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    This Is What Would Happen If Humanity Was Nerfed

    By GameInformer,

    Inspired by the History Channel Documentary Life After People, the YouTubers at TierZoo put together this amusing and informative video about what life on Earth would look like if people were stupid (I mean even stuipier, zing). However, this video takes that idea and also looks at it through the lens of video games. If you're a gamer, you'll get a kick out of these amusing comparisons.

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    Persona Q 2's Intro Is Swingy And Cool

    By GameInformer,

    Persona Q 2, the second game in the series of Persona crossovers based around Etrian Odyssey's mechanics, is coming out in Japan later this year. While the previous game brought together the casts of Persona 3 and 4, the sequel adds Persona 5 into the mix for a cinema-themed story. You can check out the intro video below.

    The intro also shows a few of the original characters in the game, much like Persona Q had.

    While Persona Q 2 has not yet been announced for America, Atlus has never shied away from releasing a game on aging systems, especially for more fan-oriented titles. The Japanese version of the game launches in November on 3DS.

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    Patch 8.1.0 PTR - Build 27826

    By Curse,
    Patch 8.1.0 PTR - Build 27826
    Keep checking back, as we update our notes!

    New LFG Entries
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    • The Battle for Darkshore - Rally beside your forces and push forth to Lor'danel in an effort to reclaim Darkshore for the Alliance.
    • The Battle for Darkshore - Rally beside your forces and push forth to Lor'danel in an effort to reclaim Darkshore for the Horde.
    • Havenswood - Head out for adventure on Havenswood.
    • Jorundall - Head out for adventure on Jorundall.
    • Ulduar - 8.1 Dwarf Heritage Armor - You tread within the ancient titan city of Ulduar.
    • The Sunwell - Heritage Armor -
    • Tyrande's Ascension -
    • The Whispering Reef - Head out for adventure on The Whispering Reef.
    • Zandalari Treasury - Gold. Gems. Probable doom.
    • 8.1 Darkspear - Icecrown - The Frozen Throne (ZTO) - Help the Spirit of Vol'jin confront the Lich King.
    • 8.1 War Campaign - Chapter 03 - To Tol Dagor (msc) - Tol Dagor Breakout

    New Factions
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    • Dino Training - Direhorn -
    • Zandalari Empire (Paragon) - The oldest empire of Azeroth, the Zandalari are powerful trolls who bargain with fearsome loa and whose navy is unmatched on the Great Sea.
    • Proudmoore Admiralty (Paragon) - Masters of the sea and commanders of Azeroth's finest navy, the distinguished Proudmoore family has led Kul Tiras for decades from their seat of power in Boralus.
    • Talanji's Expedition (Paragon) - Princess Talanji and her allies fight to protect Zandalar from the onslaught of the Blood Trolls.
    • Storm's Wake (Paragon) - Home to farmers, craftsmen, soldiers, and the mysterious tidesages, the Storm's Wake seeks to reclaim Stormsong Valley and affirm their place in Kul Tiras.

    New Area PoIs
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    • Incursion - Tiragarde is under attack by the Horde!
    • Withering Thicket - Allows for the collection of Wood.
    • Cinderfall Grove - Allows for the collection of Wood.
    • Lor'danel Landing - Alliance
    • Lor'danel Landing - Horde
    • Lornesta Mine - Allows for the collection of Iron.
    • Gloomtide Strand - Alliance
    • Gloomtide Strand - Horde
    • Gloomtide Strand - Neutral
    • Bitterstone Quarry - Allows for the collection of Iron.
    • Ashwood Depot - Alliance
    • Ashwood Depot - Horde
    • Ruins of Auberdine - Alliance
    • Ruins of Auberdine - Secure a foothold in Darkshore.
    • Forlorn Crossing - Alliance
    • Forlorn Crossing - Horde
    • Bashal'Aran - Construct a base to recapture Darkshore.
    • Injured Tree of Life - Revive!
    • Tree of Life - Main structure which improves the base.
    • Tree of Ages - Alliance
    • Tree of Eternity - Alliance
    • Glaiveworks - Vehicle production building.
    • Ancient of War - Primary troop production building.
    • Hunter's Hall - Upgrade the weapons and armor of units.
    • Altar of Elders - Access to powerful player bonuses.
    • Ruins of Auberdine - Horde
    • Incursion - Drustvar is under attack by the Horde!
    • Incursion - Stormsong Valley is under attack by the Horde!
    • Incursion - Nazmir is under attack by the Alliance!
    • Incursion - Vol'dun is under attack by the Alliance!
    • Incursion - Zuldazar is under attack by the Alliance!
    • Altar of Storms - Access to powerful player bonuses.
    • Barracks - Primary troop production building.
    • Workshop - Vehicle production building.
    • Stronghold - Horde
    • Fortress - Horde
    • Destroyed Great Hall - Capture and Rebuild!
    • Great Hall - Main structure which improves the base.
    • Zidormi - Travel through time to another point in Arathi Highlands' history.

    New Areas
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    • SeaPriestRaid - Crucible of Storms
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAlliance - Darkshore
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceChat - Darkshore
    • AdamsTestDungeon - Test Dungeon - White Area
    • AdamsTestDungeon - Test Dungeon - Gray Area
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceWitheringThicket - Withering Thicket
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceRuinsofAuberdine - Ruins of Auberdine
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceCliffspringRiver - Cliffspring River
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceLordanel - Lor'danel
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceBashalAran - Bashal'Aran
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceRuinsofLornesta - Ruins of Lornesta
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceMoontouchedDen - Moontouched Den
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceMistsEdge - Mist's Edge
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceTheVeiledSea - The Veiled Sea
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceTwilightShore - Twilight Shore
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceTwilightVale - Twilight Vale
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceAuberdineRefugeeCamp - Auberdine Refugee Camp
    • ZuldazarRaid - The Burning of Zuldazar
    • HordeAirship - Horde Airship
    • HordeAirship - Horde Airship
    • HordeAirship - Horde Airship
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceBitterstoneQuarry - Bitterstone Quarry
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceCinderfallGrove - Cinderfall Grove
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceAshwoodAerie - Ashwood Depot
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHorde - Darkshore
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeChat - Darkshore
    • GreystoneRuins - Greystone Ruins
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceForlornCrossing - Forlorn Crossing
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceLordanelLanding - Lor'danel Landing
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceTheDredge - The Dredge
    • AllianceAirship - Alliance Airship
    • AllianceAirship - Alliance Airship
    • AllianceAirship - Alliance Airship
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceLornestaMine - Lornesta Mine
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceGloomtideStrand - Gloomtide Strand
    • FalconsRest - Falcon's Rest
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreAllianceTheMoonspray - The Moonspray
    • MadoranStudy - Madoran's Study
    • ZulToa - Zul'Toa
    • 81DarkshoreHorde - Darkshore
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenario - Darkshore
    • 81DarkshoreHordeLordanelLanding - Lor'danel Landing
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeWitheringThicket - Withering Thicket
    • 81DarkshoreHordeLordanel - Lor'danel
    • 81DarkshoreHordeTheDredge - The Dredge
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeRuinsofAuberdine - Ruins of Auberdine
    • 81DarkshoreHordeAshwoodDepot - Ashwood Depot
    • 81DarkshoreHordeCliffspringRiver - Cliffspring River
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeCliffspringRiver - Cliffspring River
    • 81DarkshoreHordeCinderfallGrove - Cinderfall Grove
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeLordanel - Lor'danel
    • 81DarkshoreHordeForlornCrossing - Forlorn Crossing
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeBashalAran - Bashal'Aran
    • 81DarkshoreHordeGloomtideStrand - Gloomtide Strand
    • 81DarkshoreHordeBashalAran - Bashal'Aran
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeRuinsofLornesta - Ruins of Lornesta
    • 81DarkshoreHordeLornestaMine - Lornesta Mine
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeMoontouchedDen - Moontouched Den
    • 81DarkshoreHordeRuinsofLornesta - Ruins of Lornesta
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeMistsEdge - Mist's Edge
    • 81DarkshoreHordeMistsEdge - Mist's Edge
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeTheVeiledSea - The Veiled Sea
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeTwilightShore - Twilight Shore
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeTwilightVale - Twilight Vale
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeAuberdineRefugeeCamp - Auberdine Refugee Camp
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeBitterstoneQuarry - Bitterstone Quarry
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeCinderfallGrove - Cinderfall Grove
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeAshwoodDepot - Ashwood Depot
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeForlornCrossing - Forlorn Crossing
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeLordanelLanding - Lor'danel Landing
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeTheDredge - The Dredge
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeLornestaMine - Lornesta Mine
    • WarfrontsDarkshoreHordeGloomtideStrand - Gloomtide Strand
    • TenebrousVault - Tenebrous Vault
    • CookingImpossibleUnchartedTerritory - Uncharted Territory
    • TheStrider - The Strider
    • GnomereganPetBattle - Gnomeregan
    • StormsongDungeonExterior - Shrine of the Storm (copy)
    • SeaPriestRaidTab - Shrine of the Storm
    • 81DarkshoreHordeDelarynsDemise - Delaryn's Demise
    • ZandalariTreasury - Zandalari Treasury
    • DevSmoketestArea - Dev Smoketest Area
    • TolDagorScenario - Tol Dagor
    • TheShepherdsGate - Court of the Sun
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioWitheringThicket - Withering Thicket
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioRuinsOfAuberdine - Ruins of Auberdine
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioTwilightShore - Twilight Shore
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioBashalAran - Bashal'Aran
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioForlornCrossing - Forlorn Crossing
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioAshwoodDepot - Ashwood Depot
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioMistsEdge - Mist's Edge
    • DarkshoreTyrandeScenarioDelarynsDemise - Delaryn's Demise
    • ShrineofShadowsRaid - Shrine of Shadows
    • ShrineofShadowsRaid - Tendril of Corruption
    • RedridgePass - Redridge Pass

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    The Exciting Sights From The TGS 2018 Show Floor

    By GameInformer,

    It's that time of year again! Tokyo Game Show is in full swing, about to open for its jam-packed public days. We've been on hand, scouring the show floor for all the cool sights. There's passion and pride in the air here that's hard to top, as the Capcom, Atlus/Sega, and Square Enix booth all drew big crowds. To give you a glimpse into the show, we've compiled a gallery capturing everything from video game mascots to cool merchandise. Check it out above and see for yourself. 

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    New Gameplay Today – My Brother Rabbit

    By GameInformer,

    My Brother Rabbit is a surreal hidden-object game about childhood disease. Wait, wait! Don't go! It's also pretty darned good! Reiner shows off the game to me and Leo in our latest NGT, and we realize that we're actually pretty much the best at finding things. 

    Take a look at the episode to get a sense of how the object-finding, puzzle, and story elements all work together; it makes more sense than you might think. And it has a surprisingly touching story, which covers some fairly grim subject matter.

    My Brother Rabbit is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.


    P.S. If you ever lose a balloon or are looking for a frozen treat, call us up. We can help! 

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombie Mode Gets A Music Video With New Footage

    By GameInformer,

    Treyarch's Call of Duty games and zombies modes are inseparable at this point and fans of the zombie mode wouldn't have it any other way. This year, Call of Duty's zombie campaign titled "IX" is punctuated by a vocal song from Avenged Sevenfold named "Mad Hatter." Treyarch has released the song in the form of a music video which contains some new footage of Black Ops 4's zombie mode.

    If you want to know more about Black Ops 4's zombie mode, check out this interview on this year's expanded mode and also see how we get the full history of the mode right here.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12.

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