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    Witcher dev: The game counts, not the money

    By GameSpot,

    CD Projekt Red CEO says people buy their games because they trust them; "If we screw that up, it's the end of the story..."




    CD Projekt Red CEO Marcin Iwinski has spoken out regarding the business of making games. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Iwinski said making money is important to the health of the studio, but it should not be put before gamers' best interests.



    "But at the end of the day, the game [counts]--and not the money. Because the game will make the money if it�s good," Iwinski said.


    He said some people believe it's the other way around; and in the short-term, from a business perspective, this makes sense. However, putting aspirations for money before game design could lead to gamers losing faith in the company, something Iwinski wants to avoid.


    "I think it's in a way our trademark. People buy our games on day one because they trust us," Iwinski said. "And if we screw that up, it�s the end of the story pretty much."


    Elsewhere in the interview, Iwinski said downloadable content and updates for the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be free, while console pricing has yet to be determined.


    "It's too early to talk specifics, but definitely all the DLCs and updates will be free," Iwinski said. "Of course, we'll see what the platform holders will allow--what we can do for free [on next-gen consoles]. I mean, there are different business models on consoles. From our standpoint, we'll definitely do everything we can to deliver the same experience across all platforms."


    If CD Projekt Red decides to create "big" expansions for The Witcher 3, the studio will charge gamers an "honest and fair" price for the content, Iwinski said.


    "But again, it's all value for money," he said. "I think $15-$20 for new gameplay is a pretty honest and fair deal. But additional weapons and fixes, those of course come as part of the package."


    The Witcher 3 launches in 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.



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    "Witcher dev: The game counts, not the money" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 07:34:55 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits iOS June 20

    By GameSpot,

    Strategy game coming to iTunes this Thursday for $20; head-to-head multiplayer mode will be added later as free update.




    XCOM: Enemy Unknown will launch in the iTunes App Store on Thursday, June 20, 2K and Firaxis Games announced today. The strategy game will be available for $20 and is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.



    XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS was announced in March and is described as the "complete XCOM experience." It includes GameCenter support and makes use of iCloud functionality, allowing players to save games across every iOS device they own.


    The game's head-to-head multiplayer mode will not be available at launch, but will see release "at a later date" as a free update to the title.


    Supported devices for XCOM: Enemy Unknown iOS include: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.


    XCOM: Enemy Unknown for consoles and PC launched last October. For more, check out GameSpot's review.



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    "XCOM: Enemy Unknown hits iOS June 20" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 05:26:04 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Microsoft's Xbox One games will be $60

    By GameSpot,

    Xbox maker confirms its titles will be sold for current-generation standard; other publishers have yet to discuss pricing.




    Microsoft's Xbox One games will retail for $60, the same price as Xbox 360 titles, the publisher has confirmed.



    This pricing will put Xbox One games level with PlayStation 4 titles, as PlayStation executive Jack Tretton said in February that PS4 titles will max out at $60.


    Other publishers--like Activision, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft--have yet to disclose pricing information for their next-generation games.


    Industry analyst Michael Pachter in March predicted that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 titles would follow the previous generation in jumping by $10 from $60 to $70.


    The Xbox One ($500) and PS4 ($400) launch later this year.



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    "Microsoft's Xbox One games will be $60" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 05:09:49 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Microsoft on what defines a next-gen game

    By GameSpot,

    Xbox boss Phil Spencer says visual fidelity and connected experiences are the way forward; admits marketing next-gen titles may be a "challenge."




    Microsoft has not been shy about using the term "next-gen" to describe its games and experiences for the Xbox One, but what exactly does it mean? Speaking with GameSpot, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the term is multifaceted and at times difficult to convey.



    "I think it's multiple things. Graphic fidelity is clearly going to be one of those...and I think graphic fidelity is always going to be at the top of what gamers think about," Spencer said. "But more and more you're seeing connected games. Titanfall is a great example, even [Forza 5] was a great example. And other briefings had similar functionality."


    "The mix of exactly what makes a new generation game is now more faceted than it used to be because there's just more capabilities in the platform," he added. "Visual fidelity continues to excel here, but you actually just have a lot more capability in the hands of the creator, and you're seeing that show up."


    Spencer explained that next-gen even extends beyond visuals and connected experiences to the creative teams behind the games themselves.


    "And it's why, when I'm onstage, I will show something like Below that certain people look at and say, 'Is that really a new-generation game?' But I'm also just in love with the creative talent that teams have," Spencer said. "Because in the end, I think, it's about fun games. It's about fun games that people love to play."


    Spencer also admitted that getting across to consumers what makes a next-gen game compelling will be difficult, considering the change is no longer standard definition to high definition in terms of visuals.


    "It's a good challenge," Spencer said, of marketing next-gen experiences. "If you think about the original Xbox to Xbox 360, it was SD to HD. You saw those differences. I do think you're seeing visuals now that are remarkably different, but yeah, in your mind's eye you might think they look similar, but you put them side by side, and there's a dramatic difference."


    The Xbox One launches in November for $500, a full $100 above Sony's competitive product, the PlayStation 4.



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    "Microsoft on what defines a next-gen game" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Thu, 13 Jun 2013 10:06:11 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Metal Gear Solid V on Xbox One and PS4 will look better than E3 trailer

    By GameSpot,

    The Metal Gear Solid V E3 2013 trailer was "more tuned to current generation," says Kojima.




    The final version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will have better visuals than the trailer shown at the start of Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference, game director and series creator Hideo Kojima has said.




    In an interview with Polygon, Kojima says that the team is currently focusing around the Fox engine on a PC development platform, but with the 360 and PS3 in mind. "While we were developing on current-gen," says Kojima, "next-gen came along. We're really trying to reach the peak of the current generation right now--360, PS3--and then see how much we can take it up for the next generation."


    The trailer shown at Microsoft's E3 2013 press conference was "more tuned to current generation" models and textures, according to Kojima.


    "Once we start going into development for next-generation we're definitely looking for something better than [what] we have shown today," concluded Kojima.


    Support for mobile and tablet features will also be included in Metal Gear Solid V. "I feel that [using] multiple devices, tablets, and smartphones and how to interact with it socially is a big step forward," said Kojima.


    The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were formally confirmed this week at E3 2013.



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    "Metal Gear Solid V on Xbox One and PS4 will look better than E3 trailer" was posted by Martin Gaston on Thu, 13 Jun 2013 10:06:01 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    3D Realms sues Gearbox alleging unpaid Duke Nukem Forever royalties

    By GameSpot,

    Developer files breach of contract suit claiming Gearbox failed to pay more than $2 million in royalties and advances.




    3D Realms has filed a new breach of contract suit against Gearbox Software, claiming the studio failed to pay more than $2 million in royalties and advances related to Duke Nukem Forever. The lawsuit--obtained by PCGamesN--stems from the 2010 agreement between the two parties that saw the Duke Nukem IP officially shifted to Gearbox.



    In addition, 3D Realms claims Gearbox blocked an independent audit of royalties earned on Duke Nukem Forever, a point the 2010 agreement should have kept them from doing.


    "3D Realms has therefore been required to file this lawsuit to enforce the purchase agreement, to recover the amounts due and owing from Gearbox and to enforce the audit right provided by the agreement to enable it to conduct an audit of Gearbox's royalties," reads a line from the statement.


    Gearbox Software issued a defiant statement to GameSpot on the lawsuit, calling out 3D Realms founder Scott Miller as someone who has had "more lawsuits than shipped games." The company's full statement is below.


    "Ironically, Scott Miller himself provided the best response when he wrote: "Filed lawsuits are entirely one-sided statements, based on knee-deep BS and with more spin than a top," a Gearbox representative said.


    "The reality is that Apogee / 3D Realms (3DR) received the full benefit of its bargain. Gearbox, in its fulfillment of its commitments, enriched 3DR, saved 3DR from its debts and rescued 3DR from its litigation surrounding its failed dozen-plus year attempt to ship Duke Nukem Forever."


    "Everyone wished that 3DR's game was better received by the market for the benefit of gamers and profit to its creators. While 3DR might not wish the reality that the results make clear, 3DR turned out to be the only beneficiary of the deal. Gearbox Software, meanwhile, experienced damage to its credibility and loss of its money."


    "It's unfortunate that 3DR did not abide by the objective audit rules outlined in the agreement and even more unfortunate that it chose to blame its failures on Gearbox. Since 3DR seems unable to accept reality and has chosen to become hostile, Gearbox is forced to bring its actual claims of breach of contract against 3DR and is confident Gearbox will prevail."


    "Perhaps the lesson learned here is to never enter a gaming business deal with a person who has had more lawsuits than shipped games."


    3D Realms exists today in name only, after being effectively closed in 2009. The game's legal name is now Apogee Software.



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    "3D Realms sues Gearbox alleging unpaid Duke Nukem Forever royalties" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Thu, 13 Jun 2013 09:37:29 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

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