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    New Resident Evil Animated Series Trailer Revealed For Infinite Darkness

    By GameInformer,


    Netflix has been going hard on gaming adaptations, and Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is looking to continue on that hot streak. We've previously seen small glimpses of the upcoming animated series on the streaming service, but Capcom shared a full new trailer during today's showcase. The company also shed some light on new details, as well. 

    The upcoming show takes place in 2006, two years after the events in Resident Evil 4. Ashley is back, and we'll actually get to meet her father, the US President, as he is forced to evacuate the White House during another takeover. 

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    The Resident Evil Infinite Darkness trailer, seen above, starts with Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield recognizing Racoon City from a child's drawing. The foreboding is intense and immediately leads viewers right into the action. This is an entirely new adventure with the main goal of protecting the President. We already protected his daughter, so why not make it a family thing, am I right, or am I right? 

    Animated also seems to be the way to go with an adaptation such as this, but only time will tell how this show fares when paired up against Netflix's many other projects. That being said, this is our first detailed look at what the show will have a lot to offer fans, and it might just be me, but it looks pretty spiffy. 

    Between this and the extensive gameplay trailer revealed earlier on in the show, it's a great time to be a Resident Evil fan. Even better? Capcom has promised that there are even more surprises that await in the coming months. 

    What do you hope gets revealed from the Resident Evil Village team next? Thoughts on the animated Resident Evil Infinite Darkness series from Netflix? Shout those hot takes out loud and proud in the comment section below! 

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    New Resident Evil Village Gameplay Trailer Teases Betrayal, New Creatures, And More

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    A new Resident Evil Village gameplay trailer is here and there is a lot to unpack. From Lady Dimitrescu's continued cat and mouse game with Ethan Winters to, what looks to be, a betrayal made by Chris Redfield, there is a lot going on to make fans excited for the next step of Capcom's epic horror franchise. 

    During the most recent Resident Evil Village showcase, Capcom showed off a hefty new trailer that explores both the castle in which Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters reside and the village that surrounds it. Shrouded in mystery and chaos, the latest look at the upcoming gaming holds a lot of information, namely that the story seems to be a lot more complicated than we first thought. 

    Click here to watch embedded media

    The trailer starts off with the mysterious Mother Miranda being referenced in the creepiest way possible, a person fans have speculated is the mysterious masked figure from a Japan piece of promotional art previously spotted

    We already know that Ethan is on a quest to find his daughter and that Chris killed Ethan's wife, Mia. One question from this has been "Is Chris Redfield evil," and it looks like Village is set up to answer that once and for all. Whether he truly is evil or under the control of a more sinister power remains to be seen, especially since there are a billion and one different fan theories surrounding the character, especially given the events in Resident Evil 7. There is a lot of back and forth in the latest gameplay, including Winters imploring Chris, telling him "Do me and finish the job." Earlier in the trailer, he also cries out when Chris attacks him, pleading, "Ethan, no, why!?"

    I don't know, maybe it's just me, but this game seems to be like a Lycan battle royale. I'm not saying it's an actual battle royale game, that would be silly, but the Lycans are not messing around when it comes to protecting what's theirs. There is also a small flash of a waterfall that shows off a beastly-looking water creature. 

    The latest Resident Evil Village gameplay trailer shares a lot about what's in store for the road ahead. What part of our latest inside look has you the most excited? Sound off in the comment section below! 

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will Have A Photo Mode

    By GameInformer,


    Game director Mac Walters has confirmed that Mass Effect Legendary Edition will have a Photo Mode. That's not us taking 5,000 screenshots of Garrus, that would be silly. 

    Walters took to his Twitter to confirm the Photo Mode addition in response to a question from an interested player. Given how strongly the community feels about a certain former C-SEC operative, he chose well, selecting an image of our favorite Turian in front of the Mako: 

    We were just calibrating, but #MassEffect Legendary Edition will have a photo mode. https://t.co/QghTqwS4Ah pic.twitter.com/tfNKcgyplu

    — Mac Walters (@macwalterslives) April 15, 2021

    Photo Modes in games have been becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. With so many stunning adventures out there and open worlds to explore, being able to capture those moments for ourselves long after the end credits roll is incredible. The Mass Effect trilogy itself has some phenomenal planets, so being able to tinker with various photo options is going to be a real treat. 

    Personally, one of my favorite locations to take snapshots of during my time with the original trilogy was both on Omega (especially during a particular DLC with Aria in Mass Effect 3) and during the Shadowbroker DLC. To be able to not only capture those moments with an actual Photo Mode but to also be able to customize it has me incredibly excited. 

    As part of our cover story last month, we went all-in when learning about what went into the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. From Mako tweaks to character improvements, there is a lot to look forward to for returning players. For newcomers to the trilogy's adventures, the ability to play all three games as they are meant to be played (thanks to the included DLC) is an exciting first step into a fandom that continues to be passionate to this day.

    To learn more about Mass Effect Legendary Edition, check out our exclusive game hub here. From no multiplayer to lost code that can never be recovered, we asked it all. 

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    Resident Evil 4 VR Announced For Oculus Quest 2

    By GameInformer,

    We’ve already gotten so many reveals during the Resident Evil showcase that include a new gameplay trailer for Village as well as some new movie footage. In addition to these announcements, Capcom is now partnering with Oculus Studios and Armature Studio to bring the acclaimed and fan-favorite Resident Evil 4 to Oculus Quest 2. 

    Mike Verdu, the VP of Content at Facebook Reality Labs, made the exciting announcement towards the end of the showcase. While the game will arrive as a first-person experience as opposed to the third-person perspective that was on display back in the day, Verdu promises that the VR version will still have that classic RE4 feel and look. Verdu concludes, “You’ll be able to step into the game, for the first time.” 

    More information about Resident Evil 4 VR how the title was optimized for VR and some more gameplay footage will premiere during the Oculus Gaming Showcase on April 21. 

    We all know that this won’t be the first time that Resident Evil is getting a VR port. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard not only signified a visual and mechanical shift for the series, it was also playable using the PlayStation VR headset. Elise Favis declared that the seventh entry is best played on VR:

    It may sound gimmicky, like 3D movies at the theater, but Resident Evil 7 in VR surpasses that ideology with intense scares and a strong sense of immersion I have yet to find elsewhere. Virtual reality still has its flaws and stumbling blocks, but in Resident Evil 7’s case, it doesn’t feel like an afterthought. Instead, it holds promise for future full-length VR games by showing that it is possible to not just make a good horror game, but a terrifying VR experience worth playing.”

    Hopefully this means that Resident Evil 4 VR will be just as good when it drops!

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    Resident Evil Coming To Dead By Daylight In June

    By GameInformer,


    Dead by Daylight has steadily introduced new properties and crossovers into its stable of killers, survivors, and more, but today, developer Behaviour Interactive announced it has secured a big one. The quintessential video game horror franchise, Resident Evil, is joining the long list of properties present in Dead by Daylight, the studio teased during today's Resident Evil Showcase.

    During today's stream, Behaviour Interactive's game director and head of partnerships Mathieu Cote gave us an initial tease, letting us know that the world of Resident Evil will be invading Dead by Daylight. While we didn't get much in way of hard details, a full reveal is currently slated for May 25, with a release date scheduled for June of this year. 

    To this point, Dead by Daylight has featured a ton of wide-ranging horror properties. We've seen the likes of Michael Myers from Halloween, Ghostface from Scream, Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and plenty more from IPs like Stranger Things, Ash vs. Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Saw. While Resident Evil joining in on the fun is a huge boon to Dead by Daylight, Capcom's classic franchise isn't the first inclusion from the world of horror gaming, as last year saw the addition of characters from the beloved Silent Hill franchise. However, the Resident Evil franchise is certainly the bigger horror property in 2021, with several acclaimed titles in the last few years, as well as a new mainline game, a new movie series, and Netflix series on the way in the near future.

    For more on Dead by Daylight, check out our coverage of the March addition of a murderous K-Pop character. For more on what's next for Capcom's long-running series, head on over to our exclusive coverage hub for the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village. If you'd rather see Resident Evil Village in action, you can watch us play the Resident Evil Village PlayStation 5 demo that came out in January in this episode of New Gameplay Today.

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    Resident Evil Movie Reboot On-Set Filming Has Wrapped, Full Trailer Coming Soon

    By GameInformer,


    The upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot has officially wrapped on set, and now the team is focusing on CGI monsters! Capcom confirmed the good news during today's Resident Evil Village showcase. While we still don't have a trailer, we do at least know that there shouldn't be any delays before Resident Evi: Welcome to Racoon City's September release later this year. 

    Directed by Johannes Roberts, the upcoming live-action movie will be set during the first two games (whereas the Netflix animated show will take place two years after Resident Evil 4). Roberts has previously assuaged fan worries by confirming that the reboot will be completely rebuilt from the ground up and won't be like the Milla Jovovich takes. 

    The upcoming movie will tell the stories of key characters from this franchise like Claire and Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and more. Also confirmed is that the array of characters is to pay homage to the feeling of the games where players typically can play as more than one protagonist. 

    Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City will have two major focuses, as well. Obviously, Racoon City is a big focus, something we saw for ourselves with previous on-set leaks, but the police station will also play a major role. 

    It will be interesting to see the characters we've known and love for so long get a new eye, especially with the director's name behind it. It also has an all-star team behind the film, including Robert Kulzer as producer (Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil movies), James Harris (I Am Not A Serial Killer), Hartley Gorenstein (The Boys), and Martin Moszkowicz as executive producer. Alex Zhang (Greyhound) and Victor Hadida are slated to co-executive producer, with Colin Scully and Alex Westmore overseeing the entire reboot. 

    With so many Resident Evil experiences on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how this new movie reboot compares. The original Paul W.S. Anderson series was met with much fanfare when the film series began, but each new movie seemed to stray further and further away from what Resident Evil is. 

    We'll be able to see more for ourselves when Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City makes its theatrical debut on September 3. 

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