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    PS4 digital library accessible on any system

    By GameSpot,

    Sony engineer reveals gamers can sign into PSN account and access complete digital library on any system.




    The PlayStation 4 will allow users to sign into their PlayStation Network account and access their complete digital library on any system, Sony engineer Neil Brown said today at Develop.



    "You can visit your friend's house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library, which is good," Brown said, as reported by PlayStation Magazine U.K..


    Game downloads at a friend's house won't take all day, Brown explained. By leveraging the PS4's "Play As You Download" feature, gamers can play "at least the first section" of a game right away, while the rest of the title is downloaded in the background.


    "This makes a digital library a practical option in the real world," Brown said.


    Competitor Microsoft announced a similar feature in June, saying gamers can play any of their games from any Xbox One thanks to the digital copy being stored in the cloud.


    "So, for example, while you are logged in at your friend�s house, you can play your games," Microsoft said at the time.


    It is unclear if this policy has been amended following Microsoft's major policy reversal last month. A Microsoft representative was not immediately available to comment.



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    "PS4 digital library accessible on any system " was posted by Eddie Makuch on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 12:09:54 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Second Life studio acquires Desura

    By GameSpot,

    San Francisco-based Linden Lab buys digital distribution hub for undisclosed sum; service will continue uniterrupted.




    Second Life creator Linden Lab has acquired digital distribution service Desura, the San Francisco-based company announced today.



    The service will continue uninterrupted for current Desura customers, as the team and technology becomes a part of Linden Lab.


    Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


    "Desura's talented team, thriving business, and impressive technology are a great fit for Linden Lab," said Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble in a statement. "This acquisition gives us a global platform for serving creative developers of all kinds, and we're looking forward to growing both Desura's global community of gamers and its fantastic portfolio of thousands of games, mods, and other content. Our aim is to invest and support the Desura team in making it the most open and developer-friendly platform in the world."


    Linden Lab's acquisition of Desura is the second buyout from the company this year, following its acquisition of iPad game Blocksworld in January.


    Second Life recently marked its 10th anniversary. Since opening to the public on June 23, 2003, the game's 36 million registered users have spent the equivalent of more than 217,266 years in the virtual world. The game currently sees 1 million players per month.


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    "Second Life studio acquires Desura" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 10:56:56 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Miyamoto teases "new franchise" for 2014

    By GameSpot,

    Mario, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto says mystery project has been "keeping me pretty busy."




    Famed game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Zelda, has teased a "new franchise" for 2014.



    "We'll have Mario Kart 8 out next spring, and at that point we'll have the whole lineup in place, so I think it's about time we brought out a new franchise," Miyamoto said in the latest issue of Famitsu (as translated by Polygon). "I can't give out details, but that's the title that's been keeping me pretty busy lately."


    A new and original game from Miyamoto was first revealed in January 2012, when the Associated Press reported that the designer was at work on an "undisclosed original title."


    Miyamoto's most recently released title was March's Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS. He is currently working on Wii U game Pikmin 3, due to launch August 4.


    The designer turns 61 this year, and said in March that it would be "strange" not to be thinking about retirement, though he has no immediate plans to step down from his post.



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    "Miyamoto teases "new franchise" for 2014" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 05:31:47 -0700


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    Xbox One sold out at Best Buy

    By GameSpot,

    Retailer no longer accepting online pre-purchases for Microsoft's $500 next-generation console.




    The official Best Buy product page for the Xbox One (via IGN) indicates that the retailer has sold through its stock of the next-generation console and is no longer accepting online purchases.



    The $500 console remains available for pre-purchase at retailers like Wal-Mart, Amazon, GameStop, and Target, among others.


    GameSpot has reached out to Microsoft regarding if Xbox One stock will be replenished at Best Buy.


    The news comes just days after GameStop stopped accepting PlayStation 4 preorders "due to high demand." The $400 machine remains unavailable at the retailer, though other outlets have units in stock.


    The Xbox One and PS4 both launch this holiday season.



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    "Xbox One sold out at Best Buy" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 05:06:47 -0700


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    GTAV gameplay trailer captured on PS3

    By GameSpot,

    Rockstar Games confirms newly released trailer for open-world game captured with footage from PlayStation 3 version of the title.




    Footage from the debut gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V released yesterday was captured on the PlayStation 3 version of the game, Rockstar Games has confirmed.



    "Just to clarify for those asking, this particular video was captured with footage from the PS3 version of the game," Rockstar Games said on its website.


    The nearly five-minute video (below) details the game's new three-protagonist system and introduces players to a range of new locations, items, and activities. The video was captured entirely from in-game footage.


    GTAV launches worldwide September 17 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. PC and Wii U versions are "up for consideration," while Rockstar is reportedly hiring programmers to bring its "latest titles" to PC.



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    "GTAV gameplay trailer captured on PS3" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 04:46:44 -0700


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    Plants vs. Zombies 2 delayed for further server testing and price model balancing

    By GameSpot,

    Game to soft launch in Australia and New Zealand this week.




    The launch of the upcoming PopCap title Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time was delayed so the developers could test the title through numerous servers, senior producer Allen Murray said in an interview with Polygon.



    Australia and New Zealand will be getting their hands on some zombie genocide later today, but the rest of the world will have to wait.



    The company wants to test the game's foundations including its back end server capacity, cloud saving system, and cash shop options, before releasing the game widely. Murray said that while the game does not require an internet connection, gamers can take advantage of its numerous features if connected online. "You can save your progress and share accounts across multiple devices--and we need to make sure those systems, along with our ability to stream that content to players, works."


    Murray said that PopCap needs to stabilize and tweak its pricing models. Gamers who are participating in the soft launch in Australia and New Zealand later today will see price fluctuations in the cash shop.


    Murray said the soft launch was set in those two countries because the company does not know how stable the backend servers are. "If we had more players than we could account for, some of the systems might fall over. We want to be double confident, so we're testing it in a smaller region. This allows us to have a more controlled testing player base and determine how to keep the game healthy, then map that to the expected growth when we launch worldwide."


    Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time had a release date of July 18 before getting pushed back to late summer.



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    "Plants vs. Zombies 2 delayed for further server testing and price model balancing" was posted by Jonathan Toyad on Wed, 10 Jul 2013 02:36:42 -0700


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