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    NPD: Xbox 360 US May sales hit 114,000

    By GameSpot,

    Microsoft's current-generation console the top-selling system in US for 29th straight month; total Xbox 360 retail spend hit $149.8 million.




    [uPDATE] The NPD Group has now published its full report for the month of May, which provides greater depth into how the industry fared in the United States during the period.


    The original story follows below.


    Microsoft sold 114,000 Xbox 360 units in May in the United States, the company announced today, citing data from the NPD Group. The Xbox 360 has been the top-selling system in the US for 29 straight months now.



    That figure is well below the 270,000 Xbox 360 units Microsoft sold during May 2012.


    Total retail spend for Xbox 360 (hardware, software, and accessories) for May 2013 came in at $149.8 million, more than any other console, according to NPD data.


    Microsoft's future ambitions may revolve around the Xbox One, but the company does not plan to abandon the Xbox 360 anytime soon. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said last month that he believes the platform will "be very vibrant for many years."


    A redesigned Xbox 360 model was announced during Microsoft's E3 briefing last week and is available now.



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    "NPD: Xbox 360 US May sales hit 114,000" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 15:36:00 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    ESA: Women make up almost half of all gamers

    By GameSpot,

    New report from industry group also finds adult women a more significant portion of game-playing population than boys 17 and under.




    A new report from The Entertainment Software Association has found that women make up nearly half (45 percent) of all gamers. The findings are part of the 2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry, conducted by Ipsos MediaCT and based on a poll of more than 2,000 "nationally representative" households.



    The report also found that adult women (31 percent) represent a "significantly" greater portion of the gamer population that boys 17 and younger (19 percent). In addition, according to the group's findings, women are 46 percent of the time the most frequent game purchasers.


    The report also highlighted trends regarding how closely parents monitor what their children purchase. According to the findings, parents are present when games are purchased 89 percent of the time, while children receive parents' permission to purchase or rent a game 80 percent of the time.


    Overall, 52 percent of parents believe video games are a positive part of their child's life.


    Other notable findings from the Essential Facts report include 58 percent of all Americans describing themselves are gamers in one way or another. In addition, 51 percent of all United States households own a dedicated game console; and those that do, own an average of two.


    The full report is available at the ESA website.



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    "ESA: Women make up almost half of all gamers" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 14:16:57 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Oculus Rift secures $16 million in funding

    By GameSpot,

    Venture capital funding led by Spark Capital and Matrix Partners to be used to "accelerate" development of virtual reality technology.




    Virtual reality company Oculus VR has announced it has secured $16 million in venture capital funding, co-led by Spark Capital and Matrix Partners, with additional money from firms Founders Fund and Formation 8.



    The funds will be used to "accelerate" development of the Oculus Rift hardware, software, and services, the company said.


    "Oculus began with a single mission: to put players inside the game," said inventor Palmer Luckey. "This investment allows us to deliver immersive and affordable virtual reality to players everywhere."


    As part of the funding allocation, Spark founder Santo Politi and Matrix general partner Antonio Rodriguez will join the Oculus VR board of directors.


    In a statement, Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe explained that many challenges still lie ahead for the company, but the extra funding should help it achieve its goals.


    "There are still many challenging problems to solve, but with the support of these great investment partners, and our passionate community, we will continue to hire the brightest minds and stay laser focused on delivering the very best virtual reality platform possible," Iribe said.


    The Oculus Rift headset was successful on its first day on Kickstarter, raising a total of $2.4 million at the close of its crowd-funding campaign. Development kits are available now for game makers, though no release date has been set yet for a public release.


    Oculus VR cofunder Andrew Scott Reisse was killed last month in Santa Ana, California. Reisse was crossing a sidewalk when a Dodge Charger carrying suspects fleeing police struck and killed him. He was 33.



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    "Oculus Rift secures $16 million in funding" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 14:02:57 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Bungie says lack of Destiny on PC "painful" for gamers

    By GameSpot,

    Developer addresses Destiny absence for PC, says, "Obviously, we'd love to be on as many platforms as possible."




    Bungie's all-new shared-world shooter Destiny has been confirmed for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, but not PC.



    Writer and design director Joseph Staten has acknowledged that this news is "painful" for some gamers, but wouldn't say more about the possibility of the new shooter coming to PC.


    "Well, I can't talk about it. I mean, obviously we'd love to be on as many platforms as possible," Staten told GameSpot. "We want to get the game into as many hands as we can. But we're not talking about PC right now. I know it's painful; every time someone asks me that question I can see it in their eyes."


    Bungie commented on the possibility of a PC version of Destiny last month, saying "We haven't said yes, and we haven't said no." A PC version of Destiny previously appeared on Bungie's website.


    Destiny launches next year published by Activision. For more, check out GameSpot's full conversation with Staten below.



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    "Bungie says lack of Destiny on PC "painful" for gamers" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 13:15:48 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Molyneux gave "thumbs up" to Fable HD

    By GameSpot,

    Lionhead lead designer says Peter Molyneux has played and approved Fable Anniversary.




    Peter Molyneux, who led development on the original Fable and its two sequels, has played the upcoming high-definition Fable Anniversary overhaul and has given it a "thumbs up."



    Lionhead Studios lead designer Ted Timmins told GameSpot that Molyneux, following his departure from the studio and Microsoft altogether, remains a friend of the company.


    "He popped over, had a play, gave a thumbs up, and then went back on his way," Timmins said.


    Fable Anniversary launches later this year only on Xbox 360; a PC version is not in the works. The package includes the 2004 original role-playing game and its Lost Chapters expansion.


    The game will have an entirely new lighting system, powered by the Unreal engine, as well as all-new character models, textures, materials, and new facial and cutscene animations. It will also feature widescreen support and remastered audio for surround sound setups.


    All content found in Fable and its Lost Chapters expansion will be included in Fable Anniversary, though Lionhead said no additional quests or content will be added to the new version.



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    "Molyneux gave "thumbs up" to Fable HD" was posted by Eddie Makuch on Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:56:57 -0700


    Source: GameSpot

    Oculus Raises $16 Million to Bring Rift VR Headset to Market

    By IGN,

    Oculus Raises $16 Million to Bring Rift VR Headset to Market

    During E3 2013, we had the opportunity to check out a new 1080p prototype of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and needless to say, it was pretty amazing. But the big question is when the average consumer can expect to purchase the final version. Unfortunately, there's still no set date, but Oculus has taken a huge step toward release with a major round of funding.




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    Source: IGN

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