to help you potentially find something new that you might have missed earlier in the year. If you'd like to follow the people from this episode on Twitter, hit the following links: Brian Shea (@brianpshea), Jill Grodt (@Finruin
  7. Lionheart Season of Mastery Realm Temporarily Offline due to Transfer Exploit Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) We’ve temporarily disabled the Lionheart (AU) Season of Mastery realm while we take our next steps to address the transfer bug experienced on that realm. We’ll provide further updates here as soon as possible. Earlier today, on the Lionheart Season of Mastery Realm, players have noticed characters riding the Black Qiraji Battle Tank mount and wearing best in slot gear from PvP and Naxxramas. It
  8. Okay, things are going to get weird today folks. Get ready to join the replay team as they take on… The Barnyard Buds. What? Yeah, we don’t know either, but we’re going in! Get ready for thrills, chills, and all the best banter you can shake a burger at when we take over running the Happy Humble Burger Farm for a night of beef patties and tasty lettuce. We might get scared. Really scared. The Replay Crew loves to check out some unusual titles as we head into the holiday season, and what better what to celebrate the joyous spirit than with some incredibly disturbing restaurant horror with barn
  9. Sony is reportedly working on an Xbox Game Pass competitor that will include three tiers of service and essentially see PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now merge. This news comes by way of a new Bloomberg report that says the service will be subscription-based, much like Sony's current Plus and Now offerings and of course, Xbox Game Pass. The service, currently code-named Spartacus, will let PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 owners pay a monthly fee for access to a catalog of both modern and classic games. Click here to watch embedded media The subscription will be spread across three
  10. Season 25 | The Lords of Hell | Preview Blog Season 25 in Diablo III will begin on December 10th at 5:00pm (PST/CEST/KST)! Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post) Update on 12/3: Content in red represents changes recently made from PTR 2.7.2. Season 25 will begin on December 10, at 5PM (PDT/CEST/KST) shortly after our next Diablo III update. Read on to learn more about the season theme and balance changes coming in Patch 2.7.2. We are expecting this update to be released on December 7. Table of Contents Season Theme Season Cosmetic Rewards Season Journey Re
  11. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, the Naughty Dog-developed platformer that spawned two sequels and multiple spinoffs, is now 20 years old, and to celebrate the anniversary, Sony has rounded up some retrospective thoughts from Naughty Dog devs and other PlayStation studio leads. Hitting PlayStation 2 on December 3, 2001, The Precursor Legacy is officially 20 years old, and as noted by Sony Interactive Entertainment content communications manager, Tim Turi, who wrote today’s PlayStation Blog post, it marks an interesting point for Naughty Dog. Today, Naughty Dog is best known for Unchart
  12. Hazelight Studios, the team behind A Way Out and this year’s It Takes Two, has abandoned the trademark behind It Takes Two after Take-Two Interactive filed a trademark claim against it, it’s been revealed. This news comes by way of Eurogamer, which reports that Hazelight has indeed abandoned its trademark for “It Takes Two,” but remains hopeful as a studio that a resolution will be reached. The publication’s report indicates that Take-Two filed a trademark claim against Hazelight shortly after It Takes Two was released. Records show that Hazelight then abandoned ownership of the name. C
  13. Developer One-O-One Games and Meta Publishing have pulled the curtain back on Aftermath, a new survival horror game coming next year. Players control an astronaut who returns to Earth after a mission only to find the planet upended by an alien invasion. After a botched reentry to Earth, protagonist Charlie Gray finds herself alone, emotionally broken, but driven by a singular mission to locate her missing daughter. She’s up against an intimidating extraterrestrial menace, specifically an invisible hunter tracking her every move. Charlie must outwit this foe to survive while also confronting
  14. A handful of supposed Battlefield 2042 leaks appeared on social media yesterday and, due to their winter holiday theming, some fans were upset. New skins are likely a welcome addition to the online FPS, but some fans on the official Battlefield 2042 subreddit voiced their concern that a “Father Winter” skin for one of the specialists was a step too far – fans fear these skins indicate that 2042 will head in the route of Call of Duty: Warzone, which includes skins from Saw, Donnie Darko, and other less-serious cosmetics. The concern amongst fans is that 2042 is a more serious shooter compare
  15. Patch 9.2 Eternity's End PTR - Cypher Progression System Preview Today we are having an early look at the Cypher of the First Ones Progression System from Patch 9.2 Eternity's End PTR. Disclaimer: Please note that all the following progression systems are a work in progress, the content is not available for testing yet and many spells are currently placeholders. A few perks also seem to be missing, such as the ones that unlock flying in Zereth Mortis and the ability to wear 2 legendaries at the same time. Cypher Research Console The currency used to unlock perks is Cyphers of the First One
  16. Nintendo has revealed that Paper Mario is joining the Nintendo Switch Online catalogue next week. Revealed on Twitter, the company released a trailer for the Nintendo 64 game, sharing that it will join the Switch’s online games service next week on December 10. However, because it’s an N64 game, not all Online users will have access to it as you must be subscribed to the Expansion Pack version of the service to play it. Click here to watch embedded media “Adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches as a paper-thin version of Mario,” Nintendo’s
  17. Animal Crossing: New Horizons countless tarantula island is real, and it is an exceptionally efficient manner to Animal Crossing Bells pay off your loan for bug catchers with nerves of steel. Every Switch owner receives their very own island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and they all have the usual wide variety of tarantulas on them. A few days into playing the sport, you may free up the capability to redeem a Nook Ticket on the airport to fly to different, uninhabited islands; they seem to be randomly generated and you can in no way revisit them, so they exist for the only motive of
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  19. Click here to watch embedded media Techland's most recent episode of its video series Dying 2 Know shows off 15 minutes of gameplay and has an extra surprise at the end, which will be spoiled here, I guess. It's free games! Senior producer Kornel Jaskuła sets up the footage (at the 4:36 mark in the video above), which starts with protagonist Aiden Caldwell and his associate Lowain, played by Rosario Dawson, celebrating The City's power roaring back to life before suddenly shutting back down. From there, you'll see plenty of what I'm now calling "the Five P's of Dying Light 2 Stay Human": P
  20. The Stanley Parable is as unique and humorous today as when it launched way back in 2013. However, during the 2018 Game Awards, fans were treated to the announcement that an expanded version of the game, The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe, would arrive in 2019. It's now 2021, though developers Davey Wreden and Crows Crows Crows have always been the first to admit that window may have been wishful thinking. But after three years and a few sassy trailer updates, the game appears to be ready to ship – for real this time (hopefully). Crow Crows Crows announced on Twitter that The Stanley Parable U
  21. Quake, which was re-released for modern consoles and PC back in August, is receiving even more love from the devs at Bethesda and Wolfenstein developer Machine Games with a new mode and content added with Update 2. Out today on all platforms, Update 2 brings a host of big fixes, but most importantly, an entirely new Horde Mode. Developed by the team at Machine Games, Quakes Horde Mode pits teams of 1-4 local or online players (or bots!) against swarms of AI enemies on four brand new horde maps. Every third wave of baddies will include a boss which coughs up a silver key which can be cashed i
  22. Moss is one of the better received PlayStation VR games, and Moss: Book II continues the adventure of Quill next spring. A new trailer gives a sneak peek at the journey that lies ahead for our diminutive heroine. Quill has hatched a plan to bring down the Arcane’s violent rule, but she’s being hunted by a winged foe. As she explores the castle that held her uncle Argus captive in the first game, she’ll encounter friends new and old while also solving devious puzzles and cutting down obstacles with her trusty sword. Click here to watch embedded media Moss: Book II will be available on P
  23. Click to watch embedded media The hot streak continues as we have another banger on this week's episode of The Game Informer Show! Join the crew as they take out their crystal balls and predict not only what games will win awards at The Game Awards, but what reveals we have in store for us as well. While the News and Playlist sections will return on another day, be sure to stick around for a heartfelt and hilarious listener questions section to wrap up the show! Follow the crew on Twitter: Alex Stadnik (@Studnik76), Alex Van Aken (@itsVanAken), Marcus Stewart (@MarcusStewart7), Kimberley W
  24. Patch 9.2 PTR - Sylvanas VO Last night's PTR build added some spoilers from Sylvanas. Patch 9.2 PTR Server Online Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Bug fixed, and we’re good to go. Thank you for your patience. Patch 9.2 PTR - Shadow Set Bonus Changes Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker) Greetings priests, The Shadow bonuses, specifically the 2-piece bonus, are going to undergo some changes based off the feedback provided. To start, the 2-piece bon
  25. Diablo II: Resurrected | 12.2 - PC Patch Notes - 2.3 / Build 67314 Patch 2.3 for Diablo II: Resurrected is now live on PC! Originally Posted by Hooley (Official Post) PATCH NOTES A new patch will be available this morning for Windows® PC. To share your feedback, please post in the Diablo II: Resurrected forum. To report a PC bug, visit our Bug Report forum. For troubleshooting assistance, visit our Technical Support forum. GAMEPLAY Players now have a “Game Difficulty Scale” available in the options menu for offline games, which provides the same function as the /players debug command
  26. Battlefield 2042 had quite the rocky start when it launched just a few weeks ago, mainly regarding bugs that plagued the experience for many players. Recent updates, such as Update 3, which was revealed yesterday, indicate that EA is committed to improving the 2042 experience. Now, new shake-ups at the company provide further evidence that EA is doubling down on Battlefield as a core franchise. In a new report by GameSpot, these shake-ups and changes are detailed, including news that Respawn Entertainment lead Vince Zampella, the person currently in charge of Apex Legends and other studio p
  27. The new expansion for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Fatesworn, will be released this month. More specifically, Fatesworn will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 14, and it will be available for $19.99. Oddly enough, despite Amalur being available on the Switch, THQ Nordic’s press release about today’s Fatesworn news doesn’t mention the Switch when it comes to platforms for the expansion. Click here to watch embedded media “This year on December 14, the journey of the Fateless One continues,” THQ Nordic’s press release reads. “After the Crystal War has been fought and
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