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    Fall Guys Is Out Now On PlayStation and PC

    By GameInformer,


    Ready to dress your little bean up like fast food and grab another player just as they try to complete a critical jump? It might be time for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which lands today on PlayStation 4 and PC (And it's free on PlayStation Plus!). The party game battle royale pits you against 59 other beans through a variety of challenges to cut the field down to one eventual winner.


    You can party up with 3 friends and watch each other progress or fail through each event, and if you get selected for a team activity you will be matched up with your buddies that you queued up with to sling eggs, bounce balls, or steal tails. Each event eliminates  chunk of the field until the final batch of beans must compete in a winner-take-all activity, whether that's a race to the crown or a tiptoe atop a dwindling hex platform.

    Just spoke to my friends in the server team and we have at least 120k people connected to the game right now


    We're currently BEEFING up our servers to cope with all of the BEANS who want to fall

    There will be occasional interuptions for the next 30 mins

    — Fall Guys 👑 (@FallGuysGame) August 4, 2020

    It gets pretty wild. Anyway the demand seems strong for a little party these days so servers might get a little slammed today. Go forth and win chicken outfits and dress up like french fries. Oh and check out the launch trailer!

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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers Can Play More Than 100 Games From The Cloud Starting September 15

    By GameInformer,


    Last month, Xbox announced it would be including access to its cloud-gaming suite (currently named xCloud) as a part of its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Now, Xbox has detailed that subscribers will be able to play a library of more than 100 games when the service comes to the bundle on September 15. This initial roll out will include 22 markets across North America, Europe, and South Korea, and will enable players to game on Android phones and tablets.

    The list of available titles includes Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, The Outer Worlds, Yakuza Kiwami 2, and more. Additionally, Xbox is hoping to make all first-party games from Xbox Game Studios playable from the cloud on day one, just as they will be playable locally at no additional charge through the Game Pass subscription.

    As previously announced, if you're playing on a device other than your Xbox, your profile, friends list, achievements, controller settings, and save data travel with you. Microsoft has intentionally designed xCloud to work even in low-bandwidth situations, requiring a minimum 10Mbps wi-fi connection or LTE mobile connection. 

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate adds cloud gaming through xCloud on September 15.

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    Actions Taken Against Gallywix And Gold Selling, Hotfixes - August 3rd

    By Curse,
    Actions Taken Against Gallywix And Gold Selling
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    After performing a thorough investigation, we’ve identified that the Gallywix boosting organization has been taking part in gold selling for real money. Real money trading – also known as RMT – is a serious violation of our End-User License Agreement and is not tolerated, therefore we’ve begun taking action and have banned accounts in North America and Europe that were associated with this group and taking part in the real money trading transactions.

    These actions have primarily targeted the Gallywix organization so far, but our investigations are ongoing and additional accounts involved with running this organization may be banned in the future.

    Going forward, accounts may receive actions if they are found to be involved in future transactions with Gallywix or are actively advertising it.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Hotfixes - August 3, 2020
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    WoW Classic
    • Lefty within Blackrock Depths should now inflict damage with his Five Fat Finger Exploding Heart Technique.

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    Fortnite's JoyRide Update Adds Drivable Cars On August 5

    By GameInformer,

    Fortnite's latest season, Splashdown, released a few months back in mid-June. It's brought some significant changes to the battle-royale mode, most notably drenching the map with waters that have been slowly receding over the past several weeks. It's just about back to its pre-flood state, which means there's finally enough land to support another big addition: driving!

    Epic has confirmed that the JoyRide update will be coming to the game on August 5, which adds the long-awaited ability to drive cars.


    Sure, the game has featured a variety of four-wheeled vehicles over the years, but aside from shopping carts, golf carts, and quadcrasher ATVs, they've only been a resource for metal. This should add some much-appreciated utility to these things, and also give players another way to quickly get around the world.

    The pictured Whiplash looks like a two-seater, but we'll have to wait until the update launches to see just how many other vehicles are coming to Fortnite and how many combatants can cram into each one. And, perhaps more importantly, will you be able to honk their horns at will? 

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    EA Sports Updates Fans On Its Vision For Madden's Franchise Mode

    By GameInformer,


    Following the reveal of what's new to Madden NFL 21, fans of the series' franchise mode were quick to point out that the minimal updates made for Madden NFL 21 felt more like patch notes than upgrades you would expect in the next iteration of a long-running and successful franchise like Madden. Today, EA Sports released a blog post detailing the roadmap not only for Madden NFL 21's post-launch lifespan, but also what improvements the team is exploring for Madden NFL 22.

    Following Madden NFL 21's reveal, a social-media movement called #FixMaddenFranchise, as well as other prominent community feedback led to the team rethinking how it approaches franchise mode. As a result, the development team is devoting a higher percentage of team bandwidth to provide updates to Madden NFL 21's franchise mode post-launch, and make even bigger changes for Madden NFL 22's franchise. The plan right now is to operate Madden NFL 21 as a platform, delivering significant content updates through two or three releases over the next few months.

    Madden NFL 21

    Following launch, Madden NFL 21 players can expect tuning updates to improve the progression and regression of players, new commissioner tools, improved A.I.-driven personnel management, improved playoff and Super Bowl presentation, customizable X-Factor and Superstar abilities, improved U.I. showing historical player performances, better trade logic, better retirement U.I., and updates to the playoff U.I so you can better track the postseason action.

    If you're looking for bigger changes, EA Sports is already laying out what it wants to do with Madden NFL 22, saying it's not committed to doing these things just yet, but it's "exploring creatively." The areas the team is currently looking into include coaching and staffing management, scouting improvements, new scenario engine enhancements, new team chemistry systems, more commissioner tool improvements, and additional content like new logos, names, uniforms, and options for relocation. EA Sports says it will share more as the development team gets closer to Madden NFL 22.

    Madden NFL 21

    While fans of franchise mode are sure to still be disappointed with the meager offerings at Madden NFL 21's launch, hopefully this acknowledgement of the team's neglect of the mode, as well as the commitment provided through the roadmap help ease the tension within the community. Madden NFL 21 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 28. It will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

    [Source: EA]


    Madden NFL 21

    Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC Release Date: August 28, 2020 Purchase More Info

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    WoW Classic - Ectoplasmic Distiller Changes, DLC #736

    By Curse,
    Ectoplasmic Distiller Changes
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    A hotfix was applied last week that made it so the Ectoplasmic Distiller quest item would no longer generate threat. We made this change because in patch 1.12, dropping this item applied a buff to everybody in range of the item, and since buffs generate threat by default, it could be used to trivialize the threat mechanics in many encounters. We don’t believe this was an intended effect and this was a case where the impact was extreme enough to warrant the change.

    Another notable reason for the change is that this item is not a quest reward, but item used as part of the mechanics to complete a quest, which is then removed when the quest is complete. We want quest completion to be a rewarding experience, and not feel like a mistake.

    Dark Legacy Comics #736
    DLC #736 has been released.


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