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    How Xbox Is Becoming More Accessible And More Financially Available As A Brand

    By GameInformer,


    Accessibility in games is an uphill battle, but the folks over at Microsoft have been leading the charge with this initiative in an effective and powerful way. Through the adaptive controller to development tweaks, Team Green has been making positive waves in terms of how we, as an industry and a community, can make gaming available for all. 

    We sat down with Microsoft's Senior Gaming Accessibility Program Manager Brannon Zahand to learn about how accessibility in terms of gaming influenced the very design of the Xbox Series X and S, in addition to what the industry needs to do next to ensure complacency doesn't settle in. 

    Both the X and S have unique designs, some for hardware preservation reasons. What was the motivation behind the unique designs and how do the designs help gamers?

    It’s one small piece of the overall design, but I think our tactile indicators on the back of the console are a great example of being intentional and inclusive in design. Whether you are a user who has low or no vision, or simply someone like me who has their console in a position where it makes getting to the back of the device difficult, those bumps can help you figure out which cord goes where. Another example is the textured grip you’ll find on the new controllers, something that helps gamers whether they have a fine motor disability that makes it harder to keep a grip on the controller or just tend to get sweaty hands during a heated match. 

    Even the packaging seems more accessible with the new systems, is that just in my head? How does the community impact decisions like even packaging adjustments, especially with advocates like AbleGamers? 

    I think the packaging is something that most people take for granted, but if you’re shipping a product that is intended for everyone to use in a box that is difficult to open, it doesn’t really make much sense. The inspiration for the Xbox Series X|S packaging was inspired by the packaging for the Xbox Adaptive Controller – our goal was to make sure the packaging was accessible and inclusive of the entire community. It’s simply easier for everyone to open, and anyone who has ever wrestled with stapled boxes and thick packing tape will hopefully appreciate it.

    Microsoft isn't just working with physical accessibility, but financial availability as well with programs like Xbox Game Pass and Play Anywhere. Why is that such a big focus going into a new generation? 

    I think it really speaks to our ultimate goal of empowering everyone to play where with whom and what they want. There’s basically an option for every player: a choice of consoles, at different price points, plus access to over 100 games with Xbox Game Pass across console, PC, and Android mobile devices. You can buy the console outright or get one through Xbox All Access for a monthly subscription.

    Regarding things like backwards compatibility, it goes back to that smooth and frictionless experience and giving people the freedom of choice. Everything we do is about putting the player at the center. I think about scenarios, like if a group of friends wants to play a game together but one player isn’t sure they want to purchase it because they aren’t completely sold on it or are concerned that their disability may prevent them from being able to play. With Xbox Game Pass, the risk is gone... you have an incredible library of over 100 games which you can try to see which ones fit your gaming style and needs.

    The spirit of these experiences, where it’s just easier and more accessible and more fun, is what we want to deliver with every new product, feature, service, etc.

    Zuhand also spoke with us about areas previously ignored during discussions about accessibility, what he wishes people would understand that are opposed to this initiative, and how the adaptive controller has drastically evolved and will continue to do so going forward. 

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    Shadowlands Hotfixes - November 25, 2020

    By Curse,
    wowmini.pngService Update for NA and EU Realms

    Shadowlands Hotfixes - November 25, 2020
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    • Players can now hearthstone from the Maw despite being afflicted with Immediate Extermination.

    • Demon Hunter
      • Vengeance
        • The impact from Soul Cleave now has sound.

    • Paladin
      • Retribution
        • Execution Sentence (Talent) now has a more pronounced sound.

    • Rogue
      • General
        • Resolved an issue that prevented the reactivation of Flagellation (Venthyr Ability) and granting Haste while the Rogue's target is still alive.


    • Beginning construction of the Venthyr Anima Conductor now properly consumes available Anima.

    Creatures and NPCs

    • Battle Ready Tauralus can no longer be interacted with while mounted.
    • Male Gilnean guards now have male voices.
    • Stygian Abductors now abide by the laws of gravity after being slain.
    • Resolved an issue that caused the Forlorn Prisoner’s Forlorn's Grace buff to increase damage instead of decrease damage.
    • A Plague Guard now stands watch at the Mareileth Camp in Blighted Scar.
    • Fixed an issue where Sundancer’s Echo of Dresaelus buff could be taken into unintended areas.

    Dungeons and Raids

    • Mists of Tirna Scithe
      • Fixed an issue in the Misty Forest where a maze door would not open when approaching the door from the side.
      • Slain gorms should now drop loot as intended.
      • Tred'ova
        • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Mink Link to become unbreakable if targeted players were 40 yards apart when the spell was cast.
    • Theatre of Pain
      • Mistress Dyrax
        • Players are no longer afflicted by Mass Temptation after combat has ended.

    Items and Rewards

    • Fixed an issue which caused Selfless Forgelite's mail armor on Forgelite Neptira to be incorrectly ineligible for purchase and use in transmogrification.
    • Slumberwood Band can no longer trigger in Arena or Rated Battlegrounds.
    • Veiled Satchel of Cooperation can now be opened from characters level 50 to 60. Satchels earned prior to the fix will require reaching level 60 to open.
    • The Garb of the Harmonious transmogrification set now displays the correct chestplate.
    • Turning in Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit to Twinklestar no longer consumes other players’ toolkits.
    • Many Shadowlands Inscription supplies can now be placed in an Inscription bag.
    • The Brimming Ember Shard trinket channel is now intentionally interrupted when casting another spell during the channel.


    • Covenant Campaign
      • Fixed an issue where players who choose to skip portions of Chapter 1 of their Covenant Campaign would not have any Redeemed Souls available to them. Players who experienced this issue should now receive the Redeemed Souls the next time they visit their Covenant Sanctum.
      • Fixed an issue where the quests following the Covenant Campaign quests "A Call to Service" could become unavailable if players logged out before accepting the next quest.
      • Fixed an issue where the Kyrian Covenant Campaign quest "Our Most Precious Resource" could become unavailable if players logged out before accepting it.
      • Fixed an issue where players aligned with the Kyrian Covenant who skipped the campaign quest "It's All Coming Together" would not see the chapter "Among the Kyrian" as complete.
      • Sesselie now appears in the appropriate phase to offer the Night Fae Covenant Campaign quest “Replenish the Reservoir.”
      • The patrol have bolstered themselves and can no longer be defeated while on the Night Fae Covenant quest “A Night in the Woods.”
    • Bastion
      • Fixed an issue where players could be unintentionally killed while escaping the Necrotic Wake during the quest, "A Time for Courage."
      • The objective to the quest "The Mnemonic Locus" should now be visually clearer.
      • A teleportation pad is now available to use after jumping off the platform while completing "The Hand of Doubt" in Bastion.
    • Maldraxxas
      • Stringy Spores and Stringy Growths are now visible on the minimap for easier collecting during the quests, “Spores Galore” and “Pulling Hairs.”
      • The Unfinished Blade required for “Through the Fire and Flames” can now be looted by multiple players at the same time and respawns faster.
      • Players who defeat Cheliceria without first obtaining the Key of Eyes will no longer be blocked from completing the quest, "WANTED: The Key of Eyes.”
      • Aspirant Thales and the Rune of Might are now immediately available after exiting the Soulfused Construct during the quest, “In The Flesh.”
      • Renny the Fox, the sly star of “That Darn Fox” has been given a stern talking to and should be responsive to players trying to catch him after their heroic rescue in Maldraxxus.
      • Increased the respawn rate of the enemies required to complete “The Hunt for the Baron.”
    • Ardenweald
      • Fixed an issue where players who completed "Shooing Wildlife" would not see Dreamweaver to start "Tending to Wildseeds."
      • Guardian Molan is now visible for turning in “Blooming Villains.”
      • Te’zan and Nia now return to the forest after completing “Recovering the Heart” in Ardenweald.
      • Primrose will now correctly stealth if the player uses stealth during “Break it Down.”
    • Revendreth
      • Characters should no longer get stuck in combat for extended durations in the Ember Ward while on the quest “An Uneventful Stroll.”
      • Lord Chamberlain’s Protection now applies to all party members on the quest “The Accuser’s Secret.”
      • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to speak to Vorpalia to complete the quest “In the Ruin of Rebellion.”
      • Prince Renathal should now make an appearance at the end of the “Master of Lies” scenario even if players have killed all the Royal Nightcloaks between Myskia and Sire Denathrius.
    • Fixed an issue where the fight event during the Rogue Order Hall Campaign quest “Picking A Fight” would sometimes not start.
    • Master Cheng now deals appropriate damage while on the Monk quest, “Begin Your Training: Master Cheng.” Master Hight had a talk with Cheng about how many new monks were being battered, bruised, and literally set on fire within the Peak of "Serenity" and asked that he scale it back a bit.

    The Maw: Eye of the Jailer

    • Fixed an issue where players who reached Threat Level 5 would still have the Eye of the Jailer Stygia and Ve'nari Reputation reduction debuff the next day.

    Torghast, Tower of the Damned

    • Fixed an issue that prevented Frostbite Wand (Torghast Anima Power) from healing targets under the effect of Cyclone.

    World Quests

    • The manifestations for "Swarming Souls" now respawn more frequently and the completion requirement has been lessened.
    • Fixed an issue where some players could not interact with Gatamatos during the Bastion World Quest "Training Regimen."
    • Increased the health of the accompanied dredger and the time between waves of enemies for “Demolition Detail”.

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    Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review – Smaller World, New Trajectory

    By GameInformer,


    Publisher: Bungie
    Developer: Bungie
    Release: November 10, 2020 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC), December 8, 2020 (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S)
    Reviewed on: PlayStation 4
    Also on: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Stadia, PC

    Beyond Light has the feel of a turning point. In a long-running living game with many expansions and seasons to its name, Destiny 2 is always changing, but this installment feels different. The past and future of the franchise rotate around this release, which clears away much of the old and sets the stage for new story and gameplay beats. Like a tree that needs to get pruned back to allow for healthy growth, it also means that Beyond Light’s release leaves the game looking especially barren. Even as I’m excited to discover new powers and activities, the breadth of the overall experience has been reduced.

    Several separate storylines converge to kick things off, sending players to the frigid moon of Europa to meet a couple of long-missing allies and fight a surging army of ice-cold Fallen aliens. In a plot turn that doesn’t feel especially earned after years of fighting its encroachment, your Guardian is forced to take on the powers of Darkness itself to hold back the tide. The campaign features several fun missions, but I was surprised at the way it is balanced, demanding either significant grinding or several battles that are frustrating endurance chores to tackle solo.

    The Darkness-infused Stasis powers are mostly used against you by enemy bosses in the early hours, and it simply isn’t much fun to be frozen in place in a game all about speed and freedom of movement. Once the Stasis powers open up for regular use, the new subclasses add an interesting strategic tool to explore, and feature some gorgeous visual and sound effects that recall crystalline ice formations and shattering showers of sleet. The Hunter and Warlock powers are exciting and distinct, though I was disappointed by the Titan’s similarity to its own existing Arc powerset. No matter the class, I enjoyed using Stasis in PvE activities, but I’ve struggled to warm to its presence in PvP, where it feels like the barriers and freezing slow down the pace of play. I was also frustrated by the grindy nature of unlocking the subclasses for multiple characters; for the significant percentage of players who like to try out all three, it’s quite tedious.

    Click here to watch embedded media

    Huge swaths of old activities and destinations have been swept away in Beyond Light, and a design decision to “sunset” the majority of old weapons and armor combine to subtract a lot of beloved playstyles. Simply put, the absence is keenly felt. Europa is a beautiful new location to uncover, filled with vast snowy plains and mysterious underground facilities, but in a game about ever-expanding horizons, it’s strange to suddenly have fewer places to play out missions. Europa is forced to bear too much weight as a gameplay and mission destination, without the relief of more alternate locations. And as of now, there are too few new armaments to justify the obsolescence of so much of players’ existing collections.

    I was pleased to see the return of the original Destiny’s Cosmodrome destination. The site is largely unchanged, but notable because it now houses the best onboarding for new players that the franchise has ever seen. The New Light mission thread echoes the opening steps players first encountered way back in 2014, but with several new twists that confront the challenging task of introducing the many interlocking systems that make up the game.

    Bungie continues an admirable trend of introducing seasonal content that gradually evolves the state of the world’s story and activities, and these first couple of weeks in Beyond Light prove that effort is ongoing. The arrival of the Crow character is a clever plot twist that reintroduces an old foe in an intriguing new role, and his hunting missions are a good time, with some simple touches that give you the sense that you’re stalking a dangerous wounded animal. Meanwhile, the new Deep Stone Crypt raid once again proves Bungie’s flexibility and eye for balancing complex encounter design. Equally important, the raid’s initial completion also kicked off a whole new loop of missions and story for all players in the game. That sort of reactivity makes the universe dynamic and unpredictable, and I love it.

    I respect the hard decisions that were involved in chopping the size of Destiny 2 down and consolidating the focus of play, and the similar moves that were involved in refocusing on gear acquisition rather than letting players continue to endlessly reuse old favorites. But it doesn’t change the reality that Destiny 2 feels greatly stripped back at the moment, even with the addition of several new ventures in these early weeks of Beyond Light. As an expansion, Beyond Light introduces some captivating narrative beats and missions, but it’s not enough all on its own to carry the load of the Destiny universe. I’m left ambivalent, with plenty of enthusiasm for the new content, and excitement about what comes next, but also the sense that for the first time, my longtime hobby game feels lesser than before.

    Click image thumbnails to view larger version





    Score: 7.75

    Summary: Beyond Light is a major turning point for the franchise in both story and gameplay, but the accompanying departure of older content diminishes the game in significant ways.

    Concept: Rediscover the lost and frozen moon of Europa, and take steps along the dangerous path of wielding new powers of Darkness

    Graphics: The new frozen locale emphasizes massive scale and boundless space, and the new shifting blizzard weather patterns deepen immersion and a sense of place

    Sound: New music maintains Destiny’s reputation as one of the most compelling soundtracks in gaming, and the voice actors turn in strong performances

    Playability: The initial campaign features a difficulty curve ill-suited to casual play. Significant grinding is necessary across this expansion to see the full scope of core missions and new abilities

    Entertainment: An engaging story feels like a turning point in the canon, but the game feels diminished after stripping away roughly half of the locations, activities, and other core content

    Replay: High

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    Service Update for NA and EU Realms

    By Curse,
    Service Update for NA and EU Realms
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    Since shortly after the launch of Shadowlands, we’ve experienced some service issues that are negatively impacting gameplay on a small number of realms. In this region, we’ve been monitoring and working around the clock to solve these issues for:

    NA Realms
    • Area 52
    • Frostmourne
    • Illidan
    • Stormrage
    • Tichondrius

    EU Realms
    • Blackhand
    • Blackmoore
    • Dentarg
    • Draenor
    • Echsenkessel
    • Hyjal
    • Kazzak
    • Mal’Ganis
    • Silvermoon
    • Taerar
    • Twisting Nether

    We increased realm capacity to let more players than ever before into a single realm, but extreme demand on a few realms has exceeded even that capacity, so we have dialed down some of our earlier changes. We are trying to carefully balance service stability and accessibility, and exploring multiple avenues to get everyone online and playing smoothly.

    This issue is our number one priority. We will continue to work to solve this as quickly as possible, and we will provide further updates as necessary.

    Thank you very much for your patience.

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    Dragon Age 4 And The Mortalitasi

    By GameInformer,

    Click to watch embedded media

    Earlier this month, I dove into red lyrium, the mysterious idol from Dragon Age 2, and why I think Solas purposefully tainted himself for the setup of Dragon Age 4. Now, let's dive into the significance of the Mortalitasi may have from the most recent sneak peek at the road ahead in Thedas. 

    What is the Mortalitasi? 

    First things first, what is the Mortalitasi? The Mortalitasi is a group of Nevarran mages that not only are incredibly powerful in their own right, but also wield a significant amount of political power in Nevarra (a location in Dragon Age's Thedas and the home to Inquisition's Cassandra) as well. Often called "Death Mages," this line that was divined from royal blood is incredibly well respected in this region, though the rest of Thedas sees this death magic as macabre and a little too close to blood magic for comfort. 

    The Mortalitasi is responsible for mummifying the Nevarran elite and their practices are rooted in the belief that when the soul crosses over into the Fade, it affects a spirit already residing there. To aid in that displacement to give it purpose, the Mortalitasi will take that displaced spirit and bring them over into our world by placing it within the body of the dead. The aforementioned mummification process is also key here, with the philosophy that mummified beings are the safest place to hold a Fade spirit. 

    How do they play into Dragon Age 4? 

    The Mortalitasi was founded by the Tevinter mage Vitus Fabria and we already know that the next game will take place in Tevinter (or center heavily around it) due to the ending of both Dragon Age Inquisition and its DLC Trespasser, as well as the setup surrounding the game provided by the recent Mage Killer and Blue Wraith comics. (This also means that we'll very likely see Fenris from Dragon Age 2 again, considering his role in the latter comic) 

    dragon_age_4_concept.png BioWare

    In the latest Dragon Age 4 teaser video, seen at the top of the article, there were a few shots of skeletons in service as well as figures being seen with a flaming skull in full armor. A lot of people speculated that this would be raised corpses in aid, but that didn't make a lot of sense to me due to the meatier build of the characters seen. After nerding out for hours and hours on end with fellow Dragon Age fans about the Mortalitasi in general with its Tevinter importance, I actually think we will have a companion that is a Mortalitasi mage. From the looks of it, they are quite powerful! 

    Dragons are a huge part of Dragon Age (go figure, with a name like that) but more so in the comics and with Inquisition. This aspect of the franchise is also incredibly relevant in the comic 'The Silent Grove' that sees Varric, Alistair, and Isabella venture out to uncover one of the biggest secrets in the series in an adventure to Antiva. That comes into play with the above screenshot from the latest teaser where we can see a figure with the glowing (what I'm assuming) helmet, ripping out the eye of a fallen dragon. Dragons are revered in Tevinter and Nevarra, and these creatures play a big role in the magic surrounding this particular line. 

    In Inquisition, we saw Corypheus weild the power of a dragon to protect his immortality. We've seen Flementh transform herself into one, a trick that Morrigan also learns later in the third game. While I obviously don't know what is going on in the above scene, it's just concept art at this point, it's fairly clear that this is a ritual given the undead servants with their offering plates awaiting the removed dragon parts. 

    tumblr_cf605b6251a64d2d5a5173179fe6fa96_ BioWare via 'AgeofDragon'

    In the above closeup shot, we see the person removing the parts of the dragon wearing medical tools strapped to his tunic, with upper armor graced with the usual Nevarran decorative style of the upper class. The closer shot also shows that this doesn't look like a corpse, unless it was recently dead and mummified, due to the build itself of the body. That being said, mummification, again, is a centrical focus for the Mortalitasi, so this could be an animated mummy, but that doesn't sit quite right either with the air of purpose given to each frame seen with characters donning this headpiece. 

    The differentiation between a practicing (and live) member of the Mortalitasi and the undead can also be seen when comparing the main body to those of the skeleton servents. With the glowing eyes and servatile mannerisms, the distinction between the two types of figures seems purposeful in a way to show great power and the difference between the living and the dead. 

    In the anthology Tevinter Nights, and again through out the codex seen in the games referencing Nevarra as well as the different comic series, the helm of the main figure is similar to the statues seen in glorified tombs in the area. The tombs of mummified royalty have a great place of respect and importance within Nevarran culture, which leads me to think that the above (ceremonial ?) armor is an indicator that this is someone of very high ranking and/or a resurrected mummy of one of the ancient elves. The last part is a bit of a stretch, but that tiny thread can be traced back to Solas' interaction in Trespasser that I talked about in this previous piece

    As for why the helmet is glowing if the glowing eyes of the skeletons indicates possession, that ties into the theory that this person is either very high in rank or a very important person brought back from the Fade. My gut is telling me the former, I think it's a display of power. It could even be a Wynn/Anders situation where a powerful mage is aided by a particular spirit of importance. While not another Justice situation (hopefully), the possible Mortalitasi mage could be harnessing an even bigger power through this particular brand of magic. 

    dragon-age-4-concept-art-12.jpg BioWare

    As mentioned earlier, I think this person will be a companion due to a shot that comes later in the video with them walking alongside a bigger group. This group has been seen throughout the most recent teaser (don't even get me started on the fact that Isabella looks to be returning because that is DEFINITELY her armor in Inquisition's MP component, as well as Zevran), and it's an organized formation. While the one on the far right and the image above it might not be the same person — they certainly have different builds — the same magic is prevalent with the glowing helm. The only question with that is: where is the person on the far right's mage staff? 

    It will be interesting to see some of these aspects of Thedasion culture come into the spotlight after being in the background for so long. Cassandra's inclusion in Inquisition certainly set the stage for Nevarra, with Fenris, Dorian, and Maevris (seen in the Silent Grove comic, a Tevinter magistress related to Varric by marriage) bringing in Team Not Blood Mages From Tevinter. 

    Dragon Age has some of the most intricate lore in gaming (not that I'm not saying the most) and BioWare has done a pretty phenomenal job at fleshing that already complicated world-building experience through the expanding books and comics in a way that greatly enriches the games themselves without forcing fans to enjoy them to understand the bigger picture. To see all of those webs coelesce into the next step in the games has me incredibly excited, especially when looking at the dramatic shift teased at the ending of Dragon Age Inquisition with the crowning of a new Divine. 

    What do you think about the Mortalitasi and their role in Dragon Age 4? What other theories do you have? Sound off in the comment section below! 

    A huge thanks to Tumblr user 'Age of Dragon' as well, an account a friend I was speaking with about this referred me to with a similar analysis. 

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    How Spider-Man: Miles Morales Reminds Me That Being The New Guy Is Okay

    By GameInformer,

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    Miles Morales has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s adjusting to becoming the man of the house after the death of his father. He’s moved from his native Brooklyn to Harlem. Oh, and he’s also a fledgling superhero – a new Spider-Man training to live up to his mentor, Peter Parker. 

    When Miles isn’t doubting himself, he’s overcompensating to make up for his inexperience. He’s hard on himself for making understandable rookie mistakes. As I watched Miles mature throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it was impossible not to feel a kinship beyond the fact that he looked the same as me. Like me, he’s a new guy trying to live up to expectations of his peers. Expectations partially inflated by his own insecurities and fear of failure.  

    It’s been a little over a month since I started working at Game Informer. As someone who grew up a fan of the magazine, that in itself is surreal. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, but I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t wake up most mornings weighed down by a Rhino-heavy cloud of anxiety. Being the new guy is always nerve-racking, and it feels even more pronounced because it’s my dream job. I chased it for years and, now that I have it, I don’t want to lose it. I want to prove everyone who said I deserve the job right. Most of all, I still feel a need to prove to myself that I’m good enough. That sounds ridiculous given I wouldn’t have been hired if I wasn’t up to snuff, but imposter syndrome doesn’t operate on logic. 


    I know Miles would agree. He’s saved more lives and done more good in a few months of being Spider-Man than many people do in their entire lifetimes. Miles could have retired at the beginning of the game and still been labeled a hero. But in his mind, he still feels like he hasn’t done enough, proven early on by how he refers to himself as “the other Spider-Man” instead of simply “Spider-Man”. Throughout the story he has trouble graduating from the mindset of being Peter’s admirer and student to what he actually is: Peter’s equal. That struck me because I’ve struggled with the same mentality myself over the years. No matter what I accomplished or who I wrote for, a part of me still felt “lesser” than my more prominent peers in the industry. Landing this job hasn’t totally changed that mindset, either. I’m a work in progress, and you know what? That’s okay. 

    Watching Miles mature throughout his journey provided a few valuable lessons about being the new guy. One, the dangers of obsessing over living up to your peers. Peter is a great mentor and his knowledge is a luxury Pete himself didn’t have when he started his crime-fighting career. On the flip side, it’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to please only your mentors instead of trying to walk your own path. I’ve been guilty of this many times in my career, and while it is wise to pick up good practices from people better at something than you, you can’t forget what brought you to the dance in the first place: your unique skills and mindset. Or, as the game’s tagline succinctly puts it: “Be yourself.” 

    The next thing is forgiving yourself for making mistakes. Miles screws up but his blunders are ones anyone in his position would have made, more often than not. I couldn’t help but want to tell him, “Dude, there’s no way you could have known that” before realizing I totally chastise myself in a similar manner. Sometimes you have to watch others endure the same struggles to realize that you’re in the same boat with them. Messing up comes with the territory of doing anything for the first time. That’s not always a fun lesson to learn; heck, I still beat myself up for publishing articles with a simple typo. Mistakes are how you learn, though, and Miles grows as a hero with every idea or plan gone awry. 


    Lastly, don’t overcompensate. One great moment in the game sees Miles’ Uncle Aaron remind him of the value of a healthy work/life balance; pushing himself to be Spider-Man 24/7 just to prove his worth will only do more harm than good. Working hard is important, but don’t kill yourself in an effort to mask your inexperience. Of course, my job is a bit less demanding than guarding an entire city from crime, but it’s a great point to keep in mind nonetheless. 

    As a life-long Spider-Man fan, watching Miles take his first steps as a superhero is nothing new. I’m a fan of his comics as well as the excellent Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film. At this new stage of my life, however, Spider-Man: Miles Morales couldn’t have come at a better time. It reminded me that being the fresh-faced rookie with a lot to learn is okay, imparting valuable wisdom to make the transition smoother. After all, we don’t have to be great at something to start. You have to start to become great.

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