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    Microsoft on Xbox One: "Our long-term vision hasn't changed at all"

    By GameSpot,

    Corporate VP Phil Harrison says company still believes in a connected future for gaming, despite rolling back some features.




    Microsoft may have changed some of its Xbox One policies regarding digital games, but that does not mean the company has lost faith in the prospect of a future for connected gaming.



    "Our long-term vision hasn't changed at all," Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison told GamesIndustry International. "We haven't diluted our long-term vision, which is all of the benefits of a connected ecosystem and what that means for all of the stakeholders--us, developer, publisher, and crucially, the player. None of that has changed."


    What did change is Microsoft's understanding of consumer expectations that come along with a system that features a disc drive, Harrison said.


    "What we recognized was when you put a disc slot in the front of a machine certain expectations come with that disc slot. We had to adapt some of our policies and it was best that we did those before we launched, which we've done," he said. "All of that can be handled in the vacuum of the pre-launch activity. And it allows the players to have a choice. They can consume the content through the medium they like the best and fits with their particular situation. I don't think there's a negative to that."


    One Xbox One feature that got the ax when Microsoft announced a dramatic policy reversal in June was the Family Sharing plan, which was going to allow players to share their games library with up to 10 family members on any Xbox One. Last week, Valve announced a similar plan for Steam.


    Xbox director Albert Penello said earlier this month that though Microsoft is sticking with a disc-based model for the Xbox One launch, the company plans to support trading, loaning, and reselling of digital games down the road.


    "I think we need to do that. That has to be part of the experience. Right now, we're focused on launch and we switched the program back to discs, because that's what customers wanted," Penello said at the time.


    The Xbox One launches on November 22 for $500.



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    "Microsoft on Xbox One: "Our long-term vision hasn't changed at all"" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 15:01:15 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    DK's Mushi, BurNing, and Farseer talk about their new roster and MLG

    By GameSpot,

    The Chinese Dota 2 team DK sat down with GameSpot to talk about their new roster and decision to attend MLG.




    Moments ago it was announced that the Chinese Dota 2 team DK would be attending Major League Gaming's Columbus event later this year. This will be the first time that the a Chinese team has traveled outside of Asia to compete in a Dota 2 tournament, save for Valve's The International.




    GameSpot had the opportunity to sit down with Zhi Lei �BurNing" Xu, Yee Fung "Mushi" Chai, and team manager Peng "Farseer" Bei to talk about their new roster and their decision to attend MLG Columbus.


    What were you thinking when putting together this new roster? Why did you decide to add Mushi and iceiceice?


    Zhi Lei "BurNIng" Xu: I was thinking that they are very good players with their own individual thinking. I decided to add mushi and iceiceice because they are really motivated to win everything.


    What will Mushi and iceiceice be able to bring to the team that wasn't there before?


    BurNIng: They bring a lot of new strategies in as they are both top tiered players from South East Asia. They also strong vigor and fighting spirit!


    Does it matter at all that Mushi and Iceiceice aren't chinese players? Either in terms of communication of for other reason?


    BurNIng: Not at all, even. Though they are not from China, they are still Chinese and they understand Mandarin, so communication and stuff isn't an issue. There are no nationality issues as well.


    There were rumors at the end of TI3 that you were going to retire. Instead you form this all-star team that has the world's attention--what changed?


    BurNIng: My friends were very encouraging towards me, and I wanted to make a team where we will be known as the best for a long period of time. Just like the EHOME in 2010.


    How do you feel about coming to MLG and America once again? Alliance and Na'Vi are both attending. Do you think you�ll have what it takes by the time MLG hits to beat both of these teams? Did you learn anything from TI3 that you will implement against them at MLG?


    BurNIng: I'm really excited to be able to challenge Na'vi, Alliance, and the rest of the European teams again.


    Yee Fung "Mushi" Chai: We can beat any team in the world as long as we perform, and we can only lose to ourselves. I'm always learning, maybe I have something new against them so you guys can wait and see!



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    How do you feel about coming to MLG and America once again?


    Mushi: I can finally drink Starbucks every day again! And like BurNIng; I can challenge the best European teams.


    Could you give a general statement about attending MLG? Not only are you the only Chinese team to go to MLG, but you will are also the first Chinese team to ever attend a foreign event outside of China besides The International.


    Peng "Farseer" Bei: As far as I know, MLG didn't have a Dota event before, but it's very influential internationally. This is the main reason we would like to go to MLG


    What does it mean to you to be the first Chinese team to ever attend a foreign event outside of TI?


    Farseer: We are having a lot of pressure, and there are still some problems we need to get over with, but we will surely do our best.


    With the results at TI3, with non-Chinese teams taking 1-3, do you feel a responsibility to represent China as a whole at MLG?


    Farseer: Maybe we cannot represent all Chinese teams, but we will prove ourself this time and win glory for China


    The team has only been together for a few weeks now. How are you guys preparing and practicing for WPC and MLG?


    Farseer: Now we are trying to get familiar with each other's style, both in game and in real life. I believe we will be much stronger after ACE-WPC's two-month tournament. There's still a lot of space for us to improve.


    By the time MLG rolls around in around that two month span, do you believe you'll in sync enough to have a good shot of winning? Do you think it'll be enough to beat Alliance and Na'Vi? Have the players learned anything from TI to use against Alliance and Na'vi?


    Farseer: We will absolutely be stronger in two months, but I don't think there's a team that can say they can beat those two teams for sure. During TI3 we came up with some ideas to beat them, so this time we will take our chances


    Any special message you'd like to give foreign fans about coming to MLG and the United States, and seeing some of them in person in Columbus?


    Farseer: We are really honored to attend MLG, even if just for a few days. We will do our best to play nice games for all Dota 2 fans. I hope fans can come and cheer for us.


    Correction: We forgot about EHOME attending ESWC during the interview. We apologize for the mistake.


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    "DK's Mushi, BurNing, and Farseer talk about their new roster and MLG" was posted by Rod Breslau on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 14:58:08 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Chinese Dota 2 team DK to attend MLG Championship in Columbus

    By GameSpot,

    Major League Gaming has collaborated with the Chinese Dota 2 team DK and the Association of China ESports to bring DK to their Championship in Columbus, Ohio.




    Major League Gaming has announced that it has worked with the Chinese Dota 2 team DK and the Association of China Esports (ACE) to bring DK to the Major League Gaming Championship in Columbus, Ohio later this year. Excluding The International, this will be the first time that a Chinese Dota 2 team has played an event outside of Asia.




    MLG's Executive Vice President Adam Apicella told GameSpot, "We're very excited as this will be the first time a team from China will be competing at a MLG Pro Circuit Championship. Our goal is to always have the best players from around the world competing at our events and I feel this is a step in the right direction. We're very appreciative that ACE was able to accommodate our request to have DK play at our event, and we look forward to working closely with them in the future."


    When asked to further elaborate on the conversations that led to DK's decision to attend, Apicella continued, "We leaned heavily on community members to communicate with DK and ACE. We initially thought that DK would be unable to attend due to ACE tournament scheduling conflict, but as stated earlier, ACE was able to make the changes necessary for DK to attend."


    DK's Manager, Peng "Farseer" Bei, remarked in a separate interview, "We are really honored to attend MLG, even if just for a few days. We will do our best to play nice games to all Dota 2 fans, hope fans can come and cheer for us." For more, check out the full interview, which includes remarks from his players Yee Fung "Mushi" Chai and Zhi Lei "BurNIng" Xu.


    DK will be joined at the MLG Championship by The International 3 winners Alliance, the International 3 runners-up Na'vi, Evil Geniuses, TeamLiquid, Fnatic, the winner of MLG's North American Dota 2 League, and the winners of a North American qualifier.


    GameSpot asked Apicella what he and his company had planned next year for Dota 2. He left GameSpot with, "We are gathering as much data as possible from our online tournaments, NA Online League broadcasts, and our upcoming live events at Full Sail and Columbus. We hope to use this information to shape our 2014 endeavors. Whatever we do, we will definitely focus heavily on North American players/teams and look to integrate international competition throughout the year, similar to what we are doing with MLG Championship in Columbus."


    The MLG Championship takes place in Columbus, Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention center November 22-24 and boasts a prize pool of $50,000. General admission passes for MLG Columbus can be purchased online for $35. VIP passes, which include priority seating, early admission, and an MLG hoodie, can be purchased for $250. Both are available at the MLG Store.



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    Correction: EHOME attended ESWC 2011, so this will not be the first time a Chinese Dota 2 team has attended an event oustide of Asia.


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    "Chinese Dota 2 team DK to attend MLG Championship in Columbus" was posted by Cody Conners and Rod Breslau on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 14:57:41 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Colin Farrell offered World of Warcraft movie lead - Report

    By GameSpot,

    [uPDATE] Sources say Phone Booth actor has a 50/50 shot to make a deal to star in the upcoming film; There Will Be Blood, Star Trek actors also being considered.




    [uPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Deadline added a number of new names to its report of actors who are being considered for lead roles in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie.


    There Will Be Blood actor Paul Dano and Star Trek's Anton Yelchin are reportedly on the short list for other lead roles. Travis Fimmel (Vikings) and Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels are also being considered, Deadline reports.


    The original story is below.


    Phone Booth and In Bruges actor Colin Farrell has been offered a lead role in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, according to a new report at Hollywood news site Deadline.



    Sources told the site that Farrell's participation in the movie is far from a certainty, as the deal to bring him on is reportedly "50/50."


    The report also names Paula Patton (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Deja Vu) as a candidate for a lead role.


    It is not clear what roles Farrell and Patton would play. The film's plot remains largely under wraps, though the Deadline report suggests the movie will feature "time travel and alien worlds."


    Director Duncan Jones (Moon) is also reportedly testing other actors for the World of Warcraft movie's major roles, though these people were not named.


    Production on the film will begin in January. Blood Diamond and K-PAX writer Charles Leavitt authored the most recent version of the World of Warcraft film's script.



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    "Colin Farrell offered World of Warcraft movie lead - Report" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 13:06:54 -0700


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    Microsoft reveals Surface 2 tablet line

    By GameSpot,

    $450 Surface RT 2 and $900 Surface Pro 2 will launch October 22.




    Microsoft today announced updated versions of its Surface tablet line. The $450 Surface RT 2 and $900 Surface Pro 2 will be available at retailers starting on October 22.


    Image credit: CNET



    As detailed by GameSpot sister site CNET, the updated Windows RT features a slimmer body, a 1.7GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, and a higher resolution screen compared to the original.


    Both the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 feature a 1,920x1,080 screen that has been color-tuned for greater accuracy. In addition, both devices sport improved front (3.5MP) and rear (5.0 MP) cameras. The Surface Pro 2, which runs a full version of Windows 8, will continue to be offered in slate black, while the Windows RT Surface 2 will come in a new silver/magnesium color.


    Microsoft will also offer a new Touch and Type Covers for the Surface 2 tablets, said to be thinner and more responsive than their predecessors.


    "The old system of one sensor under each key has been replaced with a full array of sensors, allowing for partial keystrokes to be counted more easily and accurately, plus support for a handful of gestures," CNET said. "In our hands-on time with the new Touch Cover, typing felt faster, with less latency and with great accuracy, especially when typing quickly."


    In addition, both covers are now backlit. Like the original versions, covers for the new Surface 2 tablets will be sold separately.


    A Bloomberg report from March claimed the original Surface tablet line underperformed for Microsoft. Price cuts went into effect earlier this year.


    For more, check out CNET's coverage of the Surface 2 tablet announcement today.



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    "Microsoft reveals Surface 2 tablet line" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 08:47:49 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Yoshida: Gaikai could stream to PCs, tablets, and smartphones

    By GameSpot,

    Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says "ultimate goal" is to use Gaikai technology to deliver PlayStation games to "all devices."




    Sony's Gaikai technology could be used one day to stream PlayStation games to devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones, according to Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.



    "Speaking of the ultimate goal, we would like to deliver PlayStation games to all devices," Yoshida told Dengeki Online (translated by DualShockers). "So we're considering various things like PC, TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones, and tablets. We hope to continue to expand not only to Sony devices, but even to devices other than Sony's. This is still being studied."


    Sony acquired Gaikai in June 2012 for $380 million. During Sony's E3 2013 media briefing this summer, the company announced that the cloud-gaming technology would roll out in 2014 beginning on the PlayStation 4, before arriving later on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


    According to Yoshida, Sony's investment in cloud-gaming highlights the company's ambition to evolve PlayStation over time from a hardware platform alone to more of a service.


    "We previously spoke about PlayStation going from hardware to something closer to a service, regardless of the device," Yoshida said. "Of course, PlayStation will still be the center, but I think we would like to expand to different things."


    The PlayStation 4 launches on November 15 in North America for $400.



    [ Watch Video ]



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    "Yoshida: Gaikai could stream to PCs, tablets, and smartphones" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 08:10:59 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

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