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    Q&A: Crusader Hercules

    By RSI,

    Q&A: Crusader Hercules Starlifter

    Following the launch of the Hercules from Crusader Industries, we took your community-voted questions to our designers to give you more information on the recently unveiled tactical starlifter.

    If you haven’t watched our recent Ship Shape on the Hercules, you can do so here. Then, on Reverse the Verse, Matt Sherman and Corentin Billemont answered questions about the Hercules live on Twitch.

    Special thanks to Corentin Billemont and Todd Papy for answering your top-voted questions.

    How can an outpost defend itself against a bombing from a Hercules A2?

    Players can protect themselves from air attacks by setting up anti-air defenses. As far as destroying an outpost goes, that’s something we’re looking into, along with the ramifications it would have on the law system.

    What is Medium and Heavy Armor when talking about ships?

    Light, medium, and heavy indicate the general degree of additional protection the armor gives to the ship. Each armor type offers different resistances, but it also has an impact on the weight of the ship.

    Does it have beds, a bathroom, and a kitchen?

    All variants have three beds for the main crew, as well as a small kitchen area and a single toilet/shower combo. The Hercules is not made for long comfortable journeys through space, so it doesn’t need anything more luxurious.

    Does the Hercules have entrances other than the large ramps, or will the cargo bay have to be decompressed every time you need to exit the ship?

    Players can get into the Hercules either using the ramps or via a small lift around the middle of the cargo bay. From there, you can either go to the ground level, the cargo bay, or the cockpit.

    Can we expect to see bomb racks and bays for other ships too (like the Retaliator), or are bombs limited to the A2 and other future ground assault ships and vehicles?

    At the moment, only the Hercules A2 and future ground assault ships are planned to have bombs. However, we’re looking at ways of allowing a few select ships we’ve already announced or released (like the Retaliator) to transport and use bombs, although they might not be able to carry the impressive S10-sized bombs like the Hercules.

    For cargo running, what advantage does the C2 Hercules have over the cheaper Starfarer that uses Cargo pods in place of Fuel pods?

    External cargo pods, as featured on the Starfarer, are more exposed and vulnerable than those on the Hercules. Plus, the Starfarer isn’t made to transport vehicles, which is the main point of the Hercules.

    How do S10 MOABs compare to S10 torpedoes?

    In terms of size, the bombs are larger than the torpedoes. The bombs are also unguided, offer a wider damage radius, and higher damage. Like missiles and torpedoes, bombs might have different specs in the future for different damage types and situations.

    How do the interior living quarters compare between the ships? Are the C-2’s more liveable compared to the spartan cabins of the M2 & A2?

    In terms of functionality, the interior living quarters are the same between all variants of the Hercules Starlifter that use the M2 as the base. However, like some other ships having military variants, it’s possible that the materials might differ.

    Can you tell us more about the “Six Hardpoints of Countermeasure” of the Hercules?

    Like every other ship, the Starlifter has several countermeasure launchers at strategic placements around the body. Due to its size and shape, the Starlifter has six launchers installed, compared to the four of the Starfarer. There are two near the rear cargo bay, two next to the landing gear, and two on the rear wings.

    If you drop a gravity assisted cluster bomb in space, can you create a minefield?

    It depends on how we make the bomb detonation work. Currently, we’re thinking that they will trigger on impact. However, we will look at proximity and time later on.

    What is the smallest size pad that the Hercules can land on, and will it fit onto the pads of the small/medium rest stops and orbital stations that are coming into the game?

    The Hercules Starlifter, like other ships of similar size, will only fit on large landing pads.

    How does the C2 ‘medium’ armor compare to the Starfarer-Gemini ‘upgraded’ armor?

    The Starfarer Gemini’s upgraded armor is a heavy model, akin to the Starlifter M2. The Starlifter C2’s medium armor is similar to the regular Starfarer’s armor.

    How can the C2 survive a defensive engagement with only 2xM coolers to cool 2xL shield generators when similar ships (Starfarer/Gemini, Genesis, Caterpillar, Carrack) ALL have 2xL coolers to only cool 1xL shield generator?

    While it’s better for anyone flying a C2 to have an escort nearby, this configuration should still last long enough to get away or call for help. The other ships mentioned all have to use their power in ways that the Starlifter doesn’t, be it to run life support, computers, or other modules).

    What are the specific roles of the three crewmen on the M2?

    The crew roles on the M2 are similar to other ships of the same configuration: one pilot, one co-pilot that has access to some of the remote turrets, and a dedicated gunner that has full control of the turrets.

    Is the cargo-space in the A2 usable for normal cargo if the bombs aren’t equipped?

    The A2 has half the cargo space of the M2. When bombs aren’t equipped, the bomb ordnance system is still present, so it’s impossible to store cargo in this area. However, you can still put 234 standard cargo units (SCU) in the front half of the ship (that’s if you don’t decide to put a Tumbril Nova tank there instead!).

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    Street Fighter's Crash Course Continues With A Retrospective On The Alpha Series

    By GameInformer,


    Ahead of the May 29 release of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, Capcom is releasing a series of videos delving into the history of the fighting game series. Their most recent is on the Street Fighter Alpha series, a stylish and slightly exaggerated departure from the core games' more grounded roots. 

    The video discusses Alpha's anime inspirations and more accessible systems, as well as its trademark curios. For instance, Alpha I had a hidden co-op mode for friends to take on M. Bison together, and III included a bizarrely titled "-ism" system for complete character customization.

    Along with the first video on Street Fighter I and II, Capcom has put together a compelling story on how its fighting series cemented itself as a cultural touchstone. 

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition drops May 29 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch) and includes 12 titles total, including all of the Alpha games covered. 

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

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    Meet Valkyria Chronicles 4's Characters And English Voices In This Trailer

    By GameInformer,


    Sega has released the first English-voiced trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4 today, showcasing Squad E, the upstart company that is looking to change the tide of war.

    The new trailer shows off the whole of Squad E with a mix of story cutscenes and gameplay footage to illustrate how the new characters look, act, and play. You can check out the trailer below.

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

    The new squad includes Claude Wallace, Squad E's commander; Riley Miller, the Grenadier; Raz acting as the squad's Shocktrooper; Kai Schulen the Sniper; and Karen Stuart and her Shiba Inu Ragnarok as the team's medics.

    Valkyria Chronicles 4 launches on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch later this year.

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    Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness DLC Gets Trailer & Release Date

    By GameInformer,


    Hope County's Wendell "Red" Redler was in the s--- in Vietnam, and you can relive some of his adventures in the DLC Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness on June 5 across all platforms. 

    The DLC is free for season pass and gold edition owners ($11.99 as standalone), and is playable both solo and co-op. After you rescue some squad mates and kill some enemy soldiers, two new modes open up – Survivor mode (which challenges you to complete the DLC a second time with a limited loadout) and Action Movie mode (which has a more generous loadout).

    Even if you don't get the DLC, all Far Cry 5 players can use Vietnam-themed assets in their game (including the Vietnam map builders update) on May 24.

    Finally, Ubisoft has roughly dated Far Cry 5's two other DLC installments – Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies – for July and August, respectively. Like Hours of Darkness, these additions will also include new assets.

    For more on the main game, check out Jeff Cork's review.

    (Please visit the site to view this media)

    [Source: Ubisoft] 

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    The Sims 4 Reveals New Expansion Seasons

    By GameInformer,


    EA and Maxis have announced a new expansion for The Sims 4, appropriately titled The Sims 4 Seasons, launching next month on PC and Mac.

    Much like the similarly titled expansion for the previous game, the new update adds seasons to the game with each one having unique traits and features. The Spring season brings sun and rain in equal measures, people pull out the kiddie pools in Summer, the leaves change colors in the Fall, and Winter is time for snowmen without people needing to ask you if you want to build one through your door. 

    Each season also has its own holidays, like ringing in the new year in winter or celebrate a Valentine's Day analogue called Love Day. New activities, like floral arranging, help pave the way for a botany career path that examines, studies, and make groundbreaking discovery in the, uh, field of plant study.

    The expansion arrives on June 22 for PC and Mac copies of The Sims 4.

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    Battlefield 1943 Storms Onto Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

    By GameInformer,


    Hot on the heels of our first major look at Battlefield V, Battlefield 1943 is giving Xbox One players the chance to return to World War II early. 

    Battlefield 1943 is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today https://t.co/qPMRNs2ZLo pic.twitter.com/4TWMf08Og6

    — [ 💬 Larry Hryb ] (@majornelson) May 24, 2018

    A more stylized take on the series' signature battles, Battlefield 1943 is multiplayer-only and condenses options down to three classes and four maps. Additionally, the game focuses on just two modes, Conquest and Air superiority.

    Xbox One's backwards compatibility often offers substantial upgrades in resolution or frame rate; the appeal of playing an old favorite in a new way might be enough to bring players back into the brawl.

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