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    Chris Metzen Is Back With Warchief Gaming

    By GameInformer,


    Chris Metzen, former senior vice president of story and franchise at Blizzard Entertainment, is back in the game development ring. Warchief Gaming was a tabletop gaming club in Orange County, CA, but now it's going to be a development studio as well. Metzen is joined by Mike Gilmartin, former vice president of quality assurance at Blizzard, in this new adventure pursuing the development of tabletop games.

    metzen.jpeg Chris Metzen

    This might be one of the worst times in recent history to be pushing tabletop products given the COVID-19 crisis, but hopefully things are way better on that front by the time Metzen's new adventure bears fruit.

    rmc_zz8a.jpeg Mike Gilmartin

    Warchief Gaming was originally a gaming club founded in 2018, but now it's going to be making games too. The original club intends to remain open and continue operations even as the development studio begins in earnest.

    Check out the Warchief Gaming announcement video below!

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    Madden NFL 21 And Fifa 21 Headed To PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X On December 4

    By GameInformer,


    Madden NFL 21 and Fifa 21 are headed to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on December 4, and using the EA dual entitlement system you can upgrade your game for free from current gen consoles. How does it work? Well, there's a big FAQ and assorted rules to read over on the official dual entitlement EA page, but the essence is that you can upgrade your game to the next gen version for free.

    Buy Now. Get Next Gen Madden NFL 21 Free.

    Upgrade to PS5 or Xbox Series X/S for FREE*. And carry your MUT, Franchise modes, and Yard progress across generations.

    *Conditions apply. pic.twitter.com/YTuWjjg0Lq

    — Madden NFL 21 (@EAMaddenNFL) October 27, 2020

    Certain types of progress are also slated to carry over in Fifa 21, including content in Fifa 21 Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL. In Madden NFL 21, content from Madden NFL Ultimate Team, binder content, Madden Points, avatars, gear, and Madden Rank through The Yard all carry over. 

    The offer is good for a limited time, and the respective offers expire when Madden NFL 22 and Fifa 22 come out. For more details and information about dual entitlement, check out the official EA page.

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    Chris Metzen Starts New Company Warchief Gaming, Dave Kosak Leaves Blizzard

    By Curse,
    Chris Metzen Starts Tabletop Gaming Company Warchief Gaming
    Chris Metzen has come out of retirement to start a new tabletop gaming company called Warchief Gaming. He is starting this endeavor with Mike Gilmartin, former Blizzard vice president of quality assurance. Learn more about it by watching the video below, and check out his interview on Venturebeat.

    Dave Kosak Leaves Blizzard for New Studio Deviation Games
    Hearthstone's Dave "Fargo" Kosak, formerly Lead Narrative Designer for WoW, has left Blizzard after 12 years. He is taking on a very important role for a new studio called Deviation Games. His tweet says that they are currently making something that will make you say "woah." We wish him all the best in his new endeavor!

    kosak01.jpg kosak02.jpg

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    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales And Learning The Ropes In New Daily Bugle Issue

    By GameInformer,


    It's that time of week again, Spidey fans! A new Daily Bugle has arrived for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and this time? We're digging deep into what it takes to become a new hero of New York City. While the last issue touched on a rising threat, the latest Daily Bugle goes into the city bustle. 

    In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, our new Spidey will be swinging from skyscraper to skyscraper looking to fight crime and make the city a safer place for all. That doesn't mean that swinging comes easy though, but our new hero must learn the ropes ... fast ... to keep the streets clear of crime in the aftermath of Kingpin's reign. 


    Miles is very much his own man, he's not a carbon copy of Peter Parker. That's a good thing, but it also means a new hero to master when swinging around a city filled with life and movement. Don't expect a graceful superhero with him, Miles' excitement shines through in every action he takes, including his Spidey moves. While he's still learning what it means to be Spider-Man, his heart and mind are in the right place to become the ultimate hero New York needs. 


    With our November magazine cover with Miles himself in the spotlight and tons of details now available, the latest Daily Bugle comes at a fantastic time! Both the physical and digital issues of the magazine have been sent out, which is great for Marvel fans itching for this game's launch! 


    Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales officially makes its debut as a PlayStation 5 launch title on November 12. It will also be available for PlayStation 4 for those not quite ready to dive all in with the next generation. 

    What do you think about the latest Daily Bugle and learning the ropes as Miles in Marvel's Spider-Man? Shout out those Miles Morales thoughts in the comment section below, loud and proud! 

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    WoW Patch 9.0.1 Hotfixes - October 27, 2020

    By Curse,
    WoW Patch 9.0.1 Hotfixes - October 27, 2020
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Dungeons and Raids

    • Ny’alotha, the Waking City
      • Dark Inquisitor Xanesh
        • Fixed an issue that prevented the encounter from starting after defeating the enemies in the Ritual Chamber on all difficulties.
    • Wailing Caverns
      • Lady Anacondra
        • Thorns now deals appropriate damage.

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    The Dark Harvest Has Begun In Dauntless

    By GameInformer,


    It's that time of year when things get creepy and crawly in Dauntless, so arm yourselves and get out there for some Dark Harvest action. The action has already begun in earnest, but the real action with special hunts begins on Thursday, October 29. Until then, you can earn special rewards from Shrowd effigies, find mysterious portals, and scoop up limited-time cosmetics via currency earned during the event. ]

    As always, you can take on the various creatures in Dauntless by yourself, with friends, or with random players. Events continuously challenge you and force you to upgrade your arsenal. Master a weapon? Grab a new one and check out a new skillset, from repeating pistols to flashy fists. The main hub town of Ramsgate has recently received a renovation that makes finding what you need and diving into progression tracks much easier.

    Some of the event costumes definitely appear inspired by another game that features hunts and hunters, so if you find yourself craving some insight you can get yourself a spiffy new outfit. Halloween events are happening in a ton of games right now, check out our big list here!

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