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    DICE: Mirror's Edge 'Deserves a Proper Launch'

    By IGN,

    DICE: Mirror's Edge 'Deserves a Proper Launch'

    If the reveal trailer for Mirror's Edge reboot proved one thing, it's that DICE appears to understand what made the original special. The great fear was that a sequel would abandon the female lead, underemphasized gun combat, and clinical aesthetic. Instead of trying to make Mirror's Edge more "mainstream," executive producer Patrick Bach tells IGN that DICE needs "to take good care of what Mirror’s Edge is supposed to be and do something great with it.”


    So why couldn't Mirror's Edge 2 have happened sooner? Why is now the right time?


    "Why not now?" Bach says. “We had to dwell on what it should be and what it could be, as well as find the right focus for the franchise, bringing it back and not just rushing it out there. I think the franchise deserves a proper launch."


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    Source: IGN

    Bethesda says Prey 2 still isn't worth talking about

    By GamesRadar,

    e2b0e8b26c535bcebfb1bc6364f5948b601443ae.jpg__298x168_q85_crop_upscale.jpg No sneaky relaunches here, Pete Hines says...


    Source: GamesRadar

    NPD: 3DS and Injustice top May sales

    By GamesRadar,

    eeead9a6cbebefe43030ecf58176f6f75fad5326.jpg__298x168_q85_crop_upscale.jpg Total game industry retail sales down 25 per cent year-on-year…


    Source: GamesRadar

    10 minutes of Thief gameplay released

    By GamesRadar,

    217adcbca3d7bd3308874a49fdc026f3475c8c28.jpg__298x169_q85_crop_upscale.jpg Garrett bids to steal a precious gem called the Heart of the Lion…


    Source: GamesRadar

    Torchlight free for GOG's DRM-Free Summer Sale

    By GamesRadar,

    dd6df53e599514ee1f5036f386e79e529a8f5776.jpg__298x168_q85_crop_upscale.jpg Daily deals will discount 500-plus games from 50 percent and more...


    Source: GamesRadar

    Ken Levine writing script for Logan's Run remake - Report

    By GameSpot,

    Warner Bros. reportedly taps BioShock creator to write screenplay for remake of 1976 sci-fi film.




    It appears Ken Levine is taking his skills to the big screen. Deadline reports today that Warner Bros. has tapped BioShock creator Ken Levine to write the screenplay for a remake of 1976 sci-fi film Logan's Run.



    The original film was based on a 1967 novel from William F. Nolan and George Clayton John that depicts a dystopian society set in 2116 wherein all people must agree to be executed at age 21 in an effort to control population.


    The 1976 film was directed by Michael Anderson and starred Michael York, Richard Jordan, and Jenny Agutter.


    According to the report, Levine will continue his role as creative director at Irrational Games, which released BioShock Infinite in March. The company has no announced games and Levine said earlier this year that he has "no idea" what the studio will make next.



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    "Ken Levine writing script for Logan's Run remake - Report" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Tue, 18 Jun 2013 11:25:57 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

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